Ribwort Plantain Health Benefits

Multiple Cures
Posted by John (Bay City Texas) on 07/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

The ribwort plantain works on healing inside. I with prayer got the leaf at its youngest stage. An Indian man in Louisiana told me to put them in olive oil and let stand for 6 weeks then lightly heat and strain off drink the oil to help heal my liver. This is not for everyone to do. My black liver was white in three days. Doctor was amazed. It will stop the cancer growth if not kill it out all the way. I had bad squamous cell on my lip, kept rubbing the oil extract. It kept it under bay till that could cut it out instead of a massive amount that just took a little bit off this plant.

The Indians named it Little Foot, a God sent plant.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Patricia (Downsville) on 08/22/2016 42 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Plantain leaves for gums and loose tooth and wound healing.

I don't see anything on plantain on the site though. I have been experimenting with plantain for wounds. Masticate (chew) the leaf and put it on the wound and put on a bandaid and leave it overnight. It helped two friends. I picked it on a lawn and gave it to them with instructions. The next day they showed me that it worked. The wounds were healing fast.

Plantain is an anti inflamatory so I tried it on my annoying bottom gums and lose tooth on top. I chewed the leaves and placed them on my gums on top and bottom and held there for an hour or half hour or more. Can leave it in over night.

Cut a couple of small plantain leaves from your (un treated with pesticides) lawn. Chew the leaf till it is masticated a bit. The swelling went down on the bottom and the amazing thing is the top tooth is not loose any more. Don't remember if I had to do it for a couple of days. I also don't know if I will have to redo it if the tooth loosens again.It has been at least a week and the tooth is not moving at all. I guess it is okay to report that freshly chewed (chewing is to get the plant juices flowing) plantain works on gums and teeth. The bottom tooth is broken off and I am looking for something to re calcify it.

I grow my own in a garden patch and in planters. I have not seen them in lawns so large. The planters don't allow such big leave as the garden patch. I am hoping to attach a photo of the plant and larger leaves. Don't know if it will upload. The attaching is not user friendly.