Ribwort Plantain Health Benefits

Mouth Injury
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 08/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

One of my teenage sons was milking his goat and another young goat came up and butted him. The goat's horn went into my son's mouth and cut the gum above one of his teeth. He got up, spitting out blood and came in the house to see what I could do for it. It was hurting a good bit and the injured area was about the size of a dime.

My first thought was plantain. It helps stop bleeding. It helps with pain and it helps to heal. I keep dried plantain in my herb cabinet at all times.

I put about about a half a teaspoon of the dried herb into a piece of coffee filter and folded it over to make a little poultice. We placed that over the wound. He had no more bleeding and it greatly helped his pain. He removed the poultice and ate lunch. I made him another poultice for the afternoon. Overall, he kept a poultice in his mouth for many hours. It was no longer bothering him in the evening. This morning, the mouth looked very good! No sign of infection, no swelling.

Plantain is readily available, gentle and safe. It grows all over the world. It does grow differently depending on location. Leaves near my house grow very large and wide. If you can find someone in your area who can positively identify it for you in your area, you will be prepared to use it for all kinds of different applications!

~Mama to Many~