Artemisinin for Cancer, Malaria and More

Posted by Michael (Virginia) on 03/10/2018
4 out of 5 stars


I don't believe that full spectrum wormwood is 100% Artemisinin. Its price is only a small friction of the cost of pure 100% Artemisinin brands, while it offers far more in the way of micrograms/ milligrams. According to "Artemesia herb products are not the same as the concentrated forms of the derivatives .... The highest concentrations of artemisinin (the active agent) in the raw herb in the best of conditions does not even get beyond one-half percent. Dr. Singh tested some products, finding perhaps only 10-20 percent of anti-cancer activity against cultured cancer cells compared to pure artemisinin. Allergy Research Group distributes a high-grade artemisinin confirmed by independent lab analysis.." I'm only beginning to take pure artemisinin for a fungal infection, so can't report more at this time.