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Habitat is an initiative by Earth Clinic to promote the health of both our local and global ecosystems. Our mission is to promote natural wellness, and to work towards the well-being of all species. By sharing knowledge and taking direct action, we aim to create a healthier world for all life forms.


Through collective action and knowledge sharing, we aim to transform the world into a safer, happier, and healthier place for all life forms, starting with our own surroundings.


We value nature and knowledge, and believe in the reciprocity between humanity and nature. We recognize the interdependence of all life forms on this planet, and respect the right of all species to thrive. We also value the generosity of our ecologies and strive to give back to our fellow inhabitants.

How You Can Help

If you share our vision, and want to join our mission to improve our understanding of the habitat we call home, we welcome you to read, write, share and take action. Use the knowledge gained to start a conversation and take action to make a difference.

Are you interested in making a bigger impact? If you have expertise in fields such as ecology, biology, preserving habitats or backyard environmentalism, or are willing to conduct research, please visit our submissions page. On this page, you will also find guidelines for submitting content.