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Habitat is the Earth Clinic family's initiative to expand our care and concern for health outward toward the health of our local and global ecosystems. Earth Clinic's mission has always been natural wellness - nature's path to overall health and well-being for ourselves and our pets. We rely on nature, and nature can rely on us! Through direct action and in spreading our shared knowledge, our Habitat initiative pursues a parallel mission to care for the 8.7 million species whose existence helps take care of us.


Through knowledge sharing and collective action driven by caring and curiosity, we firmly believe that the efforts of Earth Clinic: Habitat can transform the world into a healthier place for all life, beginning outside our windows and in our own backyards.


We cherish nature and we value knowledge.

As natural healers and those in pursuit of natural healing, we value the gifts of nature and the reciprocity between nature and humanity. We appreciate the complex interdependence between all life on this planet -- including ourselves.

We respect the right of all species to thrive within their allotted share of this world.

And we deeply value not only the generosity of our ecologies but the gifts that we can return unto our fellow planet-dwellers.

How You Can Help

If you share in our vision and want to join this mission to enrich our collective understanding of the Habitat we call home, then we welcome you and invite you to read and write, to share and act! Bring that newfound knowledge into the world through action and conversation.

Want to do more? If you have some expertise in an area of ecology, biology, backyard environmentalism, habitat preservation, or the like—or if you have the drive to do a little research to expand the library of knowledge here at Earth Clinic: Habitat, please journey to our submissions page, where you will also find our editorial guidelines.