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by Jason A. Uttley



1). What is the most obvious disease linked to chronic fluoride poisoning?


"Today, many people living in fluoridated communities are ingesting doses of fluoride (1.6-6.6 mg/day) that fall within the range of doses (2 to 10 mg/day) once used by doctors to reduce thyroid activity in hyperthyroid patients. This is of particular concern considering the widespread problem of hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) in the United States. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include obesity, lethargy, depression, and heart disease."

Paul Connett, PhD
Co-Founder, Fluoride Action Network

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists, National Research Council (NRC) scientists, and Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC) agree:

  • EPA Scientists in Washington D.C. are now calling for an immediate halt to water fluoridation programs in the U.S. as well as a Congressional Investigation into fluoride’s adverse effects, listing “thyroid pathology” among their top concerns…

  • The National Research Council devoted considerable attention to the “thyroid effects” of fluoride in its groundbreaking review of Fluoride Toxicity in 2006.  Chapter 8, Effects on Endocrine System, includes a detailed review of the growing scientific evidence linking fluoride consumption to thyroid dysfunction…

  • Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children, an organization founded by Andreas Schuld, a leading advocate of fluoride toxicity awareness, has a wealth of information available on the link between fluoride and “thyroid dysfunction”…

2). What amount of fluoride do EPA scientists think is safe, to prevent hypothyroidism & other adverse effects associated with water fluoridation?


“Decreased thyroid function is an adverse health effect, particularly to individuals with inadequate dietary iodine. These individuals could be affected with a daily fluoride dose of 0.7 mg/day (for a “standard man”). Since this is less than the amount already in the diet, the MCLG should be zero.”

Robert J. Carton, PhD

EPA scientists, including Robert J. Carton and J. William Hirzy, the former and present leaders of the EPA Union of Scientists in Washington D.C., respectively, have called for the EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for Fluoride to be immediately changed to ZERO. 

  • Robert Carton’s critique of the National Research Council’s 2006 review of the Toxicity of Fluoride in Drinking Water, recently published in the International Society for Fluoride Research’s (ISFR) Fluoride Journal, highlighted many adverse health effects, including the degree to which water fluoridation is contributing to the current epidemic of thyroid dysfunction in the U.S.

3). Where can I find studies linking thyroid dysfunction to fluoride exposure?

         Three of the best resources for this on the Internet are:

Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children

The Fluoride Action Network

Second Look

Like many of our professional colleagues, we long held a belief that the practice of water fluoridation was highly beneficial and relatively low-risk.  We are now convinced that it is of small benefit, and carries an unacceptably large risk. 


What changed our thinking so dramatically on this important issue? While reviewing medical studies for a new book, we were shocked to learn about the disturbing fluoride-thyroid connection.


We had been a prevention-oriented doctor-nurse team working together for twenty-five years. We had raised three children together, and had always viewed good dental care as an integral part of a complete health program. After training at Harvard and Walter Reed respectively, Rich worked at the National Institutes of Health and Karilee served as a nursing professor, before we each eventually settled into private practice. Nothing on this path shook our faith in fluoride.

In fact, it was not until we were working with a New York publisher that we really did our homework on this subject. The topic of our book, Thyroid Power (HarperCollins 2001), was the unexplained skyrocketing of thyroid disease and its spin-off epidemics of fatigue, depression, anxiety, infertility, and overweight. While researching influences on the thyroid gland, we were astounded by the large number of fluoride citations. We were confronted with long lists of articles, from scientists around the world, reporting in medical journals about the harmful effects of fluoride.


But fluoride is not simply an isolated problem for identified thyroid patients. As a widespread hormone disruptor it is very likely to be causing wider mischief, even at supposed safe levels.  Fluoride is, of course, just one of a great many environmental hormone disruptors. However, it is the only one we purposely put into our drinking water.”


Dr. Richard L. Shames, M.D. and Karilee H. Shames, PhD, RN

Co-Authors, Thyroid Power

4). What emerging disease appears to represent the most severe form of chronic fluoride poisoning?

Fibromyalgia (FMS).

"It has been proposed here that many chronic Pain-Fatigue Syndromes (including CFS, FMS, and PGS) are caused by magnesium deficiency plus concomitant fluoride excess (MDFE), and that these chronic illnesses present a major and growing worldwide public health concern due to decreasing intake of Mg and ever-increasing levels of exposure to fluoride compounds used in industry, agriculture, medicine, and household and personal hygiene products. “

Julia A. Laylander

Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 1999

See “The Cause of Fibromyalgia” article at Earth Clinic…

5). Is Fibromyalgia associated with thyroid dysfunction?


"Dr. Lowe and several other researchers have determined that some 90% of fibromyalgia patients have thyroid disease.  The thyroid diseases include primary hypothyroidism, central hypothyroidism, and cellular resistance to thyroid hormone.”


Dr. John C. Lowe

Director of Research, Fibromyalgia Foundation of America

Earth Clinic’s Fibromyalgia Questionnaires have identified Hypothyroidism as one of the most common pre-existing conditions in those suffering from Fibromyalgia.  Here are just a few of the many references we’ve seen…

"I believe Fibro is a type of massive system failure of the endocrine system beginning in the hypothalamus and affecting the thyroid, pituitary and adrenals. That in turn causes other systems to malfunction. Also seems to be a serious problem with nutrients not being absorbed at the cellular level in spite of normal blood tests.”

Jean (Marysville, Washington)

"I have recently learned that iodine could be the missing link in this. I was recently found to be extremely iodine deficient. Fluoride can only sit on the receptor sites where there is not enough iodine. So it seems that if one is lacking in iodine they are much more susceptible to fluoride toxicity and also heavy metal toxicity. Dr Brownstein has written an excellent book on iodine deficiency and the fluoride connection.”

Pat (Toledo, Ohio)

"I suspect it's thyroid related.  Docs are too quick to pass out antidepressants instead of looking for the physical cause of depression. Treat the cause NOT the symptom and we'll all get better. The crap they put in our food and water is a big problem. Soy and hormones are mixed into everything.  Kids are hitting early puberty and having thyroid problems, but instead of recognizing the mutation for what it is, physicians just say 'that's the norm for now.’”

Patty (Ocean View, Hawaii)

"Please! There is a reason Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum opened all those centers for fibro & chronic fatigue. He HAD those diseases himself. He is right!  I'm not the only person saying this. Talk to others at Natural Thyroid Hormones on Yahoo group." 

Amy (Reston, Virginia)

6). Is the lab test to measure thyroid dysfunction sensitive enough?


"The big myth that persists regarding thyroid diagnosis is that an elevated TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level is always required before a diagnosis of hypothyroidism can be made. Normally, the pituitary gland will secrete TSH in response to a low thyroid hormone level. Thus an elevated TSH level would typically suggest an underactive thyroid.

The basic problem that traditional medicine has with diagnosing hypothyroidism is the so-called ‘normal range’ of TSH is far too high: Many patients with TSH's of greater than 2.0 (not 4.5) have classic symptoms and signs of hypothyroidism (see below). So, if your TSH is above 2.0 there is a strong chance your thyroid gland is not working properly.”


Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D.

Based on criticism, the recommended ‘normal range’ for the TSH test was reduced.  Unfortunately, many labs have been slow to implement this change, as Fibromyalgia experts who understand the thyroid connection, like Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, are quick to point out…

“For over a decade, my research and that of many other researchers in the field has shown that hypothyroidism, like most other illnesses that affect predominantly women, has been dramatically under diagnosed. The American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), the nation's largest organization of thyroid specialists, has now confirmed this. After a recent meeting, the normal range for thyroid tests was dramatically narrowed.


Now, 18 months after the new directives have been given, doctors are still largely unaware of these new lab guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. Even the major labs doing thyroid testing have not bothered to change the now incorrect normal ranges for both diagnosis & treatment of thyroid disorders.”


Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.

Medical Director, Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers Inc.

7). Besides thyroid dysfunction, what are the other symptoms associated with chronic fluoride poisoning?

George Waldbott, M.D., the Founder of the International Society for Fluoride Research (ISFR), one of the 20th Century's top experts in chronic fluoride toxicity, highlighted the “major” symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning in the 1978 book, Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma

“Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals in the world.  It is a product that comes from the manufacture of superphosphic fertilizers, and is so toxic it can’t be dumped anywhere.  Through lobbying, fluoride was then sold to municipalities and dumped in our water supplies under the guise of being good for our teeth.  It’s a big lie and nothing could be further from the truth. 


Fluoride adversely affects virtually every organ in the body, primarily your thyroid gland.  It can be seen that the areas in America that have the most fluoride in the water have the highest obesity rate because people’s metabolisms go down.  Fluoride makes you depressed and causes all types of physical problems. ”


Kevin Trudeau

 Author, Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About

While symptoms may vary in the order in which they develop, as well as their individual severity, the symptoms of Chronic Fluoride Poisoning can be broken into at least 4 stages, depending on one’s level of exposure to the cumulative toxin…


Thyroid Dysfunction

Immune System Dysfunction

Chronic Fatigue (CFS)



Neck Stiffness


Thyroid Dysfunction

Immune System Dysfunction

Chronic Fatigue (CFS)



Neck Stiffness

Interstitial Cystitis / Urinary Frequency (IC)

Noticeable Hair Loss

Gastrointestinal Disturbances (IBS)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

Carpel tunnel / Repetitive Strain Injury

Muscle Spasms / Restless Leg (RLS)

Joint Pain, localized, minor to moderate (arthritic-like pain)

Cognitive Difficulties, minor to moderate

Muscle Pain & Stiffness, minor to moderate


Thyroid Dysfunction

Immune System Dysfunction

Chronic Fatigue (CFS)



Neck Stiffness

Interstitial Cystitis / Urinary Frequency (IC)

Noticeable Hair Loss

Gastrointestinal Disturbances (IBS)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

Carpel tunnel / Repetitive Strain Injury

Restless Leg / Muscle Spasms (RLS)

Joint Pain, widespread, moderate to severe (arthritic-like pain)

Cognitive Difficulties, moderate to severe (Brain Fog)

Muscle Pain & Stiffness, moderate to severe (FMS)

Sleep Disturbances

Light Sensitivity/Vision Problems

Numbness, often beginning in the extremities


Thyroid Dysfunction

Immune System Dysfunction

Chronic Fatigue (CFS)



Neck Stiffness

Interstitial Cystitis / Urinary Frequency (IC)

Noticeable Hair Loss

Gastrointestinal Disturbances (IBS)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

Carpel tunnel / Repetitive Strain Injury

Restless Leg / Muscle Spasms (RLS)

Joint Pain, widespread, moderate to severe (arthritic-like pain)

Cognitive Difficulties, moderate to severe (Brain Fog)

Muscle Pain & Stiffness, moderate to severe (FMS)

Light Sensitivity/Vision Problems

Sleep Disturbances

Numbness, often beginning in the extremities

Joint “Popping”, moderate to severe

Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP)

Ringing in the Ears / Tinnitus

Kidney Pain (Rhabdomyolysis)

Spinal Pain / Compression (Spinal Stenosis)

8). Is fluoridated water the only major source of toxic fluoride exposure?

No.  In fact, the biggest threat of developing the most severe forms of chronic fluoride poisoning may actually stem from fluoride-based prescription drugs, such as fluorinated antibiotics like Cipro. 

Although prescription drugs don’t contain relatively large amounts of fluoride, the forms of fluoride are, in some cases, SO toxic they can induce chronic fluoride poisoning following extended, or repeated use. 

“In summary, Cipro causes fluoride poisoning. But will any practitioner know how to deal with this, considering that the American Dental Association has shielded all practitioners from proper knowledge of fluoride toxicity?”

Andreas Schuld

Founder, Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC)

Earth Clinic’s Fibromyalgia Questionnaires frequently reference antibiotic treatment prior to the development of Fibromyalgia and its related conditions.  Here are just a few of the many examples we’ve seen…

“Healthy and fit. Developed fibromyalgia after hysteroctemy and bladder repair. Had UTI and catheter for 6 weeks following. Treated with several antibiotics during that 6 weeks, one of them being Cipro for 3 weeks.”

Margie (Baden, Pennsylvania)


“I had step throat. Took antibiotics. The symptoms remained and I felt sicker. After two months and many tests I was diagnosed with CFS. Now the doctor says it is Fibromyalgia.”

Natalie (Upstate, New York)


“I believe that the doctors are a large part of the problem. I would go to the doctor and they would look at me and say that there was nothing wrong with me…. From 29 - 39 I would repeatedly get infections and they would prescribe me antibiotics. There was 1 period when I would get an infection every 3 weeks but still the doctors would give me antibiotics and treated me like a hypochondriac. They only started paying attention to me when at age 39 I began a search for what was wrong with me when I went from 125lbs to 200 lbs while eating healthy.”

Glenda (Chicago, Illinois)


 “I believe there are many reasons [for fibromyalgia to develop] including antibiotics and other prescribed meds, thyroid problems, infections, and chemicals in our environment.”

Alvita (Detroit, Michigan)


“Now that I think back, my symptoms began after I started developing allergies to antibiotics.”

Christine (San Bernardino, California)


Was Your Rate of Decline Fast?  “Yes---but the only drugs I remember taking were antibiotics.”

Jennifer (South Carolina)


“I was taking a lot of antibiotics in my 20's as I was prone to UTI's. I don't remember which ones. I never took long them for long durations.

Pat (Toledo, Ohio)


“Didn't know about the fluoride side of this until tonight, but as a child was not given fluoride tablets or fluoridated water, however getting over a dose of antibiotics has always been hard.”

Larney (Brisbane, Australia)


“What antibiotics contain fluoride?  I took some as a child. When I was a child my joints would lock up on me causing severe pain and no one knew why.”

Maureen (Orlando, Florida)


“Suffered for 5yrs with Anxiety Disorder. Had bout of sinusitis, then took antibiotics. 2 days later my CFS/Fibro started.”

Gary (London, England)

9). Which prescription drugs contain fluoride?

Prescription drugs with “FL” in their chemical name typically reference fluoride as an ingredient.  However, since other drugs may contain fluoride as well, it is a good idea to look up the specific chemical makeup of medications online at a site like…


Other links that may be of help in identifying fluorinated drugs include:

Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children

                                    Second Look

“It is important that this committee and the American people understand that what happened with Vioxx is really a symptom of something far more dangerous to the safety of the American people. Simply put, FDA and the Center of Drug Evaluation and Research are broken.”

Dr. David Graham, M.D.

FDA Drug Safety Expert (Vioxx Whistleblower)

10). What are the 5 products containing fluoride you most want to avoid?

  • Prescription drugs with fluoride as an ingredient

Especially the fluoroquinolone antibiotics or any other fluoride-based drug whose list of so-called side effects appear to mirror the known symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning.

  • Infant Formula made with fluoridated tap water

Extreme neurotoxins and children don’t mix. 

When EPA Scientists in Washington D.C. say that the emerging body of scientific evidence from around the world supports the conclusion that fluoride is severely neurotoxic, and the National Research Council’s recent review of the Toxicity of Fluoride in Drinking Water draws the very same conclusion, one doesn’t really need to know ANYTHING about the rapidly emerging diseases linked to chronic fluoride poisoning to reason that infant formula, in particular, should never be made with fluoridated water.

  • Green Tea

Green and black tea leaves absorb such high concentrations of fluoride naturally that they are sometimes marketed to unwary consumers as if drinking them is akin to consuming fluoride toothpaste. 


Of course few mention the fact that the warning label of fluoride toothpaste was dramatically upgraded just months after noted neurotoxicologist – turned whistleblower, Phyllis Mullenix, proved the extreme neurotoxicity of fluoride on behalf of the internationally renowned, Harvard-affliated, Forsyth Dental Institute.


Unfortunately to benefit from the potent antioxidants in Green Tea you must swallow relatively significant amounts of the cumulative neurotoxin.

  • Fluoridated Tap Water (or any beverage made with such water)

14 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and Medicine, including two specifically in the field of enzyme chemistry, have warned against the practice of dumping fluoride waste into the nation’s water supplies due to fluoride’s extreme toxicity and its cumulative nature.  


Decades after the water fluoridation experiment began, EPA Scientists now say that the cumulative enzyme poison is indeed linked to a host of related diseases that have rapidly emerged over the past few decades.  

  • Fluoride Based Pesticides

As the active poison in some of the most toxic pesticides that currently exist, fluoride has contributed in no small way to the tremendous growth in the organic food movement. 

11). Are there filters I can purchase to eliminate fluoride from tap water?

Yes.  While the most common water filters, including Brita & Pur, do NOT remove fluoride from tap water, both reverse osmosis filters and steam distillation units do.


Reverse osmosis is by far the most popular method of eliminating fluoride.  Reverse osmosis (R/O) filters can be found at many home improvement stores, including Home Depot, or at a variety of sites online.  If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, just look up “Water Filtration & Purification Equipment” in the Yellow Pages and call around to get price quotes from companies in your area that can install and service this type of filter for you. 


Similarly, steam distillers, from which distilled water can be made, are another popular method of eliminating fluoride from tap water.  Home distillation units are available through a variety of sites online. 


“First, fluoride is, as you know, one of the most toxic substances on earth, on par with arsenic and lead. It has no proven biological use inside the human body (teeth included). There is no minimum daily requirement for fluoride. And second, it is a cumulative poison. Only about half of what we consume is excreted. The other half collects in the teeth and bones, making them dense, but brittle. Those little white spots visible on the teeth of about 25 percent of American children are called dental fluorosis, a condition which not only predisposes them to decay, but also provides a sign that systemic fluoride poisoning is taking place.

Not only are the teeth of children with those spots damaged, but this fluorosis also indicates that their thyroid glands are being negatively impacted. Increasing rates of learning problems and hyperactivity among American children are thought to be traced in part to thyroid problems, which can be linked to intakes of fluoride.”

Michael Barbee

Author, Politically Incorrect Nutrition;

 Finding Reality in the Mire of Industry Food Propaganda

12). Where can I purchase distilled or reverse osmosis bottled water?

Most grocery stores sell both distilled & reverse osmosis filtered water. 

Reverse osmosis bottled water (i.e. Aquafina, Dasani) is usually found in the beverage department in specific brands processed using R/O filtration, or in the form of refilling stations provided by some grocery stores.


Distilled water is often found in the cleaning supply aisle of grocery stores because of its use in irons, which tend to corrode when using tap water. 

13). I have well water, so my water isn’t fluoridated.  Do I still need to be concerned with the fluoride content of my water?

Yes, especially if you suffer from any condition related to chronic fluoride poisoning.  


While fluoride is added to many municipal water supplies, it is also naturally occurring and therefore often found in well water.  Although naturally occurring fluoride tends to be noticeable less toxic than the industrial-waste-based fluoride dumped into much of the municipal water supply by the phosphate industry, if you have any condition related to fluoride poisoning, you need to be concerned with potential fluoride exposure from all sources, including well water. 


You should assume that your well water contains a significant enough amount of fluoride to make your symptoms worse unless you’ve tested the fluoride content of your water.

14). Are there any vitamins, or supplements, that are known to improve the symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning?


As many of the surveys on Earth Clinic are quick to point out, Fibromyalgia and its related conditions are known to be associated with a number of significant vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  These so-called deficiencies include: antioxidants, vitamin B12, vitamin D, magnesium and iodine. 

“Most people agree that having energy is associated with good health.  It can be reasoned that the body’s ability to produce energy assists health.  And it can be reasoned that anything which reduces the ability of the body to make energy is unhealthy.


Exactly how cells burn calories to produce energy is rather complicated.  Most people do not care about understanding the Krebs citric-acid cycle, the electron transport system, oxidative phosphorylation, and the function of oxygen and antioxidants within a cell.  However this is the exact knowledge needed to understand how the body works. 


When a person lacks such knowledge, a compound like fluoride which disrupts energy production, especially in brain cells, can be pushed off onto society as good for fighting cavities, when it is one of the most potent anti-energy compounds known to man.”


Byron J. Richards

Founder & Director, Wellness Resources

Author, Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA’s Betrayal of America

As fluoride dramatically slows down cellular energy production throughout the body, the cells of the body require more & more nutrients to perform the same functions.  In this way, fluoride literally creates a host of severe deficiencies, which might otherwise seem like an absurd demand of nutrients.

  • Antioxidants 

Fluoride is well known for its ability to create massive amounts of free radicals.  This is believed to be one of the reasons why antioxidants are so vital to those suffering from hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia and other conditions related to chronic fluoride poisoning.

Despite the hype regarding the latest and greatest antioxidants, perhaps the most effective antioxidant remains vitamin C.  For this reason, 1500-3000 milligrams of vitamin C remains the most important part of my long-term treatment next to minimizing my exposure to all dietary sources of fluoride.

  • B Vitamins

B vitamins may offer significant benefits in minimizing numbness and some of the other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and its related conditions.  While some suggest the highly absorbable form of B12, methylcobalamin, or even doctor prescribed B12 injections, at a minimum you might want to consider taking a B100 vitamin daily.

  • Vitamin D

Many of those with fibromyalgia and its related conditions report a noticeable improvement in their symptoms following exposure to the sun, a major source of vitamin D.  For this reason, some recommend frequent amounts of time in the sun.

  • Magnesium

Since some brands of magnesium are believed to contain trace amounts of residual fluoride, you may want to either test your sensitivity to fluoride, or consult a well trained natural medicine doctor, before supplementing with magnesium.

That said, as Julia Laylander highlighted in her 1999 article in the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, there is a strong relationship between chronic fluoride toxicity and magnesium deficiency. 

  • Iodine

Iodine is a key nutrient related to the function of the thyroid and can be found in tablet form in supplements such as Iodoral.  Earth Clinic questionnaires frequently identify thyroid dysfunction prior to the development of, more advanced, fibromyalgia symptoms.

Alternatively, Armour Thyroid and Naturethroid are thyroid hormone therapies that may be of considerable help several respondents to Earth Clinic’s Fibromyalgia Questionnaire have listed as very beneficial.

  • Coenzyme Q-10

In playing a vital role in cellular energy production and acting as a key antioxidant in the mitochondria and lipid membranes, CoQ10 is recommended by some fibromyalgia researchers.  

  • Juicing

Juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables is a great way to flood the body with a variety of nutrients to overcome massive vitamin and mineral deficiencies associated with major toxins like fluoride.  A high quality juicer is recommended.

Juicing is used in many “alternative” therapies, including the Gerson Method.

15). How do I test my sensitivity to fluoride if I suffer from fibromyalgia or a related condition?

Assuming your symptoms include brain fog, as well as severe muscle & joint pain and stiffness among your laundry list of symptoms, you should be able to readily test your sensitivity to fluoride by minimizing exposure to ALL major fluoride dietary sources for a trial period of 3-4 weeks. 

Given that any significant dietary exposure will worsen symptoms for approximately 7-10 days, one must be very rigid in avoiding significant sources of fluoride in their diet for this test to work.

Avoiding fluoride from all of the following sources should allow symptoms to improve significantly….

(i). Prescription drugs   

If you’re currently taking a prescription drug containing fluoride, you may want to consult your physician about the possibility of switching to a non-fluorinated alternative.

Drugs with “fl” in the chemical name typically reference fluoride as an ingredient.  However, since other drugs may contain fluoride as well, it is a good idea to look up the specific chemical makeup of all your medications online at a site like

(ii). Beverages

Avoid tap water, or any beverages that may have been made with tap water. 

Even if your water is not artificially fluorinated, you may want to assume it contains significant enough concentrations of naturally occurring fluoride to make your symptoms worse.  While naturally occurring fluoride is typically far less toxic than the industrial waste based fluoride that is dumped into many municipal water supplies (in the United States & Canada), those with moderate to severe cases of Fibromyalgia should not underestimate their potential sensitivity to fluoride.  Remember that the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are literally indistinguishable from the lingering effects of Sarin gas exposure for a reason.

Although most spring waters often contain low amounts of fluoride relative to fluoridated tap water, consider using only distilled water, or reverse osmosis filtered water, until your test is complete.  Distillation and reverse osmosis filtration are two of the best ways to remove fluoride from water as a general rule.  

Beverages that claim to have been made using “filtered water” should also be avoided, since most filters (including Brita) do not remove significant amounts of fluoride.  Juices should be made with 100% juice, not from concentrate, to minimize fluoride exposure.

Given that certain kinds of teas (namely, green and black) often contain extremely high amounts of fluoride naturally, you should also make every effort to avoid tea as well. 

(iii). Vitamins & Supplements 

Since fluoride is sometimes inadvertently added as a hidden ingredient to vitamins & supplements, particularly by way of its bond to other ingredients, consider temporarily stopping the use of any multi vitamin you currently take, at least until after your test is complete. 

 (iv). Fluoridated Salt 

According to the Fluoride Action Network, the following countries currently engage in the practice fluoridating their salt:  Austria, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Switzerland, and Venezuela.

While most developed countries, including nearly all of Europe, have rejected the practice of dumping industrial fluoride waste into their water supplies, many of those living outside the United States & Canada must contend with the growing problem of fluoridated salt. 

Attempt to minimize exposure to fluorinated salt if this is an issue where you live. 

(v). Fluoride Toothpaste & Mouthwash

Given that toothpaste and mouthwash are not normally swallowed, you should be able to test your sensitivity to fluoride without switching to a non-fluoride based alternative.  However, since toothpaste and mouthwash are still absorbed to some degree, even when used with great care, you may wish to switch to a fluoride-free brand to minimize your exposure to the cumulative neurotoxin.

Some ingredients to look for in a non-fluoride toothpaste are:  Baking Soda (anti-plaque), Organic Aloe Vera (for healthy gums), Tea Tree Oil (cleaning and antiseptic), CoQ10 (for healthy gums), Xylitol (anti-plaque).

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