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Posted by Thankful (Louisiana) on 12/21/2016
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Thank you sooo much for posting! I had been suffering for several days with soreness and burning and finally took a good look and diagnosed myself with a yeast infection yesterday. First, I thought it was a flare of eczema because I'm really sensitive until I noticed white discharge and a funny odor. Unfortunately, a trip to the doctor was not my choice and an effort to avoid any more medicine because I'm already on steroids for another chronic health condition. To make a long story short, I did exactly as you said but also took an epsom salt bath before inserting tampon and ate two servings of yogurt last night. Dream land all night and woke up with about 85% relief. This remedy will be done again tonight and will find a page in my book of home remedies. Can't believe I made it to 36 yrs old without a yeast infection that I was aware of but thankful there is some help out here.