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Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey
Posted by V (New York, NY) on 07/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

ACV works! I have had the most severe, persistent case of viral conjunctivitis/dry eye for probably over a year now. Anyone who's had it knows that it is a real pain to cure, and comes back VERY easily. I've been to the eye doctor twice in this time and had tests to make sure it's viral, not bacterial, and every time he's said it pretty much amounts to dry eye. And he's prescribed me an exorbitantly expensive, teeny tiny bottle of medication. It worked during the time it was prescribed, but as soon as I'd stop using it, the dry eye would come back full force. This most recent time it has been particularly stubborn. My doctor's gentle approach of "let it cure itself, and use cold/warm compresses and natural tears" was not at all working. I'd tried all that, and other over-the-counter eye drops for "persistent dry eye" and, I swear to you, none of it worked. The one red eye would NOT got away. SO frustrating. And I can't afford to drop tons of money on tiny bottles of medication that I probably shouldn't be using permanently anyway.

So yesterday I tried this: 5 parts water, 2 parts honey (best grade), and 1 part pure apple cider vinegar. I mixed it up, put it in an eyedropper, and started using it every few hours or so (more or less). Always, when I first put it in, it burns quite a bit and my eye waters uncontrollably, and then a minute later there's a noticeable difference. My eye gets whiter. I did it one last time before bed last night and when I woke up, there was much less redness. At the end of today (I've been using it a little less because I didn't need it as much), there is hardly ANY redness. Mind you, my results were not as instantaneous as some other people's, so I had to keep trying. But I am so pleased and can't believe something has finally worked! Yes!