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Turmeric Cure for MRSA

Posted by Tlm (Kannapolis, Nc) on 12/26/2010

My husband and I were tested about 2 years ago, they did the nasal test and he actually tested positive for MRSA and I test negative but I had at that time already had one boil but I didn't know what it was. I have continued having these boils coming up on my body for about 2 years now and just like you all I have suffered through the pain and discomfort for weeks at the time. During which I am still trying to have a normal life, well go through the daily process anyway. The DOCTORS are little to no help with this, I don't think they know what to do for MRSA at all. They just want to give antibiotics and an ointment and send you on your way, or lance the damn thing and pack it with gauze which in and of it self is painful but I really don't know if they know how painful these boils actually are to begin with. So with this said I was willing to try anything especially when I woke up this past Monday with my left eye swollen almost shut. It was 5 days before Christmas I needed to work 3 of those days but I just wasn't comfortable going to work like this and with the economy the way it is, it's just not a good time for me to be missing work either.

My husband researched MRSA HOME REMEDY and found all the good things you all were saying about TURMERIC, so he went to the grocery store and got me some in powder form and I started drinking it. The best way I have found for me to take is to mix with Lipton green tea: I put 1 teaspoon in a shot glass with the green tea, I have been doing this 3 times a day since Monday. My eye was swollen bad Monday and Tuesday, not so bad Wednesday, then Thursday not real noticeably at all, Friday just a little swollen where the bump is, and Saturday if there wasn't a small sore you would not even know it was there. Don't want anyone whom is just now reading about this stuff to think it will instantly get rid of these boils but it really does help BIG TIME. All of the other MRSA boils I have had in the last 2 years, for the most part I have popped because that is what I thought needed to be done and they last for at least 2 or more weeks, and when I say they last I mean I am in pain for the better part of 2 weeks, so for the one on my eye to be better in 3 to 4 days it was truly wonderful to me. I will continue drinking TURMERIC, everything I have read says it is good for you, and the benefits of helping with the boils, there is no reason not to. I would Sincerely like to THANK everyone whom posted there comments about TURMERIC, this has helped me and let me know that there are people in this world whom really want to help others.

Posted by Thankful (Las Vegas, Nv) on 07/31/2010

Thank you so much for sharing the cure for MRSA. I used Turmeric and right away I started to feel better. I also changed my diet to one that consists of only organic meats and vegetables and no sugar. You really made a bleak situation much brighter for me. God Bless! Thankful

Posted by Dhildreth (Berkeley, Ca, United States) on 11/04/2009

MRSA and Tumeric

When i was first diagnosed with MRSA, i was beyond dismayed. As my symptoms became more intense and frequent i was horrified and disgusted with my own body and felt that i could confide in no one, not even my doctor. i was initially misdiagnosed, completed rounds of antibiotics that did had no affect (which did not seem to be a read flag to my doctor), and i went through a bureaucratic nightmare for nearly half a year before demanding to be referred to an infectious disease specialist who told me that all of the MRSA remedies i read on earth clinic were B.S.

i had just finished a round of septra for a particularly difficult boil when i started taking turmeric, about 2 tsps in water 3 times daily. the effect turmeric has had on my skin is unbelievable. i never could have foreseen such a dramatic recovery. although there is no cure for MRSA, i have been able to live boil free for nearly a three months by maintaining this regiment.

i have also committed to a vegetarian diet with dramatically less sugar and flour which cause an acidic imbalance that fuels MRSA.

on a personal note, earthclinic gave me a sense of community when i was most despondent. it gave me hope, encouragement and a remedy that has provided me with a new lease on life. i only wish i had discovered this site earlier, but feel so blessed to have come across it.

for everyone dealing with MRSA, i just want to say that you are not alone, you are loved and you can and will get through this. i care and many others do as well.

Posted by Carolyn (Tamarac, Florida) on 10/21/2009

MRSA boils and Turmeric cure

When I recently got married I continued drinking my homemade kefir every day BUT I forgot to use turmeric in the kefir. After two months, I got a bad outbreak of MRSA on the back of one leg and on the top of one hand. (I first contracted MRSA about 3 years ago). I began using turmeric again (I had plenty on hand) and in one day I could see the redness starting to disappear. Now the areas are mostly healed. Kefir does a fine job holding down my MRSA symptoms, but I need turmeric added in small amounts to each cup of kefir I drink. I always sip kefir all day. Today in fact, I ordered more fresh kefir grains from eBay because after 3 years of using the original grains purchased back then, they were finally weakening. I hope my information helps other people who either have MRSA boils or other types. A main way to combat MRSA is NOT to eat anything containing HEME iron (meat, fish, poultry). I believe that I got these outbreaks recently because I was omitting turmeric. Now I have my MRSA symptoms back under control. If you want to know more about how I control my MRSA, just email me: johnmillerz2003 (at) Carolyn

Posted by Kimmy28 (Jones, Al) on 08/06/2009

I got a horrible boil on my buttock about two months ago and it was the most painful thing ever! so I thought it would go away and it did not instead it got larger and larger till it was as big as a golf ball and then larger than that the next day. So I waited but finally went to the ER and they told me it was staph and gave me vankamycin because my fever was 103.5 and I was septic by this time and they sent me home! so I got worse overnight and went to the ER then next day at another hospital and so they did surgery on it and drained it and cut deep into it. Gave me more antibiotics and sent me home and it finally started to heal but I have a horrendous scar like a bullet wound. So I thought I was done with that but exactly three weeks later when I began my period, surprise another one on my leg, in the muscle! So I went straight and had it lanced, another lovely scar! it would not heal for weeks until I found this site and ordered myself some Turmeric capsules and powder, then I started taking the capsules and put turmeric powder just one teaspoon boiled down in water on the wound and bandaging it each night. In the meantime I washed down everything in the house in scalding water, all my clothes, wiped down mattresses with antibacterial, then put the bactriban antibiotic stuff in my nose everyday for 8 days and also I was on antibiotics and then just to be safe I went to an Infectious Disease doctor who probed the wound and made it bleed and caused me great agony!

but he gave me so much information about this staph condition that I am so thankful to have seen him, however the cure for me has been THIS WEBSITE! Turmeric not only is helping with my staph it is making me feel better overall, not sure why but I can only speak for myself, so then I found another website that said turmeric is a mood enhancer and works for some people who are depressed so that must be it. I feel great!

now I have gotten two other boils after the leg boil healed with turmeric and as soon as they come up I put turmeric on them and they burst and heal. SO it worked 100% for me with some added benefits being my mood is much much better and I feel good.

Many Blessings to you all!

Posted by Bobby (Chicago, IL) on 07/13/2009

I was diagnosed with MRSA last month and had to take Bactrim and my infection specialist suggested decolonising the staph/MRSA bacteria from skin after the treamtment. The boils went away and I felt good, but within two days of competing antiboitic treatment, I got a boil on my buttocks and I started reading earth clinic's natural cure and about turmeric. I started last week and with in 3 days, the MRSA boils were gone. I am taking 3 times half spoon turemric powder with warm water mixed with little ground pepper.

Thanks earth clinic and all those who contributed their knowledge. I am supposed to go to my doctor next month and I will tell him about this home remedy. The one question I have is about how long do I have to take turmeric after all the boils are gone? Also, is there any cure for MRSA?

Posted by Cody (Annapolis, Maryland, USA) on 03/02/2009

First, I'd like to say 'Thank goodness for this website!' I wish I could reach through the internet and hug the people who created it, as well as all the visitors who shared their stories. I am embarrassed to admit that I used to think 'folk remedies' were useless. Desperation drove me to this site, and the information provided saved me so much worry, pain, and money that I wanted to share my story, too.

My husband and I were diagnosed with MRSA simultaneously. I don't know where we picked it up. Neither of us had been near a hospital, or an infected person (that we know of); we are both healthy, eat well, exercise. The infection caused a large boil on my husband's thigh. I developed three boils - one on the top of my right thigh, another on my lower left buttock, and one in my genital area. They were extremely painful. Our family doctor took cultures from the boils and sent them to a lab. In the meantime, he suspected a staph infection so he prescribed the antibiotic Bactrim. He advised us to soak the boils in warm water and keep them covered. I followed his instructions, but the boils grew larger and more painful, particularly the one in my genital area. I made an appointment to see my ob/gyn. My ob/gyn was shocked by the size and color of the boils. She said the genital one was very large and worrisome. She injected me with a numbing agent (and my God, that hurt so much - I am not scared of needles and am pretty tolerant of pain - but that shot was excruciating) and she sliced open the genital boil. She worked at it for several minutes, but could not get it to drain very much. Finally, she stopped and said she had done everything she could for now. She told me to go home and soak in warm water and try to get the boil to drain more. And she looked at the other two boils. She wanted to drain the one on my thigh as well but I was already bleeding and in pain so she told me to come back in a week. She also mentioned MRSA as a possible cause and said it was a 'nasty bug'. I have a 3 year old toddler at home and asked about possible transference of the virus. She said it was unlikely, but I mentioned that both my husband and I had it so obviously it had spread from one of us to the other. Just one more thing to worry about....

I went home, bleeding all the while from the cut, and set about doing what the doctors had told me. I soaked the boils constantly in a sitz bath, and I pressed warm washcloths gently on them. I am a neat freak so my house was already pretty spotless but I cleaned it top to bottom again, and washed all of our sheets and towels with hot water and bleach. I also washed our clothes in hot water. I was extremely careful in handling my child's food / drink and toys. (Luckily, it doesn't look like he's caught it!)

Despite soaking, and taking Bactrim twice a day as prescribed, the boils did not shrink. The genital boil that had been sliced open also did not drain. All the boils felt as though rocks were beneath the skin. They were that solid. And they were very inflamed / bruised in appearance.

Our family doctor called and confirmed that we did have MRSA. He said that, luckily, our strain was most susceptible to Bactrim so we should continue our prescription for another week. When I mentioned the boils were still present, he said I should go to the ER and have them lanced and drained. I said the ob/gyn had already lanced the one boil, but it hadn't drained. He said 'go to the ER'.

Well, at this point, the last thing I wanted to do was be sliced open again, and to what end? It hadn't worked before. The soaking hadn't worked either. I'd been doing that for over a week. Meanwhile, I had been searching the internet and found this website. I read most of the turmeric posts. I couldn't believe any of it, not really. I thought - If it's so simple, if this turmeric can really cure boils, why don't doctors tell people? Why not tell patients about turmeric before cutting them open?

So I didn't really believe the site, but I was desperate and in terrible pain. The boils were not getting better in the least. I really want to emphasize that part. They were not getting better at all. So my husband went and bought turmeric. I took some before I went to bed that night.

The next morning, I woke up and removed my bandages in the shower (I kept the buttock and thigh boils covered with gauze.) Each piece of gauze had drainage on it. I'm not kidding. This had never happened before. The genital boil was still there, of course, but for the first time, it felt less solid / immovable. I immediately took some more turmeric.

The next morning, again, more drainage. And now the boils were just a smidge smaller. They were shrinking! They weren't gone by any means, but they were on their way. And now it is eight days since I took Turmeric. All of the boils are essentially gone. There is still an almost imperceptible 'something' in two of the boils, but the one on my buttock is completely gone. The skin is still discolored, however. It looks like a fading bruise.

Turmeric saved me. If I ever have the misfortune to get one of those horrid boils again, I will start taking Turmeric the moment it appears. I think my boils took a long time (relatively) to go away once I took Turmeric because they were so inflamed to begin with, - if I had started sooner, they never would have grown so large.

No, Turmeric does not cure MRSA. For that, I took my antibiotic. But Turmeric does cure the symptoms of MRSA. The only side effect I experienced was a very slight flushed feeling when I took the first dose. It never happened again. If you are a skeptic, trust me - Turmeric works. I was once like you. I almost ended up in the ER. Thanks to this website, I avoided the pain and expense of the emergency room. I am so grateful for this site. And I will be returning to learn more about natural remedies.

Good luck to everyone.