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Turmeric Cure for MRSA

Posted by Steven (Tyler, Tx) on 01/27/2014
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Personally (your mileage may vary), Turmeric didn't really do much for treatment or prevention of my boils. I was drinking quite a bit of it, but I never saw much change in my outbreaks. I think things really began to change for me when I started:

1.) Eating better. I changed my diet from mostly processed food and meat to probably 80% veggie, and only high quality meats, fish, and dairy for the remainder. I cooked all of my own meals and ate a lot of organic produce.

2.) Making daily smoothies loaded with healthy things, including coconut oil, local raw honey, green superfoods, fruits, flax seeds, and green leafy vegetables. I can share the recipe if anyone wants it.

3.) Taking garlic baths. This sounds strange, but it may have been THE thing that helped me get control of the external wounds that formed at the infection sites. To do these I blended up big chunks of garlic in water and let the water sit for 15min to allow allicin to form. Then I would draw a hot bath and pour the garlic puree into it and soak for an hour or two. The lesions would drain, allowing the garlic water to effectively infiltrate the areas of infection. I believe it took about a week of doing this once or twice a day to reverse the infection and show significant healing.

Other things I was taking at the time include Olive Leaf, Oregano Oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar.

I tried these and many other things over the course of my four month ordeal with staph, including two failed attempts to eradicate with antibiotics. I relentlessly scoured this site and others for hope and feel grateful to everyone here for helping me pull through that miserable stage of my life. I hope this humble contribution can help someone else to overcome this affliction just as your combined contributions eventually led to the things that helped me overcome it. Thank you all.


Posted by Sandy (Whittier, Ca) on 02/19/2013
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Your post brought tears to my eyes. I do not know how old your daughter was when this happened, but she sounds young. Just yesterday I took my 22-year-old daughter to the emergency room for a lancing (her 5th) of a big staph infection on the back of her left thigh. Same as your daughter, the anesthetic did not take (until 30 minutes AFTER the lancing was performed). My daughter felt all the pain. I held her hand and cried with her through the pain for 15 minutes... The longest 15 minutes of both our lives (I feel for you and your daughter to have to put up with that for twice as long as my daughter and I did). I am crying right now just thinking about it. I have never seen, or want to see my daughter in that much pain again. She was screaming out crying, but still apologizing all the while to me and the doctor for crying and screaming. I just about lost it.

The thing is, for 3 days prior to taking her into the emergency room, I was giving her the turmeric, 1 tsp full mixed in a cup of tomato soup, with black pepper and coconut oil included, 3 times a day. Along with this drink, I used a tumeric and coconut oil paste on her infection and changed it twice daily. And it never got better, only worse, to the point that she started to have cellulitis around her boil. That's when I knew that I could not wait any longer for the turmeric to work. I was praying to God that this would be the answer for her 2-year battle with staph infections, but it didn't help to get rid of this one.

I would like to have her try the exact brand of turmeric capsules your daughter takes if you could please email me at sandooch150 [at] yahoo [dot] com. I realize your post is an old one and hope you come back here find mine with this question.

I pray your daughter is still doing fine with taking her capsules.

If anyone else who is reading this and who has had success with taking turmeric capsules instead of drinking it with liquid, please feel free to email me as well with the brand you are taking. I am desperate for an answer to never have to put my daughter through that pain again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Posted by Sammy (Murphysboro, Illinois) on 02/04/2008
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I have a boil on my upper inner thigh. I think it started on Friday, and I started turmeric on Monday. I was taking one heaping teaspoon, in chocolate milk, three times a day. It kept getting uglier and uglier. My wife really got on my case and finally I promised I would seek a doctor if it didn't seem to be getting better in a couple of days.

Thursday rolled around and it was looking pretty bad. I could squeeze out bloody pus, the surrounding area was hard and the red infection streaks were moving down my leg. It was showing no signs of improving and actually was getting progressively worse.

The doc incised it and stuffed in a wick. He also took a culture, which turned out to be MRSA. He also prescribed two weeks of sulfameth antibiotic. BTW, we live in an area of about 30,000 people and the doctor said he is seeing two or three of these a day!

Went back the next day and they found a lot of dead tissue, which he snipped out. Yesterday, I made my fourth daily visit and the doc said it looked a lot better and I can now change the dressing myself.

Maybe I didn't get on the turmeric program early enough, but for now, I would have to say that it didn't work.
One other comment, I was also mixing the turmeric with an antibiotic cream and applying it to the boil (before I went to the doctor).
This later struck me as a very bad idea. After all, it is just a powder purchased at the grocery store with no hint of sterility. Here in the USA we have problems with people getting sick from tainted spinach and strawberries. Why would Turmeric from India be any less risky?

If I have another outbreak, I may try the turmeric a little earlier, but I will also monitor it closely and get to the doctor sooner.