10 Natural Remedies for a Sty (Stye)

Gold Ring, Teabag

Posted by Juleek (Lakeland, Florida) on 02/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure if I have a Stye or a Chalazion. I have a bump on my eyelid that has been there for about 3 weeks. I googled pictures of both and depending on what picture I am looking at it could be either or. About a week ago I started using Black tea bags. I would steep them for 1 minute then let them cool for a minute or so, squeeze out the wetness and I would put the warm black tea bag compress on my eyelid for 10 minutes. I did this 2x a day. I didn't think things were changing much so I got on this sight and read the wedding band remedy. For the last 2 days I have been rubbing my clean wedding ring on my bump for about a minute of so about 4 times a day and I am also using the black tea bags. I use a warm one in the afternoon and keep one in the fridge and I use the cool one before bed for about 10 minutes. I feel like in a couple of days my stye or chalazion will be gone. I am not sure which remedy worked but I didn't start seeing results until I started using the two remedies together.