Restless Leg Syndrome
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Hydration + ACV
Posted by Scott (Clear Brook, VA) on 10/06/2019

I have had bouts with RLS for many years now. I'm a 45 YO male, eat healthy, exercise often, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Once in a while, I would feel the creeping in of RLS symptoms.

Somebody told me to drink 16 oz. of water before going to bed, especially if you have been drinking alcohol prior to sleep. Hydration seems to help tremendously.

I also take a gulp of ACV every night before bed. Exercise is key, ACV is good for so many things, including this, and stay hydrated. Haven't tried the soap, but haven't really had RLS since staying committed to hydration and taking my ACV each night before bed. I also swig a little in the morning. Don't forget to gargle with some hydrogen peroxide now and then:). It's very good for you!