Restless Leg Syndrome
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Avoiding Grains
Posted by Dr. Flora Mason Van Orden (Triangle, Va) on 05/05/2014
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Restless Leg Syndrome:

Something that has helped my patients/students is to understand that all grains have a calcium-magnesium ratio that throws the natural balance totally out of whack when they eat processed grains. The ratio should be 2-1, but when grains are thrown in (which we do not need to eat, but which are addictive; read "Grain Damage" by Dr. Doug Graham), there is a backwards ratio of 1-9, way too much magnesium, and then leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, foot cramps, etc. begin. Once a person leaves out grains, even whole, organic, wonderful things start happening! Brain fog disappears, for one. Mental ups and downs stabilize. And especially, the leg cramps disappear! Try it! If I eat even one slice, I'm in trouble. It may have something to do with the gluten, because when I sprout the grain and make Essene bread out of it, this doesn't happen. Not the store-bought bread by that name: they actually ADD gluten, which defeats the purpose of spouting it.