Prurigo Nodularis Remedies

Wart Remover, Oregano Oil
Posted by Echosyn (Dallas, Texas) on 02/11/2019
4 out of 5 stars

Subject: Prurigo Nodularis Semi-Cure

I am a 71 yo Caucasian naturalist and ecologist in good health and about 10 pounds overweight with past history of MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which is now under control.

Six years ago, a nodule started on my left forearm and became aggravating to the point that I went to a dermatologist who took a biopsy.

The diagnosis was Prurigo and no effective treatment was offered.

A week later the nodule began to reappear so I read all that I could find about Prurigo in the web and began to experiment.

Considering that Prurigo resembles warts, I softened the nodule with warm soapy water then shaved off the hard scab to reveal the live tissue and coated it with liquid wart remover that has the glass applicator.

I repeated the application for 2 days then shaved the area on the third day again and repeated the applications as before and again on the tenth day.

In 10 days the nodule was gone, the skin returned to normal and the nodule did not return.

But more nodules showed up on my left cheek and on each side of the nape of my neck. I repeated the process with those nodules and they too disappeared. I

learned from a trial that applying the wart remover without shaving off the hard callus first is ineffective.

Today there is a nodule 2 inches above my navel that will get the same treatment and I will report on the results.

A relevant note is that I have used Mediterranean Oreganum vulgare since 2000 in its various forms as fresh plant, whole leaf extract capsules with oil and oregano oil in dropper bottle. I have not had any other illnesses besides Prurigo and the nodules have shown up during periods that I have not used oregano oil for a several weeks. So I will henceforth continue a weekly maintenance with the oregano.