Prurigo Nodularis Remedies

Biopsy - Possible Cause of PN
Posted by Kate (Clearwater, Fl) on 02/13/2018
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I have had Prurigo Nodularis for 5 years. Mine started about a month after I went to dermatologist over a spot on my left arm to check it it was skin cancer. They injected something in my skin with a needle to plump it up so it would be raised so they could scrape sample to send to lab. They froze it off after diagnosed as cancer spot. One month later that arm filled with the itchy sores all over, couple weeks later all over the other arm. Then about 3 weeks later I noticed 1 on left leg, sure enough that was the beginning of both entire legs front and back up to thighs. I was completely covered. Weird it started on arm I had biopsy and freezing of one small skin cancer.

Anyone else have a biopsy or freezing of skin cancer spot before your onset of PN?