Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Remedies

Dietary Changes
Posted by Crystal (Carolina Beach, Nc) on 05/28/2016
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Diet Change to help PCOS

To give a little backstory to indicate my history and symptoms. I'm 32 and I haven't had a period consistently without medication since I was in high school. I've always been overweight, minus when I was born, which I was underweight. In recent years, I have had dark hair growth on my chin and upper lip. I would occasionally get pangs of pain around my ovary area.I didn't know why I didn't have a period, and I didn't have insurance, a job or means of transportation to get to a doctor, so, it went untreated for years. When I finally did get a job with insurance I was 24. I was put on birth control and other things, and that made me have a period, but without it, I went back to the same situation I had before. I looked it up what it could be causing this, and figured it was PCOS. My doctor said, "The tests are weird. We could give it to you and you test positive when your negative and you could test negative when your positive." Basically hinting that it was a waste of his time, and seeing as how I had never had insurance before that, I had so many questions and probably seemed like a hypochondriac to him. I told him that sometimes I would get sharp pains in my ovaries, and he said, "You can't feel your ovaries." I quit that job to relocate and lost insurance. I managed to get to the health department a few times and they just gave me some generic birth control and it didn't treat it, it just made me have a period. Now on to current events.

Recently, I had had enough of being overweight and generally unhealthy. I had done the Atkins diet previously and stopped because my dog died and it made me not think of dieting anymore. That was in 2012. In April 2016, I decided to do a fruit and veggie detox that my two friends had done, and had lost weight from it, and I figured, why not? The detox is essentially 3 servings of fruit a day, no more. Select veggies you can eat as many as you want. No oil, no carbs, no dairy, no caffeine, no sugar, etc. only fruits and vegetables, no vegetables/fruits that have natural oils such as coconuts or avocados. I stuck to this somewhat for over a week, because I felt I hadn't done 100%, so I was going to go at it longer. I finally reached a point of being lightheaded alot and craved a steak. I went out to eat with friends and ate a steak and salad, which I ended up getting sick on. I don't know if this was due to my detox or the food was bad, or what. After I got over that, I went on the Atkins diet. Except I tried to not eat the full fatty meats, I tried a lower fat meat. As of a month after I began, I lost 14 pounds. I've gone down a shirt size and down a bra band size. Yesterday I began spotting. I was so relieved to finally see some semblance of a period.

While I'm dieting, I'm also on this 'get all the toxins/toxic things away from me' kick. I use conditioner that's made of 18 silk amino acids (search it online, you may find the one I use) and it leaves my hair SO soft. I'm trying to not use my name brand deodorant, because of aluminum and other chemicals/toxins in it. I saw a video about using coconut oil as a deodorant and instead of shaving cream. I tried it last night. I shaved with the coconut oil in all the normal places I shave and it was nice, it was different, but I was careful in case of razor burn, but I didn't get any of that. Of course, you're left with the coconut oil on your skin, but I didn't try to wash it off or anything. I kept the coconut oil on my armpits and as of almost 7 pm the next day, I don't smell. Maybe slightly, but you'd have to actually get your nose in my armpit to really notice. I haven't majorly sweated yet, but I will report back on that if anything changes or to just keep y'all updated. I also wash my face with my shampoo, as it's a seboregulating shampoo. I then tone my face with a 50:50 mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and water, then I moisturize my face afterwards with coconut oil.

I do have a question: I have redness on my cheeks, chin and under my jaw. It's constant and I feel it may be broken capillaries. Is there a way to fix this? I'm trying to remedy a lot of things, and generally make myself healthier all around.