Acidic pH Remedies

Intensity in Populations
Posted by David (USA) on 06/13/2005
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Yet again a bit of scientific information has led to so called scare intensity in populations.. I am a nutritionist and a biochemist dealing specifically in conductivity and acid/base balance.. I do agree that certain foods exhibit either a positive or negative balance on the body, esp. with regards to pH..what i have question marks about is the fact that the pH of our stomach and parts of our small intestines are acidic, and therefore need to be acidic in order to break down and absorb nutrients effectively..Also i would not recommend whatsoever self administration of compounds in order to maintain pH levels within a so-called "desirable" range, does any of your readers know of the deleterious effects of these compounds on the cells lining the throat, alimentary cannal, stomach etc..The pH of your stomach is about 2, so any of these compound's pH will be effected from the stomach on..The reason why the stomachs pH is 2 is in order to break down foods, making then suitable for absorption in the small intestine.