Nausea Remedies

Posted by Caitlin (Burlington, Vermont, Usa) on 04/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am a young college student who has been having some strange symptoms over the past week including; nausea, organ tremoring, intense fear of death, painful headache on the right side of my head, feeling like bugs crawling up and down my leg, pain on the right leg all the way from my sacrum to knees to toes, an odd rash that a doctor told me was fungal but wont go away with the topical treatments, and restlessness/anxiety especially at night. I thought maybe I had candida or toxic shock but this is not so.

I have been trying to detox for the past 3 weeks using designs for health and opticleanse ghi drinks (though innaccurately folllowed as I was having too many shakes and too many of the wrong foods -- even though they were seemingly the right ones I. E. Dates, honey, nuts, seeds). My above listed symptoms lead me to contact the nutritionist who recomended the diet and she pointed out I was really not detoxing the right way. So I've been in a nutshell researching ways to recover while fearing that in any given moment my body could go into toxic shock... fortunately this has not happened yet and I am certain it will not happen.

SO... last night I ate some of the wrong foods again (now im just eating simple foods to get off the detox -- college detoxing is somewhat difficult) but they seemingly could be the right ones; I. E. Eggplant, tomatoes, salt, raw miso. AND I ate late at night. So I woke up feeling exhausted, super nauseas, super congested in my belly, and I thought holy shit I might vomit or die.

So I grabbed 3 pellets of Arsenicum Album, a remedy I recently bought under suggestion by a homeopathist. Arsenicum Album says its for food poisoning, but its really for bad food combinations, anxiety/exhaustion, neediness in case the Arsenicum person may die or get sick (I was calling everyone who could help me, which lead me to here).

So an hour after taking this I am already feeling much better. Nausea is gone, belly still sensitive and gassy, but I feel like my body is clearing. I will be taking a second dose in an hour and a half if these remaining symptoms are still here. I will also be eating simple foods like miso soup for the rest of the day.