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10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Acupuncture and Wet Towels
Posted by Claire (Montreal, Quebec) on 05/29/2015
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Since my delivery last December, I got a severe eczema on the top of my right hand... since, I am trying to get rid of it.

Apple cider vinegar and Extra Virgin Oil help me to stop itching and having a soft skin. during the time olive oil was on I felt great BUT it didn't cure me cause every time I stopped putting it on my hand I got rash, itch and very dry skin =(

My husband asked me to stop putting them on my hand and to cure it like a burn and he was right cause since 1 month ..I am getting better every day and I have hope to see it disappear one day.

It seems our brain doesn't know when the skin has to be cure or not, you have to send a message to it in order to get a cure.

So by a very simple acupuncture process on my hand (the palm of my hand), my brain was able to understand that this part of my body needs to be cure. I did that 3 days and I noticed a difference!!

In addition, I stopped moisturizing my hand cause if I continued to moisturizing it , the skin will never moisturizing by herself again, so I forced my skin to do the job herself (it s not easy because you hand is very dry, you got cracks and it s painful, you itch too cause of that but if you have enough motivation and you keep in mind to stop itching it will be a success)

After that, I wet roll towel sheets with warm water and a put it on my hand with a medical tape wrap bandage. I kept this bandage all day long and I was vigilant to keep it wet. this! Help me a lot, my skin was soft, no itching , no rash feel great and you even forget about it. During the night I take it off and forced my skin to cure, so you have again a dry skin and a lot of dead skin to take off and you do that until you are skin is getting better.

Be careful about the soap you use, try to buy one very moisturizing and use always the same one. (Dove brand shea butter one helps me)

The sun will help you too, keep you hand under sun and avoid wind cause you ll get a very dry skin after (we dont want that)

Try to eat omega 3 and 6, since I started cooking cereal bars by myself, I digest well and at the end I am balancing my body will all it needs to be better and in the same time I cure my skin

As I am nursing my baby so I cant clean my intestine, (the goal it to clean all the toxins you have) usually you have eczema cause your intestines dont know how to deal with too much toxins so usually the skin is the second one to take charge of, that ' why we have eczema...

Now I can say that my hand is practically cure, I do not wear any bandage anymore.
You can do it every time you need until you get rid of it.