Chronic Mucus Remedies

Peppermint Essential Oil
Posted by Mammagrande (Oregon, USA) on 08/17/2019
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, we spent some time in Michigan mint country this spring and learned its medicinal uses. Got that virus the grandkids give for free so bought a good organic peppermint essential oil and used a qtip to dab on sinuses. Didn't irritate so used it liberally.

I put 2 drops in 3/4 c. water and slugged it down. Within 2 minutes could breathe well! Within 5 minutes can feel it doing something to lungs! Waiting for coughing to stop, quality of cough changing, seems more productive in a less unpleasant way--less dry/painful. Menthol in it. Draining sinuses now. Some people are allergic, be advised.....