Mold and Black Mold Exposure

Dietary Changes
Posted by Faith (Forest Park, Ohio) on 12/24/2011
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I suffered from mold poisoning and the problem is that the mold settles in the body so you have to detoxify it. The best method that I found was The Gut and Psychology Diet while also including coconut oil on a regular basis. As far as antifungals coconut oil is a great one. I also used olive leaf and organic apple cider vinegar. The ACV should be taken before each meal, a few tablespoons in about an ounce of warm water. Cooking in all of the healthy fats helps you to detoxify the fungus... And making the fermented foods also helps to restore the good bacteria. There is HOPE, the body can repair itself.

In addition to this, it is best to flush the liver every few weeks. If your symptoms worsen, do a Apple Cider Vinegar enema to flush out the toxins, detox baths, or you can also take activated charcoal with plenty of water. Repeat the enema until you get clear fluids, take KELP and other SEAWEEDS to replenish minerals that you are missing AND drink plenty of homemade juices before and after a flush, or plenty of fresh JUICY fruits to replace minerals. Also take unsulphured black strap molasses to replenish minerals as well.

Diet should be based on Weston A. Price and GAP, these foods will heal you and plenty of bone broth will heal. I get my meat through a coop, best bones out there.... The broths alone did amazing things for us!