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Posted by Charlotte (Charlotte, Nc) on 02/10/2013
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Is there anything else I can do for night sweats, I'm menopausal, I'm taking ACV, MACA, Vitamin E, Omaga3, Soy Isoflavones, I was on meds from my doctor and it worked some what, but I wanted to go all natural, Is there any this else I can use, I have been doing these things for well over a month now and nothing is working, I also do extra cold pressed virgin coconut oil each day, I have also tried other vitamins like calcium with vitamin D, please Help Love Charlotte.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elaine (Cleveland, Georgia) on 10/05/2009
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I am a 49 yr old female going through menopause, and just stopped smoking. I currently have been using bill monroes hydrogen peroxide 3% inhaling about 7 puffs 5 or 6 x's a day and I take 1/4 baking soda, 2 tabls of acv, about a teaspoon of honey with 8 oz of water 3x`s a day. I also take soy protein with milk (one scoop that comes with the soy protein with 8 oz of milk per day) then I drink glucosamine condrotant for arthritis. My mood swings are terrible!! my poor husband is on the receiving end, I also drink coffee and diet cokes..there has to be a happy balance somewhere but I just dont know where...a nybody have any answers? I am so turned off with Dr's they are just pill pushers in my opionion so I am trying to get through this naturally..thanks.