Home Remedies for Lipomas (Fat Deposits)


Posted by Frank (Vienna) on 09/10/2019
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I have also many lipomes onto my arms and onto the legs and I found under the link


the following commend:

A physician had told me about his healing of dogs by Borax: "I also have a fifteen year old dog (fox terrier) who had a large right lip lipoma, he reacted extremely well on borax, so this tumor disappeared within a week, I applied a solution weighted internally and externally not necessary, senile dementia blown away: - a new old dog! Procedure: At 10 kg of weight, add 0.5 g of borax to 1 liter of non-fluoridated water. Add 0.5 ml of this solution ("concentrate") with a 2 ml syringe. The rest of the syringe is drawn up with distilled water. You can also take sterile saline, the dogs are not so sensitive ... With 1 ml of this solution (ie half) in this syringe I have placed around the tumor wheals, d. H. small injections around and into the tumor (looks like you've touched stinging nettles - just type in Google "wheals" and look at pictures). Syringe and insulin needle you can get from the pharmacist. The rest you inject the dog - of course, without a needle - in the throat and lets him swallow. I did that for 5 days. You can literally watch the tumor (in my case, a lipoma) melt away - at least that's how it was with my dog. "

Now I will try to put these stinging nettles with borax into and in he near of my lipomes. I will answer if it will be worked!