Holistic Treatments for Leukemia

Green Tea

Posted by Lon (Stanhope , Nj) on 02/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Does anyone have thoughts about green tea and flouride. I've read green tea, even organic, absorbs flouride like a sponge, yet it's recommended by the mayoclinic for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which I have. Should I take it with something to offset the flouride? I assume risking flouride poinsoning may be worth the benefits for leukemia from the green tea. I did experience a drop in my white blood cell count, which is good, while taking green tea extract, along with ted's ph remedies, EFAs, soy, vit C, more raw vegetables, little to no meat and no sugar, exercise and meditation. Since I stoppoed the green tea my numbers habe been going up slowly.... Maybe the extracts don't have flouride/ Any input?