Indigestion Treatment and Home Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tyler (Canada) on 06/08/2022
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I love this website - full of amazing information.

I want to throw a question out there. I've been dealing with IBS most of my life. I get narrow, sticky and incomplete stools (often yellow in colour) with bloating, lack of appetite and insomnia. I eat only whole foods, including lots of healthy vegetables. Strangely the healthiest I ever felt was when I worked for my aunt, staying at her house a few days.

I'd have oatmeal and coffee in the morning and tofu stir-fry for dinner. This contained frozen vegetables (not organic) yet I had 2 healthy BMs a day.

Currently, I eat 3 healthy organic meals a day and I experience these symptoms. I eat homemade muesli for breakfast and I track my nutrition. I tried ACV, borax and bentonite clay to no avail. (ACV does make me feel energized/healthy though). Do any of you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for your time.