Hives Treatment

ACV, Iodine, Op
Posted by Martha (Santa Ana, CA) on 08/28/2008

I want to respond to the very 1st question.. re: person paying the 16.97.. for the recipe to get rid of hives.. and i almost did that also hey thanks for the recipe - i actually broke down this am.. and i know stress brings on hives.. but.. in 10 mins after the ACV - and some of the suggestions on your site. my itching went away.although i still had welts. they went away in about 3-4 hrs.. I had non stop hives for 2 mos now which ive suffered all my life with. but. never this long. so yes. getting a cure like this.. that made it stop and give me a break. was a prayer answered.I was in actual pain.. anyone that suffers hives..will know what im talking about. . thank you and god bless you.. martha

ACV, Iodine, Op
Posted by Nathan (san Francisco, USA) on 03/28/2008

I have HIVES or I believe I do.
I tried antihistamines prescribed by my primary physician, about 2 weeks after, the side affects were worse than the hives. So I decided to look online, here's what I found:
They came up first, I paid the 16.97, which isn't much money, decent advice but it really is just a formatted document of what's on this site, and frankly I'd rather just meet Ted, he seems to have some great insight. So Ted, or whoever's reading and willing to respond to my posting or email, my Hives seems to break out whenever only when I scratch (because it itches like crazy) then the red welts or bumps appear, if I don't scratch, no welts or bumps. The 5 steps were:
1. ACV bicarb 3x day
2. iodine on heels 3 days/wk
3. 1 tbs licorice extract / day
4. take vitamin supplement
5. oil pulling (her favorite)
Of course it is recommended to exercise, diet appropriately, etc.
What'd I'd like to know is, do I have hives or another similar allergic reaction? Do the combination of the above 5 overwhelm the body, should only 1 or 2 be take and not all 5 at the same time? How long before results take affect, her site has folks saying 9 hours to 20 hours, I've been doing all 5 steps for 4 days consecutive without the hives going away. I exercise daily (which she recommends 30 min exercise, enough to break out in a sweat), I do 2x that each day, ride my bike to work AND back.
The only contributor I can't eliminate which she advises is: stress. I could, if I quit my job, then no money, thus no way to pay for the kids/wife/food/bills!
4 types of hives are:acute urticaria, last less than 6 weeks; chronic urticaria, last more than 6 weeks, not so common; physical urticaria, caused by direct stimulation to the skin, such as sweat, pressure, sun exposure; and dermatographis, outbreak directly linked to scratching which seems to be the closest to what I have, and is much less common. Ted or kind reader, what of the above 5 would you recommend to treat hives by dermatographis? Licorice exract vs oil pulling vs ACV bicarb? How much? How often? Its embarrassing in the office to have to scratch anywhere, its like a dog with fleas (except I don't have a dog or fleas, I could see them!)
The good thing, I've changed my diet drastically, carrot juice & apples (though she says to cut fruit) - that's it! Nothing else -no coffee, sugars, eggs, milk products, processed foods, etc. Still the hives persist. Any ideas?