Natural Cures for GERD

Raw Potatoe Juice, DGL Licorice, Probiotics

Posted by Mjake (Ny) on 06/18/2013
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I found myself very sick at the beginning of this year. Ended up in the hospital twice in one week because I was so sick, could not eat, could not drink.

I went to the GI and they did an Endoscopy but found only inflammation in the LES, no Pyloria and no ulcers. I was diagnosed with GERD, and the doctor put me on Nexium for 3 months. During those 3 months I didn't feel 100% but I felt ok enough to continue my regular life.

I just came off the meds about 3 weeks ago. I lost about 1lb a day. I couldn't even go to work. I had a host of symptoms: weakness, head pressure, stomach pain all the time. I don't even remember the last time I felt hungry because all I felt was pain. I had gas, bloating and pain, not to mention just wanted to get in bed, which is now super uncomfortable because I raised it 6 inches like they recommend. I tracked my calories and at some point I was eating less than 500calories because eating was so painful.

What I've done to help me:
1. Checked for Candida - according to saliva test I was positive: I bought probiotics and stomach enzymes. Not to mention started drinking Kefir and Kombucha.
2. I started a paleo diet. This has been quite hard since I'm barely able to eat period, and restricting what I eat has made even finding what to eat quite hard. But I heard it was good, so I've done it. I eat veggies and meats/protein.
3. I did the HCL test - both the 6oz of protein, and the baking soda test (2 days). It seemed positive, it took me well over 5 minutes to burp. So I started to supplement with HCL. I felt something after the first pill, but ok so continued. I still couldn't eat really. On the 2nd day's dinner I didn't really feel great, but thought maybe I needed more HCL. I took 2 HCL pills on the 3rd day's breakfast/lunch meal and felt so sick I had to drink a glass with a tsp of baking soda, this helped but I wasn't feeling great. Obviously low stomach acid wasn't my problem.
4. Back to square 1. Most sites now, including this one only discuss the need for HCL supplementation. I felt very depressed, but during one small blog line somewhere mentioned that if the HCL test fails, then you should try taking: Alkabase, Gastric Complex-HP and/or Mastica.
5. I bought Similase, which is suppose to be like Gastric Complex-HP, and some Mastica.
6. I started taking DGL Licorice and Similase, along with the probiotics and the enzymes. This seemed to help but not that great.
7. I was afraid of Alkabase because of the high sodium, so I looked for something else that could act like an "alkaline. " I then heard from a friend of the family that raw potato juice is good for stomach ulcers and GERD. I then read that the raw potato juice acts as an alkaline, so I figured this could work instead of the Alkabase. I just peel the potato, chop it, put it in the blender with some water, puree, then pour it into a strainer and get the juice. I drink that, keeping away from the potato bits because I read those are bad.

For 3 days now I'm doing this: fresh raw potato juice 30 minutes before every meal (empty stomach), 2 DGL licorice chewables 10 minutes later, and 1 Similase and 1 probiotic just before I eat my meal.

I have to tell you, it almost brings tears to my eyes to think of how much better I've been feeling. I finally stopped my weight loss, I was down 13 lbs in 20 days. Every day I feel stronger, and like I can eat. I read this potato juice thing should be done for about 10 days. I will check in then. Good luck to you all.

Reader Theories

Posted by Vicky (Manila, Philippines) on 08/13/2009

Hi there! For those who are suffering from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) I also suffered for more than 5years and underwent with hi-tech laboratories and spend thousands of money, time and effort but noting seems to no avail. I was having reflux, feeling of bloated; vomiting from time to time especially when my stomach was full, back pain, chest pain, pain on shoulders and heart burning and what is worse is halitosis. Most of the doctors prescribe medicines to cure the acid reflux without even caring for other possible causes of it. I asked and consulted few doctors who examined me for another opinions but I was so disappointed that they just copied what the other doctor said. Without further explanation of possible immune deficiency or vitamins, they just prescribed antibiotics and high dosage of medicines which I eventually had skin inflammation just last year. It is the reaction of my body due to taking strong and excessive antibiotics. I FELT SO HOPELESS so I studied the reasons why I had reflux everyday.

At first I just ignored these symptoms because I thought I was just gaining weight from petite to chubby one. What I remember was I drink sterilized milk everyday and eat foods that contain milk and dairy products. I also had yogurt in my daily diet. Indeed, I am very cautious with myself so finding cure was my greatest battle. I drink and smoke frequently for years and quit for good. Here are the solutions and explanation I made for myself and hope will help you too.

1. The reason why people felt starving just an hour ago after meal is they go to bed when their stomach is full, and in the next morning they felt their stomach much empty, so much hungry that about to lose their consciousness, is the long habit of going to bed with full stomach. Another pain is they got stomach cramp. IT SHOULD BE ATLEAST 2 TO 3 HOURS before going to bed AFTER MEAL.

2. Dyspepsia is nearly the same to bloated, burping and feeling of heavy stomach that is full of air. There are many medicines over the counter to take before each meal. Another option I took was to eat plenty of vegetables which are rich in fiber to digest the food easily. Drinking water while eating will lessen the ability of the stomach to dissolve food but of course excessive acid will tend to acidity which is another story. Drink water only after meal. Another reason for dyspepsia is the slow moving of our intestines which we could get from the fried items and other dairy products.

3. The acid comes from the stomach when it goes up to the esophagus is cancerous because it damages the tissues. The only cure I have done and worked for me till now is to drink half glass of dissolve instant oatmeal without flavor with small amount of sugar; I do it everyday before taking my breakfast. I honestly cannot avoid fried chicken so I maintained eating it but the acid in my stomach had gone because of the oatmeal. Soft drinks and other juice drink can trigger the stomach cramp which is the cause of the air trap in the stomach. Also avoid sour food and unripe mango. Orange is ok.

4. Another reason for acid reflux is the inability of the stomach track to close (like anus) on the time it has to be that is why the acid spill out to the esophagus. In addition to heart burn will appear when the stomach was full with air (like the feeling of bloated), our diaphragm cannot function well especially if we lay down in bed in this condition. If you suffer from heartburn, lay on bed not leveling your whole boy, it should be in the upward position or put many pillows at the back of your head up to your chest.

Now, I was able to solve my GERD, halitosis is my big problem. I read on this site that our saliva should have maintained its PH level. I have in mind the possible cure. I'll give it a try. By the way, Hydrogen peroxide might increase the hairy tongue problem. HP really works instantly just for few minutes after rinse but not for long hours and the bad odor comes back after a while.

Posted by Deborah (Indy, USA) on 09/22/2007

I have suffered from GERDs since my first pregnancy. Yet, within the last 15 years it has gotten much worse which has coincided with a heavier use of ibuprofen. For the last 15 years, I had noticed I never got better when, I contracted flu, bacterial infections, etc. So I began my own investigation and after many hours of research, the conclusion was, every time I got sick and was given any medication with any food dye (red dye #40 absolute worst) I did not get well and usually got worse. I now use a natural yogurt daily for my GERDs, NO OTC's or prescribed meds unless I can get natural compounded with NO dye. So, if you still have any problems you might try eliminating all dyes from your diet. Trust me, it is not easy and remember your soaps, shampoos, etc. For the last few months, I have been doing very well.

Replied by Mary
Waalwijk, Netherlands

Hey Vicki.... Don't know if you ever solved your halitosis problem ... I see it is a very long time since you wrote about it. I came across something today that perhaps you or someone else will be interested in... a new product.

Jarrow has a new probiotic it is selling to specifically address oral hygeine and throat, ear, gums, sinuses and teeth health. It comes in a chewable form and in lozenge form. It acts to correct the ph in the oral cavity and also to set up a healthy community of the flora that will make it very uncomfortable for unfriendly bacteria.

I don't have GERD... But I do have a chronic situation with sinusitis and irritated gums. I'm gonna try this stuff...

Thanks for all your good info about GERD. I have a friend who will be very appreciative.

Posted by Pat (Atlanta, GA) on 03/13/2007

I have found nothing that "cures" my GERDS. I have found many temporary remedies. It doesn't matter rather you're taking ACV, DGL, yoghurt, mint, honey, chamomile, six small meals per day, lo-carb ...whatever! It is really no different than taking PPI's/H2's/antacids. If your're getting up everyday and taking ACV twice aday you still have GERDS. I have tried them all (with the exception of the mint and yoghurt). DGL is an H2 blocker for instance. It's just more empowering because you are taking control of your medical problem instead of leaving it up to the doctor and you don't have to purchase or bother with those demon pharmaceuticals. My main concern is has anyone ever had their acid tested to determine if it is too high/too low? How can doctors in good conscience arbitrarily prescribe PPI/H2 blockers without first testing. Why I have GERD and you have GERDs might be totally different. Doctors say smoking relaxes the LES, and pregnant women get hiatal hernias and that contributes to it. But everyone doesn't smoke and men get hiatal hernias. Children get this disease for Gods sake! What is going on! And incidently the gastrointestinal tract doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's not like the LES valve or stomach has a mind of it's own. What about the pancreas? The autonomic nervous system a great deal to do with it. Read about the ANS and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. So different remedies and different diets may work for some and not for others depending and your "type". I have tried whey protein drinks for instance that helps, because my doctor gave me six small meals aday diet where you eat protein with each meal then I decided to substitute whey protein for meat. I also tried platinumplus amino acids. And last year homemade bean soup made with beef and bones stopped my symptoms completely for several days, where now it doesn't. Whether yeast/fungi is the cause, or a major contributor why don't the geniuses of medical community recognize this fact? Cancer/AIDS patients are loaded with the mess. I saw my doctor in May, had endoscopy & have Grade 1 Barretts. I was to supposed to go back in six mos. but I cancelled. When I told my primary care physician that I purchased an alternative remedy because Nexium cost $160 . She said, "but you have money to buy amino acids". Is she kidding me? Good luck too everyone and Good health.

Posted by Anonymous on 10/05/2006

GERD can be a symptom of hyperparathyroidism. See for more info.

Posted by Holly (Madison, WI) on 08/09/2006

I wanted to comment on the causes of such a rise in cases of Acid Reflex & GERD in the US. I'm a Massage Therapist and in my training this was discussed. We have become such a fast paced and stressed society it is no wonder we suffer from disorders like these. Here are a few of the possible reasons:

1) Diet & the way we eat: Fast food fits into our fast paced culture. This means we eat lots of fat & sugar. We eat this quite often on the go, in the car, in front of the tv & usually quickly. This affects our digestion & when we eat leaning forward the stomach is pushed up into the top of the diaphragm

2) Drugs: Americans take more medication then ever and this takes a toll. Many medications cause additional stomach acid to be produced.

3) Stress Combine the first two with stress and you have a troubled digestive system and lots of acid. There are always those who suffer from these disorders for other reasons but I believe this is one more symptom of an over-stressed lifestyle.

Posted by Mike (Levittown, PA) on 04/02/2006

My comment is a theory for why GERD is so prevalent. GERD is related to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) the symptoms are similar. There has been a lot research showing that fluoride is a major contributing factor to IBS and GERD. If you look at about when people started having problems with GERD and IBS in this country you will find it about 30 years ago when fluoride was introduced into the water supply in many states. It's ubiquitous because we not only get in our water but it is in the air and in the food we eat. Also, it's in the toothpaste that most people use. We are inundated with it and it is VERY toxic! There is a website that has a lot of information about it:

Good reading! Thanks for listening, Mike.

Posted by Norm Robillard (Thousand Oaks CA)

Hi, until now, tums, and PPI / H2 blocker meds were the main way to treat heartburn. With all the side effects and health risks (double the chance of pneumonia, for instance) many people are looking for alternatives. The meds reduce acid but don't stop the reflux that contains other stomach and intestinal enzymes that can damage the esophagus. I recently completed a book called "Heartburn Cured The Low Carb Miracle" on the root cause of GERD. My theory (I am a microbiologist) is that reflux is caused by gas pressure in the intestines caused by microbes that produce gas from carbs. The gas creates pressure pushing the LES open thus causing reflux. Consuming excess carbs provides the fuel for your own gut microbes. These same microbes (mostly bacteria) produce little or now gas from fats and proteins. Controlling carbs stops reflux so you are treating the root cause of GERD thus completely stopping reflux and heartburn symptoms. I have found much evidence supporting this theory and talked to many people who found complete relief after trying my approach. Give this approach a try.

Rule Out Parathyroid Tumors

Posted by Nevergiveup (Herndon, Va) on 08/01/2017

Make sure you are seeing an endocrinologist to rule out a parathyroid tumor that can cause GERD. Removal of the tumor can help cure GERD permanently for 60% or more patients. Parathyroid tumors can cause tons of other issues. Removal of the tumor is the only cure.


Posted by Anne (Detroit, MI, USA) on 09/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was reading over natural cures for Acid Reflux, or GERD, and noticed no one mentioned sauerkraut. I have been using this and it does work wonders. I used to get pains like aliens eating through my body from the GERD, and the sauerkraut has helped immensely. I don't like the taste of it, so I'm going to try a few things mentioned on this site. 2 tblsp sauerkraut 2x daily helps clear the nausea and pain for me.


Posted by Monique (South Africa) on 02/09/2015

Hi, I would like to find out, if one has GERD, would this affect the oiliness of the skin and would the condition worsen for women during their menstruation??

I have developed some kind of digestive problem since having an allergic reaction to Arial washing capsules and since then my skin is terribly oily and I get bad breakouts especially after eating certain foods. I have many other symptoms such as chest paint, gas and discomfort along with this. I will only be seeing the gastroenterologist in March and wanted to get some advice in the meantime.

Warmest Regards, Monique

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Monique,

Certainly digestive problems can affect the skin in a variety of ways. Adding hormones of a woman's cycle to the mix could definitely make matters worse.

Many people have found that Raw Apple Cider Vinegar helps with GERD. Some also find it helpful for skin problems. (Maybe because it helps digestion in some cases.)

If you want to try that while you are waiting for your appointment, try a teaspoon in an 8 ounce glass of water 2 times a day. You can increase it to 2-3 teaspoons per glass of water, but it is often best to start small and increase gradually.

~Mama to Many~

Soft Cheese

Posted by Shana (Philadelphia, Pa) on 09/09/2010
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I just wanted to comment on what helped get rid of my acid reflux in case it can help someone. I see so many cures on your site and this one may help someone too. I had severe acid reflux starting last May from eating too many grapefruits, lemons, pizza and spaghetti all in a span of two weeks. My body shut down and I developed severe acid reflux with mild inflammation of the esophagus. I had pains in my throat sometimes and I was up every night almost all night because the Pepcid didn't work well enough and I was allergic to Previcid and afraid to try other medicine. Plus, I didn't want to be on meds.

I discovered 2 months later by accident that soft cheese helped get rid of my gerd. I was famished one night after a workout and had to rush myself to the nearby restaurant which happened to be Cosi. I ordered their signature salad which has cheese on it. I had been told to not eat cheese because it could make my gerd worse, plus I never ate cheese much due to it causing my nose to always run. Long story short I had very little Gerd that night and could sleep better. I decided to experiment and ate a little soft cheese at each dinner and each night I was better. I've been off medicine three weeks and my esophagus feels normal. I have very little Gerd and can sleep now a full night. In case this helps someone else, I wanted to be sure to put this on your site. I also have read that zinc salts healed 100% of the people in the study so perhaps zinc supplements will help people as well.

Gerd is horrible, but don't give up. You'll find a cure so you won't have to stay on meds. Don't overeat, don't eat spices or tomato sauce, don't eat fat or fried foods, and you'll get better.

Strawberry Powder Extract

Posted by Lewpatrick (Thailand) on 12/26/2015 1 posts
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A remedy I used to successfully treat my acid reflux GERD of over 20 years is strawberry powder extract. There was a study performed on a series of patients who had Barrett's Syndrome which is a precursor to esophageal cancer. The patients took one ounce (2 Tablespoons) of the powdered strawberry in 8 ounces of water(not tap water, filtered water, no chlorine) 2X/day. This protocol was for six months. The study resulted in a positive result in over 80% of the participants.

I had an upper GI to determine the extent of the damage to my esophagus. Fortunately, it had not progressed to the Barrett's esophagus stage. I found a source for the powder on the internet and ordered several pounds(if you want to do the whole six months figure 2 oz./day times 180 days or approx. 22 pounds.) I took the solution after meals in the morning to allow the extract to coat the esophagus and refrained from drinking and eating as long as possible.

The second dose was taken a couple of hours after dinner and before bedtime. In approximately 8 weeks my reflux symptoms had disappeared. Before I could not sleep on my left side. To sleep on my back I had to elevate my head. I also greatly reduced my refined sugar intake. Also, no sugar after noon.

Randomized phase II trial of lyophilized strawberries in patients with dysplastic precancerous lesions of the esophagus.

Hopefully this will help some of you out there with potentially life threatening problem.


Posted by Rob (London, Ontario) on 06/01/2016

I've been going through the GERD remedies here, and I'm surprised nobody has bothered to quote a 2006 study on a natural treatment for GERD that had a 100% success rate with all 175 subjects cured within 40 days.

The abstract of the study- ( from )

"The prevalence of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is increasing. GERD is a chronic disease and its treatment is problematic. It may present with various symptoms including heartburn, regurgitation, dysphagia, coughing, hoarseness or chest pain. The aim of this study was to investigate if a dietary supplementation containing: melatonin, l-tryptophan, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, methionine and betaine would help patients with GERD, and to compare the preparation with 20 mg omeprazole. Melatonin has known inhibitory activities on gastric acid secretion and nitric oxide biosynthesis. Nitric oxide has an important role in the transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxation (TLESR), which is a major mechanism of reflux in patients with GERD. Others biocompounds of the formula display anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. A single blind randomized study was performed in which 176 patients underwent treatment using the supplement cited above (group A) and 175 received treatment of 20 mg omeprazole (group B). Symptoms were recorded in a diary and changes in severity of symptoms noted. All patients of the group A (100%) reported a complete regression of symptoms after 40 days of treatment. On the other hand, 115 subjects (65.7%) of the omeprazole reported regression of symptoms in the same period. There was statistically significant difference between the groups (P < 0.05). This formulation promotes regression of GERD symptoms with no significant side effects."

Replied by Timh
2114 posts

R: Thanks for posting this report.

If I may add, in addition to the said benefits of Melatonin, Tryptophan, and the anti inflammatory and analgesic effects, it seems an intended or unintended oversight to not mention the fat burning effects of Methionine, B-12, Folic Acid, and B-6. Maybe it was discussed in the larger content of the study, but certainly worth mentioning here as there is an increase in fatty liver in the western diet particularly due to increase sugar intake and the single worst sugar High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which is known to cause obesity and fatty liver.

I have been using these fat burning nutrients for several yrs to keep the fatty liver at bay; if I don't take them I get the common symptoms reported of GERD but mostly constipation, both of which are a result of decreased bile flow from F.L.

Also the Lipotropic nutrients listed above are also great "methyl donors" in the extensive biochemical reactions influencing physiological functions over the entire body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted by Heather (Portland, OR) on 01/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs: Remarkable decrease in symptoms, but I still have not been able to get off my prescribed prevacid. I've been on it for 5 years. I started reading your site for helpful information, but came away somewhat confused and frustrated. There are just so many testimonials with a dizzying amount of yay's & ney's... it actually left me feeling less hopeful than when I arrived. I've been using acupuncture & chinese herbs to help curb my GERD. I've reduced my Prevacid from 30mg once a day, to 15mg every other day. Acupuncture is a great stress reliever, so that's probably one of the reasons I find relief. The Chinese herbs I take is a formula Coptis & Evodia which you can research on the internet. One piece of information I did find helpful, was the link between pain medication and GERD. My GERD developed shortly after a 15-day hospital stay in which I was on a morphine pump that delivered a dose of morphine every 3 minutes. (I had a complication to a gallbladder removal surgery.) My theory has been that large doses of antibiotics & the lack of gallbladder & the bile it produced left my stomach vulnerable to H. pylori & unable to digest food properly. However, now reading about the pain medication theory - that would make sense too.