Natural Cures for GERD

GERD Surgery
Posted by Dana (Columbus, OH) on 02/25/2007
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OK, 10 years ago Iwas diagnosed with gerd. meds didn't help. natural cures unknown to me. had surgery. called Nissen Fundo. the top of the stomach is wrapped either 180 or 360 degrees around bottom of esophagus. It took care of gerd but other major problems developed. Barely left house in 10 years. Please say NO TO GERD SURGERY.
The problem is that there is a good chance of vagus nerve being damaged. Google "nissen fundo wikipedia" and get the facts. Click on each complication. Impossible to find a surgeon to reverse. Did research on doc at cleveland clinic. He's the head of thoracic surgery and does 2-3 nissen repairs per week and did research article on why the surgery doesn't work. Not sure if i can have it reversed. Start taking hoodia tomorrow b/c i can only function if i don't eat. If remedies don't help you may also have a hiatal hernia. when you wake take a glass of water and jump 3 times. Look into other cures for hernia. praying works.