Natural Cures for GERD

Avoid Caffeine
Posted by Jane (Steamboat Springs, Colorado) on 06/15/2010
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Acid Reflux - Beware of Caffeine!

I was diagnosed with GERD at age 44 and like so many of you I tried Nexium and Prilosec with minimal relief. Basically the meds just masked the symptoms. The reflux was severe making me miserable and I was losing weight I could not afford to lose; my clothes were baggy and I looked gaunt. I researched online and learned about dietary triggers. One of the biggest triggers is caffeine. Also, deep-fried foods don't digest well in the stomach, so I cut them out of my diet. Some sauces like tomato or certain dressings can also bring about reflux. Finally, large meals leaving you overly stuffed, can activate reflux.

People, pay attention to what you eat and take note of foods that trigger your reflux. I have had my reflux under control for five years now, am back to a healthy weight and enjoy decaffeinated coffee and tea daily even chocolate. For me caffeine hands down was the worst trigger. If I have any symptoms in future, I will most certainly try apple cider vinegar.