Natural Emphysema Treatment

Mullein, Hyssop, Vinegar, Cayenne  

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Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 01/08/2007

JUDI; My sincerest appologies for the delay in getting back to you, "as for the great mullien" i used as a matter of fact when crossing the country driving truck one of the best places i found to aquire " great mullien" was along the interstates in arizona and new mexico, along the highways i would just pull over and break off the tops of the plants (seed pods only) this time of year is good because it looks like long sticks sticking up and some would get forks in the top of the plant (thats ok) as for the other ingredients just punch in "Herbal suppliers" in one of your search engines I use Google you should also search for "PICS OF GREAT MULLEIN the herb

Replied by Bernadette
Ochlocknee, Ga

I have emphysema and have read about cures..... Please go to this site and read about how to breathe when you have this disease and many others. What a difference I have found in my breathing.

Normal breathing defeats chronic diseases......www.Normal Breathing. Com

Mouth breathing Vs Nose Breathing. Then I got a natural product called l-Arginine.... This makes Nitric Oxide which is what your body is low in and the reason for all your symptoms and low energy. If you can find a product that has several different l-arginines in there that's a better product than just the simple L-Arginine. You will be surprised how much more energy you will have and better breathing when you learn to breath thru your NOSE and not your mouth. Good luck BB

Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 06/04/2006


Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 05/18/2006

just thought you may like to know, the day i made the batch of omega-ur i strained the roughage off the tea into a 1- gallon bottle, and put the roughage into 2 or 3 small bottles, and was about to leave on my run (i drove long haul semi-truck) and my inner voice told me not to throw it away. so i put it into the truck, drove nearly 1,000 miles to marion ark. and stopped for fuel, while in the restaurant i noticed the manager, margret booth would get upset each time the phone rang! being nosy as i am i asked her about it, she said her husband willard had emphysema, really bad, and "all of a sudden " there it was!! and i told her "your the one! ".... she said what?? and i told her i had something for her to give willard.!!... she said from who?..... i guess the "holy spirit told me to give it to you for him"! ..... i instructed her to take the "bottles home and boil it in a half gallon of water until it turned black, then strain, and sweeten with honey, "i saw her a few days later on my way back from the west coast and she said the second day he used it he started spitting up large tea leafed sized objects from his lungs!! a month or so went by and i stopped by their home and made 2 gallons more for him, 3 or 4 months later he put his oxygen bottle aside......!! he could breathe just fine..... (just a little side note, margret would take a quart ball jar of the tea to work for the older ladies who worked in the kitchen cuz it gave the energy and the younger girls who she said were lazy.... she'd give them a table spoon when they complained of menstrual cramps and in a few minutes she said they'd be running around like rabbits!)

a little 2 1/2 yr old girl in conroe texas had a habitual running nose her dad and mom gave her one"teaspoon" of the tea in 10 minutes her nose cleared!

Posted by Jack (Toledo, OH) on 05/15/2006
5 out of 5 stars

here's the formula i used for curing a bad case of emphysema for "willard booth" of marion ark 12 yrs ago. into a gallon pot, put the seed pods (tops) of 6 "great mullein" plant, bring to a boil, add 3 tbls of powered "lobelia", and also "hyssop" 1 oz of white apple cider vinegar, 2 tbls of powdered cayenne red pepper. keep boiling until about a pint of water has boiled off, (it will turn dark or reddish like coffee). let cool until you can strain (i used a nylon stocking). sweeten with sugar or honey to taste this will keep in frig for a week or more ( look up "great mullein" and you'll be surprised at what all it can do!). hyssop and lobelia are great expectorants!! i had willard take 3 pop bottle caps a day but you can take more it won' t hurt you, you can also use a heating pad on chest and do a number of "vigorous exhales" for about 15 minutes after taking .... good luck and god bless...

Replied by Jim
Show Low, AZ.

jack hope this finds you ok , first let me say this is the greatest site thanks e.c. , for all you do , jack i been a long haul driver for about 22 yrs so i know what it takes to be on the road, but here is why i am sending this i live in az where the plant grows wild in fact my wife and i went for a walk this afternoon and picked some of the plant you are talking about, GREAT MULLEN, so i have 2 ? ? , one does it make a difference what time of year the plant is at its best, they are still standing but they are dry, my wife has emphysema, MY SECOND ?

HOW MUCH hyssop and lobelia do you put in the the with great mullein. so thanks for the formula posting on ec. GOD BLESS BE SAFE AND KEEP THE RUBBER SID DOWN JIM

Replied by Jack
Toledo, OH

dear jim; i appreciate your understanding as specially as a driver

make sure she no longer smokes or its all in vain....

just as the menu says jim 3 tbls of lobelia and 3 of hyssop my friend god bless and its great to hear from you,

in case you didn't get the address of my supplyer for hyssop and lobelia here's "joe bassett's" health food number "he has it all in "powdered form" 419-531-0334

pls let me know how it turns out or post a reply on earthclinic

Replied by Valrena
Burlington, Ontario

Hi Jack, I am one of those smokers you have talked about. I have tried quitting and have been in a depression now over 4 yrs. I am hoping using you formula will help me lose this craving as well.

My question is. You say to put ADD 3 tBLS OF POWERED "LOBELIA", AND ALSO "HYSSOP" . is it tablespoons of hyssop and is that a powder?

1 OZ OF WHITE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. I am allergic to the reg Apple cider vinegar. Do you think this small amount would hurt??

Pray for me people if this doesn't help me get rid of my cravings for that deadful smoke I don't know what to do. Thanks Jack I am trying.


Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Valrena,

I have never been a smoker but I felt that I should pass this on to you in case you don't know this. Did you know that niacin and nicotine are chemically linked? Niacin used to be called nicotinic acid. There are niacin receptors in the brain and when you quit, they feel deprived from what they were tricked into believing was a nutrient. You can use niacin to help you get past the craving for the nicotine. I have heard this several times but as I said, I am not a smoker so I don't know what that addiction is like. There are also niacin rich foods that you could eat and perhaps that would help too. Olives, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, brewer's yeast, apricots, to name a few. Anyway, I thought this info was worth passing on.

Take care, Lisa

Replied by Valrena
Burlington, Ontario

Lisa thank you so much. I will look into it as I don't want to die screaming for a clean breath as Jack said. My Docs were so concerned they told me NOT to quit smoking as I was an emotional basket case. It has now been 5 yrs and I am still not back on track. So any hope is better than none. Thank you and I will let you know how it works. I love this site.


Replied by Jack
Toledo, Ohio

I'd really like to "emphasize strongly"

once the tea has been made "do not" throw away the roughage that you strain off the tea!

it can be boiled 2-3 times more so your getting enough for 3-4 months if you don't take it all at once.


Replied by Gwen
Denver, Colorado
5 out of 5 stars

OMGosh!!!!! Jack you were just on here yesterday! I wish to you MANY BLESSINGS, wealth, health, & prosperity! May God bring all good things & blessing into your life! Thank You!

I'd been going through bad infection since the end of this past January. Started with a very bad abscessed tooth that blew up my face. Took 2 weeks treating holistically to get it down. Got about a week break, then it moved to the other side of my face. Took only 4-5 days to get that controlled. Finally went to the dentist & he put me on antibiotics before he'll pull my teeth. Started that & went into sinusitis, a virus? I'm 60 years old & Wednesday night I had some kind of full blown asthma/bronchitis attack? Never happened before. My neighbor was thankfully there & hit me with an inhaler. I thought I was going to die. It was very scary. My lungs completely shut down! Today my chest was so tight I could hardly move, wasn't sure what to do but pray. Holy Spirit had me remember your recipe I had once read on EC. I had all the herbs, including the Mullein tops I harvested last summer. I whipped up a batch & I am completely cleared up tonight & have the strength to write to let you & everyone know, It Worked! Opens the lungs right up!

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU Jack for passing this's a big ol' hug & lots of love coming your way :)


Replied by Gwen
Denver, Colorado


I forgot to mention for those wondering, I didn't bother, (too miserable), to "powder" the herbs. just used them whole & followed cooking instructions. Worked fine!

May the Blessing of the Living Holy Spirit be with US ALL!


Replied by Gwen
Denver, Colorado

Hey Jack, Me again. Question, you stress to not throw out the herbs after first use, how do you preserve them until you use them again? Dry out? Freeze? Can't leave them at room temp. as the herbs will grow mold.

Q. 2, do you add more vinegar, cayenne, or anything else into batch #2 & #3?

Q. 3, I'm keeping the batch #1 left over herbs in my frig along with the batch of medicine I made, any other comments? How long does your batch stay potent & safe to use?

Thanks again so much Jack. I know your loving care will help many & you'll be blessed many times over :)

May the blessings of the ONE be with us ALL......


Replied by Marcus
Lake Charles, Louisiana

So the flowers or leaves of the mullein plant cannot be used? Every place I check just sells the leaves and flowers....?

Replied by Bill
Prescott Valley, Arizona

Marcus, if you find out where to get the mullein pods, can you let me know? Can't find them anywhere. Charcoal will take Benzene out of your body. Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you the writeup on it.

Bill McL

Replied by Lily
Brooklyn, New York, U.s.a

Hi... To Jack or Briana or anyone that has successfully created this recipe. Please I need you help. I posted a comment a couple of months ago and did not get a response. I need help. Since my posting my partners mother was rushed to hospital. She is still in the hospital now and very critical. It has been so hard.. We nearly lost her! She is recovering well. But I don't know what the future holds. She has COPD and Emphysema. I really need someones help. Please. Will anyone offer their assistants in helping me put together this recipe. I tried to locate the Mullein pods but I failed. Can I use alternative dried herbs instead of fresh?

Thank you for your time

Please god.. I need your help.

Replied by Marcus
Lake Charles, Louisiana

In the herb books I have read the flowers are a viable option. I would suggest using these, as they are not the only active ingredients in the concoction. It should work well.

Replied by Marcus
Lake Charles, Louisiana

When I spoke of flowers, I meant the Muellin flowers. They seem to be one of the more useful parts of the plant. If you are reading this you should be aware that I got my dad (77yo long time smoker) some food grade H2O2 and he uses a sinus pump filled with a 3% solution (inhales it about 12 pumps per day) and his emphysema has all but disappeared in 2 weeks time.

Replied by Holly
Coquitlam, B.c.

I need some help in finding POWERED LOBELIA. I was asked what is the other name for it. Does anybody know?

Replied by Ken
Ardrossan, Ayrshire Uk

For marcus lake charles louisiana, has your dad continued his recovery? Please keep us updated. ken

Replied by Hassan
Penang, Malaysia

Hey there, I believe your Jack I guess,:), I've been reading reviews on mullein leaf tea users have posted here on Earth Clinic, I've been wanting to get some of it for my mom who is currently suffering from emphysema copd and have to stay on oxygen almost all the time, I did order some alvita mullein tea but haven't received the package yet from ebay, and would like to ask in your opinion on it and maybe you have any better suggestion or you yourself are selling some of the tea and maybe could post it to me, I'm actually from Malaysia, any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance and sorry for too many words here due to my anxiety of this remedy... Thanks again, -hassan would like to here from you soon and thanks for ur time I'm sure ur quite busy and mustve got a lit of mails to reply too.. ? Best regards from me and very good work with the site

Replied by Ed2010

hi Hassan,

When you are buying from Ebay, buy it from a rated seller.

Jack's Tea works for emphysema, copd, bronchitis, cattarah.

I tried it for my bronchitis and it worked like a charm. I tried it without lobelia as I did not get it at that time and used Mulien Leaf not the pods. But still worked. It removes the congestion well and dissolves mucus build up.

You may have to prepare the tea and take till the symptoms subside and continue till you are cured may be 1 month or 2 months .

To buy You can contact it is a big healthcare store in Toronto, Canada. They do international shipping too call them and place an order. For immediate relief. Try 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Inhallation Method. It clears up the congestion in the 2nd minute. Good Health

Replied by Raybo
Northern Kentucky

RE: Jack's Recipe for the tea for COPD Hello Sir, My mother has COPD and is really suffering from the illness. She was Hospitalized with pneumonia in January and nearly died. We are desperate for some kind of help for her. I read the stories on EarthClinic and found your Address there. Please send me the recipe for the tea. I found the following on and Am considering ordering them for her. Will these items work if I use them in Hot water for her? *Omega Nutrition Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar *Frontier All Natural Cayenne Pepper Ground *Nature's Answer Lobelia Herb 1 ounce bottle drops *Nature's Answer Mullein Leaf 1 ounce bottle drops *Hyssop Herb I ounce bottle drops or they have it also sifted in 1 lb bag *Manuke Doctor Bio Active 10 Plus Honey 8.75 ounces Can I use the above mentioned to make a good quality tea? We really appreciate your help. I anxiously await your reply. Sincerely, RAYBO

Replied by Chris

I am making "Jacks Tea" and cannot find any mullein pods, even alongside the road, then I seen you can substitute mullein leaves for the pods, however it says when you boil the leaves it becomes toxic but goes on to say to steep the leaves overnight in a mason jar of boiling water, I don't understand, is it toxic or not prepared this way?

Replied by Paulette
West Virgina

I have recently been diagnosed with MAC lung disease and 'Jack's' formula was recommended for me to take although I am having a problem finding the seed pods. I am very hopeful of knocking this thing out as opposed to taking a years worth of horrendous antibiotics. Has anyone had any success or know of anyone that was able to cure this disease naturally?

Thanks and God bless!! Paulette

Multiple Remedies  

Posted by Harold Jr. (Timmonsville, S.c.) on 01/03/2013

I have had emphysema almost 10 year started using dmso in nebulizer treatment 2 months started with 25% pure dmso and 75% cs or water 1 time a day. Works good. Tryed 50% dmso and 50% cs it was to much for my lungs like it was over loaded. I also make a toxin for bacterial infections , flu for clearing the mucus from my lungs. I mix 3/4 cup mothers apple cider vinegar, 3/4 cup honey. , 2 lemons, 3 cloves of garic, 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper, 2 cinnamon sticks. I take 1 or 2 shot glass a day you can add 1/4 cup ginger, 1/4 cup horseradish if you like. It good for the lungs. I was able to go hunting for 2 day first time in 6 years no oxygen. I also take symbicort. If you are on oxygen mach that use water put some cs are a cloves garlic in the water. Good luck to u. email me at , yngsaddle(at)

Replied by Harold Jr.
Timmonsville, S.c.

please add 1 gal water to that recipe, sorry.


Posted by Stella (Welkom, Freestate/south Africa) on 08/06/2011

hi. My dad's got emphysima n he ws diagnosd in 2001. He workd for 35 yrs in the mines and his breathing is so bad that he cnt even eat properly. He is nt working nw n he cnt even afford 2 buy himself oxygen. This disease is so bad I dnt wish it even for my biggest enemy. My dad cnt get help anywhere, hospitals reject hm n he is so sick.

Replied by Jerome
Cameron Park, Calif. America

Sorry to hear about your father, but there is hope.

In your country grows a plant called: Rooibos. Its Latin name is: Xaspalathus Linearis. People call it Rooibos Tea.

If I where him I would be drinking this tea all day long.

There is also the Great Healer Jesus. Your father has a long time pattern of good health within him. Years of feeling good, breathing good and being happy. That is much more powerful than this illness. When you think of him or see him - See him as you remember him when he was vibrant and well.

You can help. When you call upon God who created your father to heal him and make his lungs new - And thank Him for healing and restoring your fathers health - God will respond.

What we are the most thankful for is what God gives us more abundantly!

Call on Dr. Jesus our creator and healer. After all, He created us and He certanly knows how to fix us!

Go with God and in good health.


Salt Water Gargle  

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Posted by Nora (St. Thomas, Vi) on 06/17/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I have a lot of mucus in my throat with emphysema. I had periods where I would "lose my voice". I now gargle with salt water several times a day, whenever I feel phlemy, and it discharges the mucus from my throat. Much safer than drugs.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

I don't know how much it would help but read the site by Dr. Batmanghelidj to learn how to drink water and eat salt to thin mucus and keep your body from producing histamine that causes symptoms of auto immune issues.

SSKI Iodine and Supplements  

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Posted by Bev (Fl, Usa) on 02/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For Emphysema:

  • SSKI (Super Saturated Potassium Iodide). You can buy SSKI tablets or make your own liquid SSKI. (Just Google: "make sski" and click on Tony on YouTube.) Start with 3 drops SSKI 3 X a day. Gradually work up the dose. Some people take 10 or more drops at a time, but do your own research for that. Take Iodine with or after food.
  • Try a salt push for any headache and some potassium for any heart palpitations. (I never got either.)
  • Take selenomethionine - 1000mcg. Magnesium, Beta Carotene, B vitamins, NAC, Omega 3, and high dose Vitamin C when on iodine protocol. (I make my own liposomal C. Just make sure you use Sunflower Lecithin--not Soy)

Separate doses of C and Iodine by about 2 hours or they'll cancel each other out.

Replied by Carmen
Queensland, Australia

I think Someon should look into coconut oil for Emphysema. I HAVE HEARD GOOD REPORTS ABOUT IT, BUT WAS MOST SURPRISED TO READ THAT Ted didn't give it a mention.

Vitamin A  

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Posted by Saul (Fort Bragg, Ca) on 07/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

This is what I am doing to treat my emphysema: I am trying an inside/outside Vitamin A cure. I have significantly changed my diet to include Vitamin A foods. These foods include cantaloupe, dried apricots, steamed spinach, sweet potatoes, dried plums, red bell peppers, salsa, and romaine lettuce. Other Vitamin A foods are liver, the fish oils, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, kale, mangos, papaya, broccoli, and dried herbs. This is the inside part of my treatment.

The outside part is something I started about 5 weeks ago. I take spinach leaves and dry them out over three or four days. (I'm using the heat from my TV to slowly dry them out. I don't trust microwaving or conventional ovens, because I've read that vitamins begin to breakdown at 225 degrees.) I take the dried spinach leaves and crumble them into a dope vaporizer bowl heated to 225-230 degrees and inhale and hold my breath like smoking dope. The first time I tried this I was totally surprised that I didn't taste anything and that there was no irritation or coughing afterwards. I smoke just 2 bowls of spinach a day.

These are the results so far: It took about a week before I started noticing any results after I started vaporizing the spinach. The first result that I really noticed was that I stopped having to take a nap after my token daily walk. I retired in 2012 at age 62 because I couldn't keep up at work. I haven't had to use oxygen but I didn't have any energy. For my heart, my doctor wanted me to exercise (walking was all I could do and I didn't have energy for that after working) for an hour a day. Before starting on my "cure" I walked from 45 to 60 minutes a day about 5 times a week. And always afterward, I'd have to take a nap or fall asleep on the couch for one or two hours. So when I stopped nodding out after my walk, I really noticed it. Then I started noticing other changes. I stopped having cold feet. I woke up in the morning with more energy. During my walks I had more energy. I started striding instead of strolling. Because of the striding I was walking farther, and then I was walking longer. At first, at least for an hour and that became an hour and fifteen minutes. My excitement has just grown and I am now up to two hours daily of hard striding going aprox. 6-7 miles at a time, six days a week.

The logic behind what I'm doing: I had been looking online for emphysema research for treatment and cures. One thing I found was a report of an experiment with mice in 1998 where artificial emphysema was reversed with retinoic acid. Retinoic acid is a metabolized form of Vitamin A. Retinol is used in skin creams to rejuvenate skin cells. UCLA did a study in the early 2000's with humans but they didn't have any positive results. But I did find a note that suggested that if they had increased the dosage of retinoic acid …. Also, in an N.I.H./ web site, I read about a German doctor who had developed an aerosol form a Vitamin A to treat kids in the Congo who were deficient in A. (I even found his US patent application.)

So, as I understand it, emphysema is when the alveoli sacs in the lungs can't hold their shape when the lungs are exhaling. The alveoli sacs are surrounded by tiny capillaries and this is where oxygen is absorbed into the blood. So with the diet I have metabolized Vitamin A inside the blood, and with the vaporized spinach I'm working on the alveoli sacs from the outside.

I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but I am so excited about my own results I felt I had to share this. When I read about other peoples' problems with emphysema I kind of feel like mine hadn't progressed that far. And I had already stopped smoking tobacco and marijuana. So these factors may effect the results

Cautionary notes: It is possible to overdose on Vitamin A. It can cause nausea, liver problems, jaundice, and even hair loss. At one point I added a fish oil supplement while still maintaining the diet and I started getting heavy post nasal drip. When I stopped taking the supplement that went away.

Replied by Anonymous

Hi, be careful to balance out Vitamin A with Vitamin D. Also, some people cannot convert beta carotene to Vit A no matter how many carrots they eat.