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Posted by Jules (Denver, Colorado) on 09/30/2010
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Here's a twist, two plus days ago I dropped hydrogen peroxide in my ear because I thought it needed to be cleaned. There was no popping or fizzing and when I tried to drain it, nothing came out. Now my ear is aching, my glands are swollen, can't hear a thing and my ear feels full of water. I've tried to drain it; jumped around, alchohol, heat, antihistamines, oral acv, gse... Anyone have some advice? I'm in so much pain and can't hear a thing but the inside of my head!! :(

Replied by Lisa
Stamford, Ct

What did you end up doing to relieve your symptoms? By accident I took full strength 29% H202 in my ear and now it is a little achey. Hope you're feeling better!

Replied by Elaine
Edmond, Oklahoma, Usa

You need to irrigate your ears with warm water and maybe a little liquid soap and peroxide after you use hydrogen peroxide in your ears. The Peroxide caused the ear wax to dislodge and swell. You can buy a ball syringe at any pharmacy. I use my water pic and it seems to wash all the "trash" out of my ears pretty well. If you wait too long this will turn into an infection and you'll have to see your doctor. Judging by the date I imagine you already have. Many years ago my doctor told me it is quite alright to irrigate your own ears. In fact he gave me a syringe to do it with.

Replied by Anonymous
Pdx, Or

If the wax is lodged in the ear, go to the nurse treatment room and get a ear irrigation- it is inexpensive, and it painless process.

Posted by Matt (Fremont, Ca) on 02/04/2010
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Let me start by saying that I have used this site many many times, but this is the first time I am writing in. The reason I chose to write in now is because this remedy is quite extraordinary. It works! I had my wife help, but she poured 1/4 tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide into my infected ear and it worked immediately. If you are like me, be prepared for what could be a loud POP! After the POP! my ear felt better. Thanks to all that make this site what it is! :)

Posted by dadude99 (Cottonwood, AZ,) on 07/05/2009
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Right now i have a realy bad ear ache that has ben going on for 2 days. yesterday it was the 4th of July, so the bangs made it worse. i tryed pain killer, and it worked pretty well. this morning i started to hear ringing, so i tryed proxide, and now it is stuck in my ear bubbling. so DONT USE PROXIDE!

Replied by Alicia
Madrid, Spain

Maybe you put it straight from the bottle without diluting, I tried it one part(10 drops h202) diluted with mineral water (20 times the amount of h202) and worked marvelously and at the same time I gargled it and got rid of ear ache and sore throat due to infection. I reccomend doing it every 5 hours and 48 hours later you're fixed. Maybe you can't take it in this solution either but it helped me to the max and I reccomend it. I'm also using it for a toe nail fungus and day by day it's getting better and better. Have a nice one.

Posted by Louis (Scotia, NY, USA) on 06/03/2009
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About a year ago I had a really bad ear ache that started without warning. At the time, it was late Saturday and I knew that if I were holding my ear from the pain that waiting til Monday just wasn't an option. With that, I went online to find out if there are any homeopathic remedies that I could use. Mind you, I've never been fond about homeopathic anything..! It's like your Mom giving Cod Liver Oil which never worked, know what I mean. With that, it made sense when I ran into another posting where someone stated that they used Hydrogen Peroxide. Pretty straight forward right? Have a skinned knee use Alcohol or peroxide, made sense (not the alcohol but the HP). This one guy said that his earache went away in just a few hours. Figuring that it'll take a day or so before it felt better, I was HUGELY surprised when it worked...! If there's one thing that I've done since is use peroxide for an earache. Meanwhile, I thought the guy who wrote this POV was just making it sound like it was slice bread to just promote the option but no lie, it worked and I've never looked back. This will work, hand over fist, no question and you don't have to wait. Just spend the $0.89 on a bottle and get relief NOW...! :)

Posted by Eva (Denham Springs, Louisiana, United States) on 05/26/2009
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Most of the children on my father's side have had to have tubes put in their ears. I suffered from many ear infections throughout childhood. Typically, it was from swimming, but I even got it from taking a shower or bath occasionally.

Ear drops from the doctor were warm, oily, expensive, and took about a week to cure the infection. My mother heard that you could get rid of it with hydrogen peroxide and I have never looked back. Any time my ear starts to hurt, I put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide into my ear and let it sit until it stops bubbling. Then, I drain out the ear and put one drop of rubbing alcohol. The peroxide cleans and sanitizes the ear canal. The drop of alcohol mixes with any water or peroxide left in the ear and evaporates it quickly.

This method usually takes care of the infection overnight, and I haven't had an earache for more than two days since I started using it. I don't know how safe this is, because I'm not a doctor. I do know that I have been doing it for the past 14 years and still have good hearing and no known problems with my ears.

Posted by emt_scheid911 (Detroit, MI) on 05/15/2009
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I came to the website in search of something to help with my ear pain which I associated with having impacted wax with a q-tip yesterday. I read about the peroxide and used it and was immediatly regretful! I became so dizzy that I passed out immediatly and when I woke up I didn't stop vomiting for the next 2 hours. It took the whole day for the dizziness to go away. And after all that-nothing changed in my ear whatsoever. I went to the doctor and he said to make sure you MIX the peroxide 50/50 with warm water, and to make sure the peroxide is WARM. If you put it in your ear cold-you will get the side effects that I did. So-I'm not saying it doesn't work because clearly for some it does. Just make sure you WARM THE PEROXIDE and make sure you DILUTE it, and make sure it really is ear wax because I ended up having an infection and a ruptured ear drum!

Take care guys!

Replied by Ken
St. Paul, Mn

I think you work for the AMA and you made this story up to try and discredit a valid natural treatment.

Replied by Beverly

She's not lying. A nurse told me to make sure to not put anything (she was referring to water--but it's still the same principle) cold in your ear because it could make you pass out and/or vomit. Always make sure that whatever you put in is warm.

Replied by Thenomad

He mentions his ear drum was ruptured, I think the obvious conclusion is that he ruptured it with the q-tip and then the sudden pain from the hydrogen peroxide hitting his ruptured ear caused the problem. You must be sure it's not ruptured before you put anything in your ear (alcohol, peroxide, ois)

Posted by Nadera (Woodside, NY) on 03/08/2009
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A few days ago, I woke up in the morning and couldn't get out of bed because... I suddenly started to feel dizzy. Everything was going upside down, and I felt nauseous. So, I lay for a while untill I could go to the bathroom, where ofcourse, I threw up! For a couple of days I was confined in bed, later when I felt slightly better, I went to my doctor. He prescribed Meclizine 25mg(saying that I have ear-infection) which I took for a few days. Then I went to your site and read about H202. So, I plucked up enough courage and poured half a tsp.,of 3% Hydrogen peroxide in both my ears. There was a bubbling sensation and I was scared whether I was doing the right thing, yet kept on repeating the process three times a day. After a few days, I went to the hospital to have my ears checked (just in case) to make sure; because deep down I was also worried what if, the infection had spread or something...

My vertigo, had not subsided completely yet, so I went to the emergency, the doctor having checked everything said, she doesn't see any infection in my ears, so she referred me to an ENT. By the time, I got to see the specialist (according to the appointment) few days went by, but I didn't stop the application of my home remedy. In the meantime my dizziness got cured, by the grace of Almighty God.

The specialist checked my ears and put me through several tests, finally discharged me saying everything was clear. THANK GOD!

Posted by Doug (Hartford City, IN) on 01/17/2009
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Ear Ache - Hydrogen Peroxide: I tried about half a cap of Hydrogen Peroxide in my ear. I think only half of that made it in, rest ran down my face. I left it in for a few minutes, until it seemed like the bubbling had started to die down. Ears definitely feel better, clogged sinuses seem clearer also. I felt very dizzy and a little nauseated when doing the second ear, had to lay down on the bathroom floor.

Posted by Navae (Portland, OR) on 12/22/2008
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I use this site as a reference library for all the ailments our family encounters! It has been a lifesaver.

Yesterday i woke up with a horrific earache - it just came out of nowhere. It was making me dizzy and nauseous.

I am a stay at home mom of 3 little boys - i don't have time to be out of commission.

So - i came here as usual and found the Hydrogen peroxide remedy. i poured about a eighth of a cap-full (3 ml), tilted my head and poured it in. It was rather uncomfortable, mainly because of the liquid being in my sensitive ear, and the bubbling.... LOTS of bubbling :) But i don't think it was so bad that i couldn't do it on the kids.

anyway - i did it about once every 2-3 hours totaling 3 times. The last time was right before i went to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling 100%!

**other things i was also doing: GSE and Oregano oil in water to kill it from the inside, and immune boosting herbs. (if you use gse/oregano oil, please look up dosage info first!!!)****

Posted by Kathy (Houston, TX) on 10/17/2008
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Warning: peroxide for ear pain

For some people this may work, but for me Never again. My fiance kept telling me just pour the peroxide in your ear it will feel better. The pain was very bad and I have had this ear rupture before on my from the pressure well I said fine. So i poured just a little in my ear and with in 10 minutes it ruptured and it drained puss and blood out of it. Very gross and expensive. All ways check with your doctor mine told me never to use it again on my ears.

Replied by Glass
Brooklyn, NY
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i have a history of ear problems throughout childhood. i havent had any infections or pain in about 15 years, since i was 12-- until now. last week i developed a cold, everyone in my house is sick and coughing, phlegm, congestion, some with fever, you know the deal. winter in new york. i read about hydrogen peroxide in the ear and tried it, it barely even went down, that's how clogged my ears must have been. but i had zero ear pain at all, i have had many sinus infections/ flu / colds over the years, all cured naturally with no spread to ear. 2 nights ago i had a severe earache, for 6 hours i was literally wailing in excruciatng pain. i put in a cap of peroxide 2 or 3 times, it started to feel better when it first when in and as soon as it got deeper the pain was just as bad. i think it's a bad idea to put anything in your ears, especially anything liquid, if you have a history of problems draining fluid or tubes put in as a kid, because that drainage problem can come right back as it did for me. the liquid got trapped in there the other day when i first did it (in attempt to cure the cold) and whatever clogging was there just left the little peroxide with nowhere to drain, and it caused an infection.

yesterday felt a little better when i woke up, but muffled hearing. woke up today with blood and white fluid (some pus?) coming out of ear. i got scared and went to a doctor. i'm pregnant and refuse antibiotics, she said since the pus isn't green, i can try to cure infection myself but still recommended penicillin. i will continue to inhale steam, eat lots of raw ginger and garlic and massage all around the ear (around the outside of ear, all those pressure points especially behind earlobe and a little down the neck) and that could cure the infection. do both ears to prevent spread of infection to other ear. also massage pressure points around nostrils. ACV is great too!!! i swig a few teaspoons mixed with water and cayenne, like 5 times a day when im sick. it's a great sinus reliever and breaks up congestion. turmeric is great too, it's a potent anti-inflammatory. hope this helps.

Posted by Dawn (Peoria, IL) on 01/20/2008
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Ear ache peroxide remedy - I have a nasty sore throat and ear ache and am so glad I found this site. I just drank some hot sauce and honey "tea" which seems to be helping so I braved the hydrogen peroxide drops in the ear. In the past I had severe ear pain after putting drops in my ear, but thought I would brave it this time. Well I was wrong, after the drops got past the outer ear and possibly down farther I had the same excrutiating pain. I tried breathing through it, but no way! What I want to know is - what's causing this pain? I've tried asking doctors, speech paths and an audiologist with no answers. I did have tubes as a child. Anyone out there have an answer?

And I was watching Rachel Ray one day and a doctor on there mentioned using sea salt to cure an ear ache. I thought he said something about making a "heat pack" out of the sea salt and placing it on your ear, but I can't remember exactly. Any clues? I didn't see anything here about sea salt for ear aches. thanks

Replied by Genie
Baltimore, Md

They said if it hurts a little bit it is clearing up or killing the strep throat infection.

Posted by Genevieve (Haiku, Hawaii) on 01/13/2008
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I just wanted to give some feed back on the ear ache remedies.... Can we say fantastic! I used the hydrogen peroxide method. I had tried using basil oil on a cotton ball and sleeping with that in my ear over night. I was in pain most of the night, then in the morning when I took it out it seemed a little better. Im an essential oils buff but when it returned full force I was searching the net and found this web site. I put about 1 teaspoon full in my hear layed on my side so it could do its bubble magic and drained and dried the ear after about 5 min. About an hour or so the paid was gone. I'm shocked it still has the very slightest hurt but nothing like this morning even. Im continuing to feel better as the night progress- so much so I had to take the time write this and confirm it does work even though my sister's swear by warm sweet oil.

Replied by Dee
London, Uk

I would say this does help but if it's your first time trying this please use lukewarm water mixed in with the Hydrogen Peroxide and make it much less then 3% to begin with - say about 1% - you can always reduce water later to make it stronger but please start off with a weak mix and see how that goes first.

The reason I say this is because I think for some people 3% might be too much and cause damage - I also used 3% in my mouth for gargling and noticed it made the top of my tounge white.

I think Hydrogen Peroxide has it's uses but just start off weak to begin with is my best advice.

Posted by Sandy (In the sticks, Nevada) on 11/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

We have been using hydrogen peroxide for years to fight off earaches and colds. My kids and I used to go to the dr. all the time for earaches and end up with a big dr. bill and antibiotics. Then we heard about peroxide. I keep the peroxide in a small glass bottle with an eyedropper. The moment anyone starts to get a sore throat or their ears hurt even a tiny bit, we put one eyedropper full in each ear. Hold the bottle in your hand to warm the peroxide a bit (otherwise it feels like ice water going in) and have the person lie flat on their side. I like to leave the peroxide in until it stops bubbling, but even a few minutes may be enough to help. Drain the peroxide out when you are done and dry the ear thoroughly. A nurse told me that the peroxide would burn a hole through the lining of the ear(Has anyone ever heard of this before?), but we have done this for almost 10 years with no problems.

Posted by Vickie (Brentwood, California) on 03/21/2007
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I use peroxide for ear aches and ear infections. First use the peroxide in ear or ears. After bubbling stops then you warm up pure olive oil put in ear or ears followed by a cotton ball. Usually ear aches subside immediately. Ear infections may take two or 3 times.

Posted by Daniel (Spokane, WA) on 09/21/2006
5 out of 5 stars

First, thank you for the great website--I've been searching for this type of confirmation for several days now. My story is that I use earplugs when I sleep, as I awake easily. About a week ago, I had taken a shower right before bed and dried ears with a towel (no q-tip). The earplug didn't seem to go in as usual (perhaps the wrong angle). The day after, about mid-day, I noticed that my ear was hurting. Two days later I was in a full-blown ear infection. I stopped working a few months ago to do some studies, as such, no money to go to the doctor. I prayed and the Lord said to read a book about hydrogen peroxide that was sitting on my shelf and decided that it wouldn't hurt. So, I put one cap of H2O2 into my ear and let it sit for about 5 minutes. I couldn't hear anything happening, at first. Then the bubbling started. Rather cool. I kept doing this every two to three hours. By the end of the night, the pain (so strong that I really couldn't touch the ear without feeling like I was going to throw up) was 90% gone. After two treatments the following day, there is no longer ANY pain whatsoever. Praise the Lord! Now, I must say that I don't know for certain if my immune system had typed the virus/bacteria by this point, as I had been sick for a few days by the time I started... Regardless, the pain appeared to decrease with each treatment--I thought I was imagining it until the 4th treatment--I then KNEW that there was a difference. By the way, I should mention that I also dried my ear out with q-tips, and then used a warm blow dryer for about 10 minutes after each treatment. Perhaps I had come down with swimmer's ear from using the earplugs on wet ears--drying is important. Anyway, thank God for hydrogen peroxide and a cured ear infection. I am now using 3% in a humidifier, breathing it in for multiple 5 minute sessions throughout the day, and have seen a big difference in my energy levels--very cool. I might add that I have to inhale with my eyes closed...else the stuff irritates my eyes. Pretty cool stuff!