Dupuytren's Contracture Remedies

Lifestyle Changes
Posted by Joseph, L.Ac. (Boulder, Colorado) on 11/16/2019
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My understanding of dupytrons contracture stems from my father having had this condition for many years. He was a drinker and smoker, both to excess, which was instrumental in precipitating and prolonging the condition. What I was told by his doctor was that the tendons became pinched within the synovial sheath, and they performed surgery in order to free their motion.

I am a chinese medical practitioner, and in Chinese medical theory any pathology having to do with the tendons, directly and unambiguously implicates liver health, since the liver rules the tendons...so specifically drinking and smoking adversely effects (among many many things) the liver's function of keeping the tendons moist, strong, supple and smooth. The operations were successful temporarily, but the condition returned when he did not clean up his lifestyle... the skin of the palm was also hardened but it's the hardening of the tendons proper which tightened his hands into a semi-claw position. basically it's a lifestyle choice, either clean-up yr act and minimize the poisons being administered, or lose the function of yr hands...but the place to start therapy is with is the liver....topical applications of herbs, etc are useful, but futile without cleansing and restoring liver health, ie function(s)...acupuncture, herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes will remedy the condition...the liver is the most regenerable organ!