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Colon Cleanse
Posted by Julie (Gainesville, Fl) on 08/09/2011

I do 20 minutes oil pulling with organic virgin coconut oil first thing in the morning. I brush my teeth, dissolve 1 TB baking soda in 2 TB ACV, add 8 oz. Purified water and drink. From 30 to 60 minutes thereafter I purge anywhere from 1 to 3 lbs of foul water from my bowels. I feel like crap (sorry) during this time, but then I feel really good, and this doesn't happen again all day. My routine is just as I described; I'm not eating anything to provoke this reaction. It feels like detox and smells like detox (sorry! ) sometimes skunky / sulphery odor. I figure it's better out than in :P Any feedback or similar experience?

Colon Cleanse
Posted by Tammy (Dan Diego, Ca) on 03/24/2012

What is oil pulling with coconut oil mean?

EC: Hi Tammy,

Check out this page on oil pulling.

Colon Cleanse
Posted by Hd (White River Jct, Vermont) on 04/15/2012

I thought it was 2 TBS ACV to 1/4 tsp baking soda. maybe it is too much BS, lol, sorry.....

Colon Cleanse
Posted by Niamh (Dublin, Ireland) on 11/10/2012

This is to Julie from Gainesville re Colon Cleanse info she posted >08/09/2011: how long did you keep up this routine, and was always first thing in the morning? Thanks!

Liver Detoxification: Epsom Salt
Posted by Donna (Bakersfield, Ca) on 08/04/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Well, i did everything as directed. although i did not eat properly leading up to the day of the detox, i had not planned to do it. i had already done the enema, so i just decided to do it. i never had any bowel movement at all until the next morning when i threw up the epsom salt and water. maybe an hour later i had a bowel movement, not diarrhea, i did not take the last epsom salt drink though, i just couldn't do it. i did not have another bowel movement until the next day, just regular. i will never do that again. but i would like to try another easier liver detox. any suggestions... i do think i have extra long colon. my turn around time has alway been about 48 hrs. thank for any suggestions

Liver Detoxification
Posted by Jeri (Murphy, Tx) on 08/02/2011

For Liz in Irving Tx

I am wanting to know how much olive oil and how much lemon juice in your cocktail. Do you need a specific olive oil or lemon juice as in real lemon or juice in a bottle?

Liver Detoxification
Posted by John (Plymouth, Ma) on 08/03/2011

The protocal for the drink is to liquify a whole lemon in a blender (skin and all) and add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil... Drink in one or two servings... Liquified skin and all... Take seeds out of lemon first then dice up lemon in small pieces before liquifying...

John from Plymouth

Liver Detoxification
Posted by Sahd (Gwent, Uk) on 09/17/2011

How often do you have to take this - just the once or daily?

General Feedback
Posted by Miabella (Atlantic City, Nj) on 07/31/2011

Has anyone tried olive oil and distilled water as a mouth rinse? What about drinking this to cleanse?

Liver Detoxification: Hulda Clark Cleanse
Posted by Leila (Minneapolis, Mn) on 07/10/2011

I have a question for Ted. What is the best way to detox the liver?WHat do you think about Dr. Hulda Clark Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse? Does realy help or not? Looking forward for your answer!

Liver Detoxification: Hulda Clark Cleanse
Posted by Miki (Magnolia, Ms, Usa) on 07/10/2011

I use her liver cleanse about once a year and it works great. I went a little over a year recently and actually had some pain in the gall bladder area. I passed dozens of stones this time and no more pain since.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Ebru (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 06/24/2011

First of all, i'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this wonderful site. My question is about the human consumption of food grade diatomaceous earth. I've been reading some very impressive feedback on its use, however I am sceptical. Has anyone tried it for detox or any other reasons? Thank you.

Liver and Kidney Cleanse
Posted by Jeff (Mckinney, Texas, United States) on 06/14/2011

What is the best way to cleanse the liver and kidneys and do I need to do it in certain order? I've read to cleanse the kidneys first then the liver but it seems the things Bill & Ted (Yes, we're on an Excellent Adventure -- sorry, couldn't resist! ) recommend are kind of a dual cleanse. Here's what I am thinking:

1) Chanca Piedra - 1000mg 2x a day at meals; OR

2) 2x a day at meals: Alpha Lipoic Acid - 300mg, Selenium - 200 mcgs, and Milk Thistle - 1000 mgs.

Where does Cat's Claw or Heart Vine come into play here? Is there any need to do a parasite cleanse first? I've never done any type of cleanse before so don't know what to expect or even if I need to do it.

Liver and Kidney Cleanse
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 09/12/2011

Hi Jeff, I was just wondering how the cleanse worked out? I have been researching Chanca Piedra and wondering how effective it is. I would love to get your feedback and see how you are feeling now? Thanks!

Liver and Kidney Cleanse
Posted by Dmg (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on 02/25/2012
1 out of 5 stars


Be careful with milk thistle - if you are allergic to ragweed you'll be allergic to milk thistle, and it's very itchy way to find out!

Chemical Flushes
Posted by Elly (Topeka, Kansas) on 06/14/2011

I was buying BPA free plastics but I read that tests on those plastics revealed that 90% of them contain different estrogen mimicking chemicals. I look at the many supplements I own that come in plastic containers BPA and BPA-free. Do I switch them to tinted glass bottles? How much is absorbed into the supplement by the time I get it? I've also come to find BPA is in recycled toilet paper and contact lenses and the plastics of eyeglasses and lots of other things. Does anyone know what can we do to flush these chemicals out of our body since we probably can't be 100% free of them? Thanks.

Posted by Mary (Ny, Ny) on 06/06/2011

Ted, Please help!

Does rebounding (trampoline) excercise really get rid of Toxins in your body ? See Claim below.

One of rebounding's special benefits is its ability to improve flow in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the metabolic garbage can of the body. It rids the body of toxins, fatigue substances, dead cells, cancer cells, nitrogenous wastes, trapped protein, fatty globules, pathogenic bacteria, infectious viruses, foreign substances, heavy metals, and other assorted junk the cells cast off.

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 06/06/2011

Hi Carly, you sure don't work for a rebound company because I don't work either and my story is the same as you. What a difference do the more expensive trampolines make.... Like you I can't imagine I ever used the other one! Great fun though..... I have a couple of CD's but nowadays I just exercise to some nice music. Like you first I was awfully tired but now I am ok, I have been doing it on and off for maybe three years.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/06/2011

Instead of rebounding Carly would those machines that you stand on and they vibrate have the same effect? Vibrate the toxins out? Would be less exhausting for you.

Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 06/06/2011

Hi Debbie - My mom had one of those vibrating machines when I was a kid back in the 1960's. (if we are talking about the same thing). I would personally rather use the rebounder. The workout is exhilirating, and leaves me feeling energized now... It is actually a FUN workout. The machine my mom had never seemed to do a thing for her, except for leaving red welts where the strap went across her. It smelled like burning gear / motor oil too. I remember it well. lol.

Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa Usa) on 06/06/2011

Hi Francisca - we have a lot in common I think! Lol. I have yet to put on the cd that came with my "new" rebounder. I usually just watch a favorite tv show while I jump. I have been doing it less than a year, but hope that I will keep it up like you have! I do love it! :-) No longer get winded at all like in the beginning!

Posted by Mary (Fresno, Ca) on 09/02/2011

I recently started using the trampoline everyday for about 5 minutes and love it. But, after several days I noticed that for about 3-4 days I had a sore throat and in the morning some congestion. It's gone away now. But, I got the feeling that maybe it was my lymph glands clearing out from the excercise. Has anybody else had this happen or know anything about it.

Posted by Linda (San Francisco, Ca, USA) on 03/10/2012

For the record, anyone reading this who wishes they could use one of those rebounder trampolines, yet can't because they have trouble with their feet hurting too badly from it or toes/calves cramping up:

I use a large inflatable exercise ball (75cm in diameter, comes *with* the pump to pump it up, about $15. -$17. USD from the fitness department at Walmart. They come in all different sizes, so even extra-short or extra-tall folks will be able to find the size that works for them.

Ebay (and maybe Walmart too) also has ruggedized burst-proof balls that can take 600 lbs of bounce-weight, so weight doesn't have to be an issue for this. Some balls are sand-weighted, so they won't go rolling merrily away from you when the time comes to corral them in a corner of the room.

I can sit on it and bounce, it doesn't cramp my calves or hurt my toes and feet, it's great. It's even more fun than jumping on a bed used to be :-). Also- One good strong bounce and it helps you stand up too, when you are ready to get off the ball and stop bouncing :-). You can put on some good music and "dance" :-) your upper body as well.

I have read that lots of folks use those vibrating platforms too, and apparently they work well, from what I have read. There's always a way to do what you have to do. Rocking chairs, while not a direct substitute, are not half bad either for helping your lymph system to keep moving. Or a vibrating recliner, if you have access to one.

All are ways to substitute for forced inactivity, or an inability to work out or walk. These are not exact and direct substitutes, but all good ideas- for somebody out there :-).


Posted by Kathie (Houston, Texas/ Usa) on 05/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I first got turned on to Fenugreek at the Optimum Health Institute (outside Austin, Texas), where I try to go a couple of times a year for a week at a time for several days of juice fasting, ''sandwiched" by several days of raw, organic meals and all the wheatgrass one could consume!

Fenugreek (according to OHI's literature) is a blood purifier, it cleanses the liver, kidney, and pancreas, it soothes mucous membranes and reduces inflammation.

1 tablespoon of fenugreek (sprouted) (again according to OHI's literature) contains: 2.55 grams protein, 6.47 grams carbs, minerals: K, P, Mg, Ca, Na, Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, Se, vitamins: C, B3, B1, B2, B9, A, and it has 2.73 grams of fiber.

I must say that sprouted fenugeek tastes great! I have heard that the tea is not so pleasant...

OHI used a lot of sprouted fenugreek during our days of the food detox portion. I have heard that it is also very good for the lungs. BTW, my boobs never got any bigger since I have brought this into my regular diet. Also remember, sprouted seeds have much more nutrients than the grown plant (per weight).

Posted by Elsaeasterly (Elsewhere, Ca, Usa) on 06/01/2011

Do you eat the sprouts raw or do you cook them? Do you use seeds from the supermarket spice section?

General Feedback
Posted by Gmm (Kansas City, Mo) on 05/12/2011
0 out of 5 stars

Had botox in my forehead nearly two months ago and have been suffering with flu like symptoms ever since. My Dr says there is no relation (of course that is what would be said by an MD. Anyone know a good way to purge my poor body of this poison?

General Feedback
Posted by Kamal (San Diego, California) on 03/19/2012

hi there. I saw your comment about the Botox in your forehead. I was wondering how you are feeling, and if there was something that made you feel better. I have a friend who has been suffering for 1 year now, since a Botox injection in her forehead. :) thank you so much.

General Feedback
Posted by Reyariel (Manila, Philippines) on 04/27/2011

Dear Earthclinic, Good day to you. I am wondering if you can add in the ailment category for detox as I cannot find it. Or do you have a link in the posts of the readers/contributors regarding for LIVER, KIDNEY and for BOWEL detox. I want to know the different methods that they are doing for all these detox methods/protocol. Thank you very much, Looking forward for your reply.

Respectfully yours,

Rey Ariel from Philippines

EC: Hi Rey Ariel,

Thanks for the great suggestion. We just added a new ailments page for detoxification. We'll search for posts from other pages to add to this new section. In the meantime, here are a few other pages you might want to check out:

Aspartame Detoxification:
Oral Detoxification:
Ionic Foot Detoxification:
Heavy Metal Detoxification:

Liver Detoxification: Carbonated Water, Lemon, Sea Salt
Posted by Al (Montreal, Canada) on 04/15/2012

Hi... Glad you conquered this terrible disease.. My wife has been also diagnosed 2 years ago and is doing great.. But, she still has to get drained every 3 months of her ascites.. How did you control this?

Side Effects from Detoxification
Posted by Mayte (Kissimmee, FL) on 04/20/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have been diagnosed with the following HBP, Fibromyalgia, and cluster headaches. So I am willing to try anything to feel better than I do. I was told to take 2 tsp of ACV and 1 tsp of Blackstrap Molasses,and 1/2 cup of Aloe Vera GEL with (alkaline) Water. I have a Alkalizer filter. I have been taking this mix for about 4 days and I have lost 2 pounds a day, Pee like there is no tommorrow, and go several times a day to the bathroom for the other stuff. Blood pressure has been going up even though I am taking my medication. I am itchy all over but I do have more energy and I was told that this will get rid of some toxins in my system which I believe that is true. The itchy is what I do not underwstand is that normal? The fact that I have lost weight makes me happy since I need to loose weight. I am not that hungry anymore, and I do not crave sweet stuff. The doctor said if I lost some weight it would help with the HBP and I also have allergies to Perservatives in the foods especially MSG I breakout in hives. I think that since it cleans toxins in the body and I believe that is why I am itchy due to the toxins being messed with in the body I hope I am right. Because over all I am not going to stop unless something major happens. So far I feel it is helping me with the elimination of toxins and I really need it.

Kidney Detoxification: Lemon Juice, Raw Comfrey
Posted by Kate (Orange, Nsw, Australia) on 05/15/2011

I thought comfrey was poisonous?

Liver Detoxification: Garlic, ACV Tea
Posted by Anita (Miami, Fl) on 05/29/2011

can you better describe how to prepare this?

Do you take the garlic apart and than drink the 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and than drink regular tea or do you mix all in a regular tea? Please explain. Thx

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