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Multiple Remedies

Posted by A (Any, Usa) on 11/14/2011

Hi-everyone-you all inspire me with your healing! Hope you all feel better soon. I am already taking a lot of advice.

I used Calendula ointment yesterday when I naively punctured the boil on my finger to release the pus. I soaked the finger for a long while in water as hot as I could stand it, lemon juice, honey, ACV, H.P. I massaged my finger as well. Then put calendula ointment (homeopathic) and a bandaid. I feel better today. This is my first time after a hospital stay for one day or possbly from visiting a friend -her son had MRSA-anyway-I'm going to the doc today for anti-biotic and am taking garlic, turmeric, vit c, honey, lemon and green tea and have been detoxing luckliy after the hospital stay - might have had a low grade infection from the start-so.... the detox is super healing including a lot of hydration, enemas, some juice fasting (celery excellent) no sugar/flour/meat..meditation, music, and healing and loving thoughts for all... Wshing you al the best!

Oil Pulling

Posted by Lavonne (Kansas City, Missouri) on 09/21/2012

I just started oil pulling on September 18, 2012. I started because my Chiropractor had told me to start due to a bacterial throat/ear/sinus infection with very bad sinus pressure and the back of my neck felt inflamed like I had the flu, and I didn't want to go the antibiotic route. I use EVCO and at first I swished 1 teaspoon for 20 minutes... I immediately started having inner tremors, crying and panic attacks for apparently no reason, so I called the Chiro and he told me I was detoxing way too fast, so now on his recommendation I swish for 5-6 minutes once daily in the morning, followed by sea salt water rinse and brushing. I was wondering, can I be having heavy detox symptoms just 4 days into all this? My throat has stopped hurting and my teeth/gums look great now, and the panic attacks have pretty much subsided, although I still wimp out and cry over all this every once in awhile! But I still have the heavy sinus/ear/back of neck pressure, and it makes it hard to get a full, good night's sleep. Also there's nothing coming out my nose, clear, green, or otherwise, it just feels dry as the Sahara inside my head, and as I said earlier, so much pressure! Here in the Midwest USA many people are dealing with Is this just detoxing or should I be worried? Thanks!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Lavonne, read up on the h2o2 inhalation. For me it helps with any and all upper respiratory ailments, thank G-d.

Replied by Laura
(Houston, Mo)

I have recently started oil pulling and noticed an increase in the anxiety/ depression too. I was also on steroids during this start so I blamed it on that. Hmmm... Thanks for sharing. I am doing much better now. I hope you are too. I have noticed clearer skin, better tooth and gum health and smaller pores in just a short time. I've been pulling for 20min using sesame oil every morning. I like it and look forward to seeing more results soon:)

Ozone Therapy

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 09/21/2012

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Start my Ozone blood treatment next week in Atlanta and will do that every month. Just bought a Ozone Gernerator. If a doctor does Ozone in Tenn then he goes to prison, if he does it in Ga then he's a hero. Welcome to the FDA medical world. I lives in Tenn and must travel to Ga to get my Ozone treatments. Are you sheeting me?

Went to my doctor for my Alpha Liopic Acid I.V. treatment this week and in the group was an older man. His wife had cancer and he took her to the Burzyski 's Cancer Clinic in Houston. The doctor told her that she was beyond help. She asked the Onacologist if there would ever be a cure for cancer. He told her that the #1 thing in our economy was energy and the #2 thing was cancer. If a cure for cancer is found then our economy will hit the bottom and will stay there. There will never be a cure for cancer. Our economy can't afford it. Just pay until you die or until you run out of money.

Thank God we have Earth Clinic and others to help us.

Love all you good people====ROBERT HENRY===


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Posted by Jk (Orange County, Ca) on 08/14/2012
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Yes, parsley can help flush out toxins and have the other benefits, but the people with liver diseases should be careful to use it, because of high iron and high level will damage liver cells.

Paxil Weaning Remedies

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Posted by Anon (Michigan) on 05/15/2020

What is the safest way to get off of 40mg of Paxil and 1mg of Klonipin? ... Have been on both for many years.

Replied by epeach
(United States)
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Dear Anon,

I was on Paxil for 18 years, 20 mgs a day. 3 years ago I decided I did not want to take it anymore after I found it was contributing to more problems than it was helping (I had brain fog, thyroid issues, headaches...)The final straw was that I found out it contained flouride. I started slowly with just breaking one pill in half on Mondays. So then after 2 weeks, I broke Friday's pill in half as well. I did that for two weeks and then after that I broke Wednesday's pill in half as well. I kept that going every 2 weeks until everyday was a half pill. Then I took all half pills for 2 weeks. Then I skipped Monday's pill. I did that for 2 weeks and then I skipped Friday's pill and so on. I kept filling my prescription. I was afraid I couldn't succeed, so I kept them for a cushion. I still have a bottle in the medicine cabinet and I have never touched it. It was the best thing I ever did. I warned all of my friends and family before I did it so they would know why I was acting strange or crying or whatever. I never suffered from withdrawls as I did before when I stopped cold turkey for a year long ago when I saw sparkles and had brain shakes... Doing it this way prevented all of those symptoms. I did not feel like myself after stopping this time for about a year or so. It takes a long time for your body to flush out those toxins. I will never go back on anything a doctor prescribes for anxiety or depression ever again. The next best thing to Paxil for my mood was B12 injections. I now take them 2 times a week and I feel great, laugh all of the time, and have loads of energy. I think looking back that was probably my problem all along, I was B12 deficient and did not know it. I am not a doctor and would never tell you to do anything, I am just sharing my experience. Everyone is different and responds differently. Good luck on your journey and God bless.

Permethrin Spray Side Effects

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Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 09/17/2019
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I got permethrin spray on my hands last Wednesday, 7 days ago. I was spraying my chickens for lice (not wide spray, just a shot under each wing and around the butt) and I know it soaked thru parts of my shirt and, apparently, got into my gloves and my hands got pretty good soaking. That took me about an hour and then I had a good shower, but several days later I notice my hands are tingling and somewhat numb. Any suggestions on how to detox from this? I was worrying about diabetes and then realized it's only been since that exposure. I plan to soak in epsom salts when I get home, but what else?

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear GertJr,

Charcoal (activated charcoal powder) internally would be my favorite way to detox from something like this. 1 teaspoon in a glass of water once or twice a day. (or 4 charcoal tablets accompanied by a glass of water) Charcoal adsorbs toxins and medicines, so it should be taken 2 hours away from any other medicine. For this type of thing I would take it for a week or two. If that doesn't seem to work, a blood purifying herb like burdock root or nettle would be my next choice. These can both be taken in a tea form, or in capsules. To make a tea, I would use a tablespoon of each and pour 8 ounces of boiling water over the herbs. Allow to sit at least 30 minutes then strain and consume. Again, I would try this at least two weeks. I have taken both for months at a time with only good results. Currently my 13 year old takes nettle daily to see if it will heal him long term of reacting to poison ivy. It seemed to do that for his older brother. At the least, he has had less poison ivy break outs since beginning this regiment. But, I digress. I hope these things will help! Oh, and Epsom salt is nearly always a good thing to do!

Love that stuff.

~Mama to Many~

5 out of 5 stars

Thanks mama. I had nettle tea leaves already, so had that last night as I soaked in epsom salts. Got Milk Thistle Seed tea on my way to work and drinking it all day long. I was afraid to try the charcoal since I take so many supplements and didn't want to waste them. Everyone at work is saying it's carpal tunnel, but it came on so fast and, even tho I keyboard all day long every day, I am careful to stretch my wrists and fingers periodically. I'd hate to have that! Thanks for the advice. Silly me, I thought the spray would be safer than a powder.....I've gotta be more careful.

(Faithville, Us)

I think carpel tunnel is a b-6 deficiency...

Prednisone Withdrawal Remedies

Posted by Meera (Australia) on 05/27/2019

I have recently come off a year long course of Predisone for an on going auto-immune disease. I tapered down the dose with the neurologist's supervision over several months. I took the last 1mg dose last Monday and the last 2 days my feet, ankles and lower legs are very swollen and sore. It feels like the skin on my feet might burst. I've been putting my feet up the wall, drinking lots of water and herbal tea and trying to be patient. Do you have any recommendations or remedies to support this process of prednisone withdrawal...? Many thanks, Meera


Posted by Mary (Ny, Ny) on 06/06/2011

Ted, Please help!

Does rebounding (trampoline) excercise really get rid of Toxins in your body ? See Claim below.

One of rebounding's special benefits is its ability to improve flow in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the metabolic garbage can of the body. It rids the body of toxins, fatigue substances, dead cells, cancer cells, nitrogenous wastes, trapped protein, fatty globules, pathogenic bacteria, infectious viruses, foreign substances, heavy metals, and other assorted junk the cells cast off.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle , Wa Usa)

YES -! The lyph glands have one way valves. They do not empty of their own accord unless you are MOVING. Jumping on a mini trampoline (aka rebounder) is the most effective way to get the toxins out! I bought a cheap rebounder ($30-$35 dollars delivered from Wally Mart online) and I used it for about a month or so until I knew it was something I wanted to do - and then I bought an expensive "springless" model with the bungee cords instead of those noisy springs. The expensive "soft jump" model was worth every penny! I couldn't believe I actually liked the cheap one after I bounced on my new one. Hey, what you don't know.... ;-) If your knees and joints are an issue, you NEED the more expensive model, just be sure it is something you will do, and not just sit there collecting dust and making you feel guilty. Ha ha. Oh, and start off S-L-O-W. I started off at 3 mins... And was exhausted! Thought there was no way I would ever be able to jump long enough for it to have a health benefit. Well, adding a minute here and there I am now up to 20 mins at a time. I am working my way up to 30 mins a day, and will be very happy with that. It is AWESOME exercise, and SO much easier on the body than running. No pounding on a hard surface = NO pain! No, I do not work for any rebounding companies. ;)

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Carly, you sure don't work for a rebound company because I don't work either and my story is the same as you. What a difference do the more expensive trampolines make.... Like you I can't imagine I ever used the other one! Great fun though..... I have a couple of CD's but nowadays I just exercise to some nice music. Like you first I was awfully tired but now I am ok, I have been doing it on and off for maybe three years.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Instead of rebounding Carly would those machines that you stand on and they vibrate have the same effect? Vibrate the toxins out? Would be less exhausting for you.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi Debbie - My mom had one of those vibrating machines when I was a kid back in the 1960's. (if we are talking about the same thing). I would personally rather use the rebounder. The workout is exhilirating, and leaves me feeling energized now... It is actually a FUN workout. The machine my mom had never seemed to do a thing for her, except for leaving red welts where the strap went across her. It smelled like burning gear / motor oil too. I remember it well. lol.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Francisca - we have a lot in common I think! Lol. I have yet to put on the cd that came with my "new" rebounder. I usually just watch a favorite tv show while I jump. I have been doing it less than a year, but hope that I will keep it up like you have! I do love it! :-) No longer get winded at all like in the beginning!

Replied by Mary
(Fresno, Ca)

I recently started using the trampoline everyday for about 5 minutes and love it. But, after several days I noticed that for about 3-4 days I had a sore throat and in the morning some congestion. It's gone away now. But, I got the feeling that maybe it was my lymph glands clearing out from the excercise. Has anybody else had this happen or know anything about it.

Replied by Linda
(San Francisco, Ca, USA)

For the record, anyone reading this who wishes they could use one of those rebounder trampolines, yet can't because they have trouble with their feet hurting too badly from it or toes/calves cramping up:

I use a large inflatable exercise ball (75cm in diameter, comes *with* the pump to pump it up, about $15. -$17. USD from the fitness department at Walmart. They come in all different sizes, so even extra-short or extra-tall folks will be able to find the size that works for them.

Ebay (and maybe Walmart too) also has ruggedized burst-proof balls that can take 600 lbs of bounce-weight, so weight doesn't have to be an issue for this. Some balls are sand-weighted, so they won't go rolling merrily away from you when the time comes to corral them in a corner of the room.

I can sit on it and bounce, it doesn't cramp my calves or hurt my toes and feet, it's great. It's even more fun than jumping on a bed used to be :-). Also- One good strong bounce and it helps you stand up too, when you are ready to get off the ball and stop bouncing :-). You can put on some good music and "dance" :-) your upper body as well.

I have read that lots of folks use those vibrating platforms too, and apparently they work well, from what I have read. There's always a way to do what you have to do. Rocking chairs, while not a direct substitute, are not half bad either for helping your lymph system to keep moving. Or a vibrating recliner, if you have access to one.

All are ways to substitute for forced inactivity, or an inability to work out or walk. These are not exact and direct substitutes, but all good ideas- for somebody out there :-).


Red Lentil Soup

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Posted by Friendlyfeline (Canada) on 07/31/2013
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Better But With Side Effects

Hello Earth Clinic! LOVING your website!! I have been eating red lentil soup for lunch and dinner the past three days as a type of cleansing. However, today my stool is black!! Is this the toxins coming out?? Should I be worried? Thanks!!

I have also been losing weight on this soup. The red lentil soup is very filling -- and I am the type that is ALWAYS hungry, but not since eating this soup. I am doing this as a cleanse, the losing weight is a nice unexpected side effect. For the soup I just used water (not broth) than add spices for taste (garlic, paprika, thyme, black pepper, sea salt).

Rife Machine

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile Tn.) on 09/05/2013


YEP, it's me an I'm still kicking at age 77. My latest health kick is a GB 4000 rife machine and I had been told to go slow. They were right. I pushed the envelope and the Herxheilmer effect immediately kicked in. I felt like I had been run over by a dump truck. It appears that you can on go as fast as you can get rid of the dead toxins. I am becoming a believer, but the hard way. I'm smart, jus slow as I've told you before.

Now doing FIR Saunas to get done with the toxins. Starting to feel better but at my age how do you learn to get the benefit? Anyways, all the stuff I do helps keep me mentally alert so that's at least a plus.

Wish I could share our organic apple juice will ya'll. We have 14 apple trees and they are loaded this year. One Gala tree has given up 9 gallons of juice. Don't know what we will do with the rest.

Encourge all to think early about a small farm. This survival thing is getting real. Get guns and get some land. Make a plan. Talk to God.

=======ROBERT HENRY=========

Replied by Carly
(Wa, Usa)

Hi Robert Henry,

It is so good to hear from you.... Glad you are doing well. I always enjoy your posts. Now I want some apple sauce.... Darn it! ;-) I will have to look into what a rife machine is. I know I read about it a while back, but forget now what exactly one is / does. Happy Fall to you and yours!

Replied by Anthony

Hi Henry,

how long have you been using the rife machine? I have c.diff and SIBO- small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. Do you think this would help? I have food allergies, colitis, and skin sissies from the all. I'm not sure if the investment is worth it? Is this machine expensive? Thank you in advance!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U ATHONY , , , , , , , , , , At my age, I'm just taking one terrible trouble at a time. Right now I 've got a crushed T 12 vertebrae that is consuming all my attention. I bought a Rife machine after I had defeated lymphoma and figured cancer would be back for a visit. A broke back came first.

Don't know all your health problems and am not an expert. Seems to me that you should probably look at cleaning up your innards before you take on a Rife machine. Yep, it's expensive as all get out. My suggestion is to buy Dr Hulda Clark's book and clean up your body in the order she suggests.

My latest project is building Crappie Condo's from bamboo cane soes we can fill our freezers with fish. Hell to be poor, living off the land, and jus barely getting by. If you are living on store bought stuff then that is the reason you have health problems. First thing to do is bake your own bread. Bread is no longer bread, it is a chemical compound that has weight and takes up space. It was once called matter. Now it is called bread.

I have researched why I have bone problems and it is due to taking a Big Pharma drug for 15 years. Will know better in the next life.

=====OLE ROBERT HENRY========

Side Effects from Detoxification

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Posted by Mayte (Kissimmee, FL) on 04/20/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

I have been diagnosed with the following HBP, Fibromyalgia, and cluster headaches. So I am willing to try anything to feel better than I do. I was told to take 2 tsp of ACV and 1 tsp of Blackstrap Molasses,and 1/2 cup of Aloe Vera GEL with (alkaline) Water. I have a Alkalizer filter. I have been taking this mix for about 4 days and I have lost 2 pounds a day, Pee like there is no tommorrow, and go several times a day to the bathroom for the other stuff. Blood pressure has been going up even though I am taking my medication. I am itchy all over but I do have more energy and I was told that this will get rid of some toxins in my system which I believe that is true. The itchy is what I do not underwstand is that normal? The fact that I have lost weight makes me happy since I need to loose weight. I am not that hungry anymore, and I do not crave sweet stuff. The doctor said if I lost some weight it would help with the HBP and I also have allergies to Perservatives in the foods especially MSG I breakout in hives. I think that since it cleans toxins in the body and I believe that is why I am itchy due to the toxins being messed with in the body I hope I am right. Because over all I am not going to stop unless something major happens. So far I feel it is helping me with the elimination of toxins and I really need it.


Posted by Jennine (Holiday, Florida) on 10/21/2012

I just came in on this site, can you tell me what is a great cleanser to ride the body of toxic from smoking. I notice a slight cough what should be done beside the doctor.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, OH)

Hi Karrie, Have you tried raw ginger? You can search this site for various recipes.

Replied by Karrie

Hi Charity and Wendy, Thank you both for your advice. I've tried so many things from ACV to ginger to licorice. Thanks for your recommendations though I appreciate any and all help I can get! <3

Torsemide Side Effects

Posted by Karl (nevada) on 06/10/2019

Neuropathy: Does anyone know what damage is TORSEMITE doing on the long term? Karl. Thank you Nevada!

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