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Dealing with Depression Naturally

Posted by Brian (Boulder, Co) on 03/02/2012
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My caution is quite different: there is a VERY good chance your doctor will advise against 5-HTP (or any natural remedy). For many, that avenue then becomes a dead end.

I use 5-HTP now after being prescribed pharmaceuticals, and it is at least as effective. The dark secret about meds is that for many of us they don't do much in the first place, and eventually they destroy your liver (which happened to my sister, with many serious health consequences).

My advice for wearning yourself off your meds (which is what I did) is to do it VERY slowly, and introduce 5-HTP as slowly. At least 3 months, until the dosages you are taking are just tiny crumbs. This will keep your side effects down to a bare minimum. Good luck!