Natural Cures for Degenerative Disc Disease

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Posted by Natalie (Washington, Dc) on 05/29/2014
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I would first like to express my joy in having come across your site! It has been working miracles on many of my ailments. I'm 25, recently diagnosed with phase 1 degenerative disc disease. I found out about Ted's mixture of hyaluronic acid and sea salt and immediately got on it. I've been taking it for 3 days and the pain in my spine has substantially subsidized. I read that it takes 2 weeks to fully restore the disk cartilage.

My question is upon the full restoration of my discs would I have to stay on a maintenance dose of hyaluronic acid? If so do I have to take it forever? Considering that I'm 25, I do not smoke and I'm far from obese I wouldn't think that I would need to take it forever, I just want to be sure that I'm able to restore the slight loss of fluids that was currently lost from my discs which is causing immense pain. Thank you for your time and contributions!


Replied by Kody


Did you find out if you need to keep taking it after 2 weeks? I don't see a response to your question. Thinking about buying some of the hyaluronic acid soon for lower back discs. Thanks! Kody

Posted by Ceann (Manchester , Ia) on 02/09/2013

Please help! My 16 year old had her 3rd disc rupture and 2nd back surgery in 3 years. She is still not pain free and doctor said she won't be due to ddd. Her incision is still oozing 2.5 months after surgery. I will start her on the hyluronic acid and sea salt, but what else for the muscle pain??

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Vitamin K, Vit D plus Calcium for strong bones. A warm soaked Epsom Salt wash towel over the affected area 2x daily will help.

Replied by Ladybug
Sacramento, Ca

My first thought was Magnesium for her muscle pain. Perhaps nice, long soaks in the tub with Epsom Salts? (1-2 cups dissolved in the bath water.)

It may even benefit the healing of the incision.

Replied by Jholl
Louisville, Kentucky
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Most of us have a magnesium deficiency. Please read Dr. Sircus about transdermal magnesium. I have found it very helpful for arthritis. I do not think you should apply it on the wound. But elsewhere would be good. It will absorb and help heal. The product is called magnesium oil. It is not actually an "oil" but does share some characteristics of an oil. It absorbs in a few minutes. Like most all supplements, patience helps as defiencies are not corrected overnight.

Replied by Franky
Beirut, Lebanon

Magnesium oil is a must but not enough for degenerative disc disease. You also need vitamin d, and bioavailable calcium through food like almonds, sesame seeds, dark greens, organic whey protein from 100% concentrate.

You need boron also. Spray a borax solution mixed with water on the degenerated area. (half a tea spoon with half a liter of water sprayed on the area twice a day)

you need to eat food high in phosphorous.

you need to massgae a mixture of clove oil 10% and castor oil 30% and extra virgin coconut oil 60%. This works like a charm, but needs time in such situations. You also need to elliminate foods like wheat sugar fried food and junk food and grains, to stop fueling the underlying undiagnosed hidden body condition or major multiple malnutritions, that are causing your disc to degenerate. This is most vital to success and better than treating the symproms on site, to ensure future body harmony.

you can email me for questions.

Posted by Clean Air (Los Angeles, California) on 11/18/2011

Hi Ted, This site is wonderful, as are the folks who participate. Thank you so much!

You said the treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease is as follows:

"500 mg of Hyaluronic acid powder (sodium hyaluronate) plus 9 grams of sea salt in 500 cc of water. Store in refrigerator when not in used. " I'm confused on a few things and thanks ahead of time.

Here are my questions:

1. How much HA do I order from the purebulk website? Is 500 mg of Hyaluronic acid enough to last the entire two weeks, longer perhaps?

2. For bone AND cartilage restoration, what would the amount of time be for restoration? Maintenance?

3. Do I continue this indefinitely and then go on a maintenance dosage?

Thanks for all the feedback.

Clean Air

Replied by Tony
Feltham, Middlesex

Many thanks for this wonderful article. Following surgery 1994 laminectomy/discectomy L5/S1 level my latest MRI shows degenerative disc disease. I'm going to try the HA formula. The only thing confusing me is the vitamin C. I take a buffered vitamin C with magnesium and calcium. Should I stop using the vitamin C when taking HA? Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Thank you

Replied by Steve
New York, New York

For Ted or anyone that can help!!!! I had l4, l5 micro discectomy and been in pain ever since. How should I take the hyaluronic acid and will it heal my discs ? Please help Ted!!!!

Replied by Lisa
Lafayette, La

CORRECTION TO ABOVE POST! Sorry, when I said pour out 1/4 cup to arrive at 12 oz from your water bottle, I should have said 1/2 cup (4 oz) Thanks!

Posted by Sam (Willis, Michigan) on 08/29/2010

Ted I need to confirm about taking HA everyday until the cartliage is cured. The dose is about 8 caps three times a day empty stomach. It takes about 2 weeks to completely remove all back pain and the joint affected area in extremities may take a little longer. Thank you, Sam

Replied by Jasonmchicago
Chicago, Il Usa

Dear Ted, Can you help explain the different uses for HA vs. MSM. One's for degenerative disc disease, the other for arthritis... But not sure what the difference is in layperson's terms. Can you help with this? Thanks-a-million! Jason M Chicago

Replied by Lynette
Houston, Tx

Post on degenerative disc disease - mention "8 caps per day". Is this typo error and should read "8 cups" or some other measurement? thanks for your consideration

Replied by Lisa
Lafayette, La
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Lynette, not 8 cups, 8 CAPS. The reference to caps means the cap on the top of a typical water bottle. Altogether, it measures approx a shotglass full, maybe a little less. Measure the first time, mark your glass, then you won't have to measure it every time. I use a little plastic cup for that.

Quick update; my hubby has been taking Ted's recipe for the HA, 500 mg. Powder in 16 oz. Water, with 9 grams sea salt (approx 1 1/2 teas. Salt). His back is improving in a shocking manner (to him, at least), he is able to move like he hasn't moved in years! He used to be in karate as a teen, and can kick his leg straight up in front of him, (Whoo! I had to duck, didn't see THAT one coming! ), and his knee is steadily on the mend. That's all in less than 2 weeks.

Put your water in the fridge for about 4 hours, get it to 39 degrees or so. Add powder and salt and shake. Powder won't dissolve right away. Put back in fridge. Shake every 2-4 hours. In about 12-18 hours, the powder will be all dissolved, and water will have a slight thickening to it. This gives approx 10 doses. At dose 7 or so, around 2 1/2 days, start another bottle in the above manner so you won't miss a dose. I figured out that this method gives you roughly 150 mg. HA per day. After this 3 week regimen, use 12 oz water (open new 16.9 oz water bottle, pour out little over 1/4 cup, this leaves you 12 oz). Add 3000 mg. Ascorbic acid (vit c powder) BEFORE refrigerating. Shake well. Refrigerate 4 hours till 39 degrees or so. Put in approx 2 grams HA (2000 mg. Powder), and close lid. Shake, same as method described above. In 12-18 hours, it should be ready. This formula is much thicker. 1 Tablespoon dose will be 75 mg. Do morning & nite, on empty tummy. Also pour tiny bit in your hand, to rub on your face, neck and hands. AWESOME serum for the skin. DO NOT put your hands or mouth on this bottle, to keep from contaminating ingredients.

Side note: Vit C in body acts with any iron running around in there to break down the HA, which is not good. Take a quercetin tablet (bioflavinoid) to prevent this, and get OPTIMAL results from your HA. Sorry for long post, I've done so much research on this I talk about HA in my sleep. Good luck. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, just an interested by-stander. Do your own research and see your physician before taking anyone's advise!

Replied by Peter
Chicago, Il

To : Lisa from Lafayette

Is half hour before meal or one hour after meal fit the definition of empty stomach ?

Replied by Lisa
Lafayette, La

Peter, that sounds fine to me. We usually take our morning dose right before breakfast (maybe 15-30 min) and the evening dose right before bed (we eat kind of late). My husband takes his mid day dose a couple hours after lunch, but I'm sure one hour after food would be fine. Good luck! By the way, my mom has been on it for 1 week, Purebulk's thicker recipe, 150 mg. Daily, and she said she can mow her back AND front yard now without getting tired at all. Before, she had to take a nap right after mowing (she's 76! ). She also said an excruciating knee problem has been cut down to 1/2, and is getting better daily. Did I tell you I get my HA powder from Ted's source, Purebulk? It's cheap, the molecular weight is medium (you simply can't find any low molecular weight HA in powder form ANYWHERE! ) and it's pure. So easy to use. Our first bottles, though, we used an HA powdered capsule that I just opened up and dumped into the bottle (10 of them at 50 mg. Each). More expensive that way.

Replied by Janice
Coloma, Mi

Lisa, I'm not sure I follow this. You said that Vit C in body acts with any iron running around in there to break down the HA, which is not good but there is Vit C in the mixture.

Replied by Lisa
Lafayette, La

Right, there is vit. C in the mixture, to act as a preservative. It is a small amount, equaling about 250 mg. Per dose. This dosing info is from Purebulk website, where they tell how to mix it. Go to the site, pull up "hyaluronic Acid" and just read their info. On there. Very enlightening, indeed. But according to the Dr. Who wrote "How to live 100 years without Growing" , Vit. C in the body reacts with any unbound iron that may be in the body to break down HA by becoming a "pro" oxidant, vs. The antioxidant we all understand Vit. C to be. He confirmed (in an email to me) that taking bioflavinoids like Quercetin (which is an iron-binder) will keep this from happening, thus allowing you to reap the benefits of HA AND vit. C at the same time. That's what his book teaches, anyway. And I emailed him to ask him again just to be sure. Just read the book for yourself to glean your own info and understanding of what he explains. The info I gave was what I took away from the book, though, and I have added quercetin to my own supplement regimen. Don't take my word for it, read for yourself, it's always good to come to your own conclusions. For the Dr's website who wrote "... Live 100 Years... ", type in keywords Bill Sardi, and you will find ample info on him and his books. Fascinating guy.

Replied by Jb
Syracuse, Ny

So, about the Vitamin C and HA... Does that mean I should stop taking a vitamin c supplement while I'm taking the HA? And is HA something you continue to take your whole life? I'm just looking to get some relief from the degenerative disk in my neck.

Replied by Nitin
Agra, Uttar Pradesh

HELLO SIR, please help me out by telling "how to measure 500mg", as by reading ur post about DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE. I ordered HA from pls help me out in measuring 500mg of this acid- waiting eagerly for reply. Thanks regards!!

Replied by Ed
Chicago, Il

Has anyone tried this solution recently? I'm a little hesitent to try it since those recommending it seem to have dropped off the posting board with no further updates.


Posted by Hari (Hyderabad, India) on 03/04/2014
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The best way to CURE degenerative disc disease is yoga... It will give you relief from the pain and agony. I suffered for almost five months and found a good yoga guru who cured me completely. I request all of them who suffer from any kind of back/spine problems to try Yoga once. You will experience a better life for sure.. Thankyou

Replied by Karuneshwari

Hey Hari,

I read your reply on DDD, is the degeneration completely gone for you after practicing yoga? Also what practices did your guru teach you for the same as I am a yoga teacher myself .

Thanks 🙏