Fast and Effective Natural Remedies for Cough

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Posted by Diane (Oliver, Pa) on 01/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've had bronchitis frequently for the past several years. The last time was from September through October. The antibiotic the doctor prescribed did help some, but then I seemed to get worse again.

That last time I had bronchitis, I coughed so hard that I lost my voice for over six weeks, and my doctor eventually diagnosed me with chronic laryngitis. (Fortunately, once I got rid of the cough, I did get my voice back, although it took some time.)

I stumbled on this cure by accident, because I coughed so hard when I was sleeping, not one time, but on two separate occasions, that I woke up with a pounding, nauseating headache!

I took the Walmart equivalant of a name brand pain reliever for migraines. (The name brand says migraine, not the Walmart brand). It contains 250 mg acetaminophen, 250 mg aspirin, and 65 mg caffeine. My cough got better for a day or so, (but I didn't realize it at the time) then worse again, and when it happened the second time (waking up coughing with that horrible headache), I took this pain reliever again.

That's when I realized that my cough was better. I have no idea why this worked for me, but this is what finally cured my cough/bronchitis, and it didn't take a long time. Just a couple of days afterward of taking the pain reliever according to directions, every 6 hours, or at least when I remembered. And I had a really terrible cough! Anyone that's had bronchitis knows how it's worse at night when you're trying to sleep, so I was exhausted...

Since then, I've wondered about Ted's swine flu cure, and if it's just the aspirin in the pain reliever that cured my cough, or if it's all the ingredients combined, but it works for me. I did get a bit of a cough sometime after that, but I took a couple of doses of the pain reliever, and it knocked it right out that time.

In the past, if I started getting a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, I'd feel like, "oh, no!" because it would progress to bronchitis, but I've finally found something that oddly enough, keeps me from getting to that point. Hope this helps someone else, because it's cheap, easy, and effective for me. (No more antibiotics! Yippee!)