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Posted by Beth A (Nc) on 08/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Diane, thanks for posting about the M&M enema. Yes, it does work very well and is fast. It is a old remedy.

I hope your relative is better now. Blessings.

I have given a Milk and Molasses enema twice at home to one of my kids. Was constipated and harden stool. Nurse recommended giving him a M&M enema. She gave me the instructions for how much milk and molasses to mix and how to give it. Not hard to prepare and give.

It worked and he felt much better after he got the M&M enema.

You are right, it works very fast and may cause some cramping in the tummy. So be able to take the one who got it to expel right away.

The molasses will harden up if it cools down. Give at body temp. Once you prepare the solution (milk and molasses) you have to give the enema right away...or keep it warm till ready to give the enema.

The molasses will stop up the hose on the rubber enema bag type of enema and is hard to clean after the enema.

I used a rubber enema bulb syringe to give the M&M enema. The bulb is easier to clean than the bag. I had to rinse it a few times with hot soapy water to get the molasses out of the enema bulb syringe. Rinsed with clear water and let it air dry.

Check with your medical professional before giving a M&M enema or any home enema.

Posted by Diane (Lake City, Ar) on 04/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

A relative had a stroke several years ago. He has had extremely severe constipation recently due to complications caused by the stroke and was hospitalized. The hospital administered an enema made of only plain milk and molasses. It worked TREMENDOUSLY! Fast relief!