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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by El (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 04/18/2010
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ACV for infant eczema: My daughter is now 9 months old. She's had eczema since she was 2 month. I tried almost everything on her, prescribed drugs too. Nothing has worked so far. I read from this website that ACV seems to help a lot of people with eczema, so I tried it on her as well. Apply directly to skin after bath (diluted with 2/3 water), followed by moisturizer and Vaseline. It did help with the itchiness for the first two days. However, starting on the third day, her skin became extremely dry and flaky, so she started scratching again. We did not try anything new in between, so I assumed it must be ACV. I have stopped using ACV on her since, and her skin is getting better (dryness) but still covered with eczema. Am I using it right? If this is working for many others... It really breaks my heart seeing my daughter suffering from it on daily basis. I would try anything given the situation. Please help!