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Posted by Sanath (Calicut, Kerala India) on 09/03/2009

Mouth ulcer cure. Hi.. this worked for me.. Hope it helps others...

Have been suffering from mouth ulcers since child hood.. Am 35 now. Tried hundreds of experiements with various medicines, natural remedies. Some of them worked the first time but no more, while others didn't help at all.

Finally, It was by coincidence that I started using "Herbal Toothpastes" instead of the regular toothpastes. I noticed that instances of mouth ulcers reduced dramatically. It's been about two years since, i have had major bouts of this. Only recently when I had to use the regular toothpaste out of necessity ( iwas on vacation and I forgot my own)did i find a relapse of the ulcers. Shifting imemdiately to the herbal one relieved me (within a matter of 4 days) again this time. It was then I realized for sure that use of regular toothpaste was what was causing these ulcers. Really don't know what ingredient in the regular ones was causing the ulcers..

Anyways, Its worth a try for all you guys out there who are suffereing from recurring ulcers.