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Eliminate Milk to Eliminate Canker Sores
Posted by Chris (Clifton Park, Ny, 12065) on 12/06/2007
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For most of my life I was a regular (and during my younger years) heavy drinker of cow's milk. I suffered from horrible canker sores (3-4 at a time, each a half inch or longer) my whole life, right up until approximately 6 years ago when I eliminated milk from my diet. For me, it seems to only be related to the liquid form: I don't seem to have problems with cheese or even ice cream. However, a couple of times I've tried introducing milk again by having it on my cereal in the morning -- after about three days, I got a canker sore. Upon again stopping ingestion of milk -- no more canker sores. I was diagnosed when younger with an allergy to milk, and I wonder if this is related. I'm convinced science will catch up with this theory eventually and it will be shown that canker sores are closely related to allergies. Anyways, if you suffer from canker sores, try eliminating milk from your diet for 30 days and see what happens; I bet you'll be glad you did!