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EDTA Chelation

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Posted by Fra-fra (Mineral Wells, Texas Usa) on 12/04/2010 10 posts

My husband had adeno carsonoma cancer in his colon and tumor in his lung back in 2003. Had surgery on both, then he took 20 chelation treatments (no chemo or raditation) and as of this date has no cancer that can be detected by PET scans or CT scans. We have been blessed.

Electronic Ray Tube Device

Posted by Jeff (Lynnwood, WA) on 06/27/2008

Under the auspices of The University of Southern California, a Special Medical Research Committee led by Dr. Milbank Johnson did a 3-month study to test the effectiveness of an electronic ray tube device for cancer. They treated 16 patients, which were all pronounced cured after 91 days according to the documented results. "The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius" and "The Cancer Cure That Worked" both tell the story. Jeff.


Posted by Michael (Cuenca, Ecuador) on 02/25/2010

Between 1900 and 1930 in the USA electrotherapy was the most popular form of medical treatment by doctors and was taught in most medical schools. Then the AMA and FDA came into existence with their focus on pharmaceutical drugs to gain much money and take away the power to heal from the hands of the common man. (Back then people could buy electromedicine devices from the Sears catalog.) They had the medical schools stop teaching electromedicine by threatening to take away their AMA-accredited status. And the FDA made it illegal to sell electrical devices for the purpose of treating disease unless they approved them (ha! fat chance!). So then, little by little, electromedicine was forgotten in this country. See the electromedicine museum at But in 1992 researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that a small amount of electrical current disabled 98% of HIV-1 from being able to infect human blood cells. They used this research as the basis of a couple of medical patents, but no company ever purchased the right to use that technology to have a non-drug approach to treating AIDS. (Maybe because they were scared to counter the mob-like drug companies.) When Bob Beck, a physicist and alternative health researcher, found out about these patents he devised a simpler method of applying electricity from batteries to the blood to affect the microbes therein. Then he tested his blood electrification device against microbe-caused diseases and was generally successful. Then he started lecturing around the country and a few companies started making and selling his devices. I joined that elite group in 1997 after using those devices to rid myself of a 16 year infection of Epstein Barr Virus that caused Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. My first customer success stories were from 2 people who had cancer. This is because there are cancer-causing viruses that these devices help eliminate. Lately I've discovered how to make tumor electrification devices based on info from scientific studies, the Chinese, and the Germans. I've supplied them to a local cancer doctor here who has used them with great success. Just look up "tumor electrification" on Google for a very enlightening mind trip.

Replied by R.
(Dallas, Texas, Usa)

Does anyone have any first hand experience with the use of these devices? If so could you share your experiences, Please!

Replied by Michael
(Cuenca, Ecuador)

Dozens of electrotherapy experimenters are ready to share their experiences with you in the Yahoo groups Beck-blood-electrification and Beck-n-stuff and microelectricitygermkiller. Just register and start talking!

Replied by Andrea C

Here is the link to Robert Beck 'Blood Electricfication And Colloidal Silver, it is hard to find as it keeps getting removed off different web sites. This man has grown limbs In Vitro ( It means 'In Glass', tubes petri dishes e. T. C, ) and in Animals and Humans year's ago!! The F. D. A tried to Murder him for years!! And he died of 'A blow to the head'??? He also states that 'Garlic Family 'All Garlic, Onions, Leeks, etc, are a 'deadly poison to the Human Body, no one has EVER said he was wrong, or DISPROVED it!!! Watch the whole video, its long, but it is CRUCIALLY important to the World. Love Andrea C xxxxxxxx

Replied by Andrea.c

I am reposting the link for the Robert Beck video as it never showed up on my previous post. Love Andrea C xxx Robert Beck on Electrotherapy and Colloidal Silver

Replied by Steve

Here are some folks who have had success with the Beck protocol:

Endometrial Cancer

Posted by Malenkia (Seattle, Wa) on 08/09/2013

I have recently been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and I am determined to kill it and avoid surgery. I have searched this wonderful site for remedies, but have found significant confusion.

Ted recommends avoiding all sugars but the baking soda and molasses cure seems to contradict that since molasses is sugary.

Ted also recommends avoiding calcium, but Dr. Budwig's cure involves cottage cheese, a source of calcium.

Please help me resolve these apparent conflicts! I don't want to make my situation worse! Thanks for any help.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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@Malenkia: Sugar or glucose is cancer fuel AND an immune poison. Over time, the cells of the body grow worse at burning sugar for energy, and this sets the stage for chronic infections, particularly fungal but also viral and bacterial. Vit-C has a direct restorative effect on the immune system that's been damaged by sugar. To help burn sugar take the mineral chromium and the herb cinnamon.

Cancer also needs an acidic environment in which to survive. One of the main cancer treatments in the alternative school is the use of baking soda or sodium bicarbinate to bring the body ph toward alkaline. This method proved very helpful in many cases but further methods needed exploring to meet a higher kill rate. The problem of efficiency with sodium bicarbinate seemed to be in the deliver and transport into the cancer cells themselves; they seemed to resist this buffering. So, the ingenious method of combining sodium bicarbinate with a dense sugar would deliver the sugar hungry cancer the molasses while simultaneously feeding the sodium bicarb This modified delivery system has become a new standard in alt cancer treat.

As for calcium, simply avoid diet high in calcium w/ the exception of certain c protocol.

Speaking of buffering and minerals and cancer, the diet needs to be low in sodium (with the exception of the bicarb/molas remedy) and high in potassium. Potassium iodide or Lugols supplement will be a very important nutrient in your regimen.

Lastly, every c patient responds differently to different treatment protocols so some work for some and others not. In this case, pic like 5 different c protocols and begin with the one that seems suited for yourself, do it for 4-8 weeks and if the response isn't positive, then switch to treatment proto #2 and so forth.

Along side whichever treatment your doing, I would suggest hot mineral baths rotated by cold showers periodically. This rotation combination "shocks" the body and especially the immune system out of a bad or diseased pattern and into a healthy one, a reset button, if you will.

Endometrial Cancer
Posted by Aresem (Cavite, Bacoor, Philippines) on 05/28/2010 2 posts

I am particularly addressing my question to TED but input from anyone with knowledge about the subject will be most welcome. My wife is taking Hydrazine Sulfate for her stage-4 Endometrial Cancer which mets to the bone, I wanted to know for sure if sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate or magnesium oil use to raise the ph is compatibly safe to take in conjunction with hydrazine sulfate? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Izasona
(Fresno, California)

For alkalising your body, read about THE ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Essiac Tea

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Posted by Sweety (Cartersville, Georgia,usa) on 12/14/2010

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 3B at the age of 30 with only 3months to live. My husband and I had a friend who was an herbalist and introduced me to the Essiac Tea. I did not tell my doctor what I was doing until one day he said, "what have you been doing, your blood work is better than ever. " That was 12 years ago. My life expectancy was 4 years at most. I have watched all our children grow up and now I am able to spend time with our grandchildren. Take it from me it is a LIFESAVER!!!

Replied by Ruby
(Beverly, MA)

I agree. My father had a friend who was on deaths doorstep with cancer. He had been admitted and looked like a corpse. We brewed essiac tea and gave it to him. He finished several gallons was released and continued to take the tea. That was 7 years ago. He was cured. You have to make sure your source is good though. Also I believe Hulda Clark, that all disease is caused by either a parasite or toxin. Think about it. Laetril (apricot pits) also cure cancer. Laetril from what I've read has a naturally occuring cyanide. It is also found in apple seeds. I don't know a lot about laetril, although it seems harmless to us, I wonder if this cyanide becomes active when ingested against parasites. I'm beginning to think the same thing of essiac. I believe the plants used are obviously an anti-parasitic/detox concoction.

It seems like a lot of herbs that act as such have an incredible effect of improving one's health. I think the diet option is basically starving the cancer, removing what it needs to thrive, while essiac may kill it off directly.

EC: Find out more about Essiac Tea on our page dedicated to the herbal remedy here.

Replied by Hope

Hi. I just read your post and was wondering how you're doing? I also was diagnosed with cancer and was wondering if the powdered essiac tea with all the herbs included is okay also is there a particular way to drink the tea? any advice at all would be appreciated God bless you!

Essiac Tea
Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 06/30/2008

Powerful Cancer Formula
Indian Sage,Chaparral,Red clover, Herbalene.These four herbs must be added together for best results.These formula cleanse your blood and boost your immune system to fight Cancer effectively.Over Millions have used this formula with good results.These herbs would have the same effect on most illnesses! This formula is also suitable for piles and many other diseases. jason winters killing cancer

Replied by Glenda
(San Francisco, CA)

Does anyone have an idea what the ingredient called "herbalene" really is in jason winters tea? is it dong quai, or astralagus or fo-ti? what is it? why does this guy, winters, have to be so secretive,???? Anyone really know what it is? Liz

Replied by Blancie
(San Francisco, CA)

The inquiry was not answered, just evidently a spam for jason winters. So what is the common name for herbalene? Anyone know?

Replied by Michael Martinez
(San Diego)

I discovered the 'Herbalene' ingredient for Jason Winter's tea by merely copying and pasting the name of the scientific paper that was posted on their website into Google. Jason Winter's site omits the name in their copy of the study but the ACTUAL study found online states that the two herbs are:

Astragalus Membranaceus


Ligustrum lucidum (or Privet Fruit)

Essiac, Turmeric, Famotidine, Diphenhydramine

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Posted by wynnye (Texas) on 01/29/2023

in June of 2022 I took my older dog, Ruby to the vet because I thought she had ingested something in the garage left by the handy man. on x-raying her stomach, the vet found a tumor on her spleen. upon further x-ray, looking to see if the cancer had spread to other organs, multiple lesions were found on her lungs (odd, I thought, since she had no coughing, shortness of breath, low energy, etc). but I saw the lesions on the x-ray. the Vet gave her 2 months at the outside. I took her home and did a little research. I started her on diphenhydramine 25mg twice a day with famotadine 10mg twice a day (I looked up the dosages online, according to her weight). The same with Essiac Tea, also by weight, twice a day. and Turmeric by weight, again twice a day. It is now January 2023 and she is going strong, energy, no symptoms!

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer

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Posted by STEVEN (PA - Pennsylvania) on 10/02/2021

My sister-in-law was diagnosed in July 2020 with adenocarcinoma esophageal cancer. They didn't expect her to live more than two months. She went on a strict modified keto diet and lost 100 pounds.

In April 2021 she started taking Panacur C. Two months later she doubled the dosage and here in October 2021 she is still taking it along with numerous other things. She is regaining her strength and energy.

Replied by Maria
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How much to take daily?

(Somewhere in Europe)
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As to Panacur C, you want to get the 1 g packets, because each of those packets contains 222 mg Fenbendazole.

Of Fenbendazole, the usual dose for humans is 222 mg/day in Joe Tippen's protocol, which is a suppressed cancer cure, as this is 222 mg/day dose has cured numerous terminally ill, stage IV cancer patients. View

As to Fenbendazole, and for short-term use, higher doses are also possible.

Example: Dr. Lee Merritt, MD takes Fenbendazole 700 mg/day for 3 days. However, her dose is only (700/(150/2.2) =) 10.27 mg/kg, because she weights only 150 lbs. Further, she takes this dose only for 3 days, then she pauses for 4 to 30 days. As she explains in her video, unless you want additional issues, don't pause for too long. You need to consider the life-cycle of parasites. View and may fast forward to 21:00.

One recurring issue is, no one knows what the proper dose should be for humans, so how are you going to decide what dose is right for you?

Another recurring issue is, if you ask your Medical Doctor, he or she will likely discourage you, and set you back for many months. Why? Partly because MDs are scared of Fenbendazole. And partly because MDs get ZERO training in parasitology. Therefore, don't ask your doctor. Ask your veterinarians and or farm supply stores!

For the most common worm, the roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides) in CATS, vets recommend Fenbendazole, 50 mg/kg/day x 3 to 5 days. After this 3-5-day period, you need to pause your treatment for an unspecified number of days.

For the largest-sized parasite, the fluke, a.k.a. flatworm (Fasciola hepatica) in SHEEP, vets recommend Fenbendazole, 150 mg/kg/day x 1 day. After this, you need to pause the treatment for an unspecified number of days.

As to further increasing your dose, don't do it because 1) Safety comes first, 2) These doses are the highest doses already, and 3) Why spend more than what you have to? You won't get a bigger bang for your buck!

However, if you use a higher dose, it's unlikely that it will kill you. Because, for rats, the oral LD50 was greater than 5, 000 mg/kg. See (22.2_pct) Solid Formulation_AH_ID_6N.pdf

However, Fenbendazole CAN kill you due to known and unknown drug interactions. Example: If you use Fenbendazole in combination with Salicylanilides, such as Dibromsalan and Niclosamide. Deaths and abortions have been reported after using these medications together. See .

Replied by Emma L

Are you referring to Panacur C, a dewormer for dogs she took for her cancer?

EC: Yes.

Replied by Lisa

Could you please post your story and where you are at as of today on your esophageal cancer? All help is needed. Thanks

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In case you don't get the reply and information you are seeking, melatonin in at least one study has shown to be beneficial for esophageal cancer by inhibiting metastasis and this may be additive to your other treatment :

Here is a relevant study quote :

' In summary, our study demonstrated that 1mM pharmacological concentrations of melatonin inhibited the migration and invasion of TE-1 esophageal cancer cells through suppressing the NF-κB pathway and down-regulating the expression of MMP9, which provided a theoretical and experimental basis for the clinical treatment of melatonin in esophageal cancer. '

On a somewhat related note, the type of melatonin that dissolves in the mouth may be a useful form as the dissolving melatonin will bathe the esophagus lining on the way down before the melatonin goes systemic. Capsules or pills won't do that. Taking right before bed may allow the dissolved melatonin to stay in the esophagus longer because you won't be eating or drinking to wash the melatonin out of the esophagus.


Replied by Brenda
(British Columbia)

Are fenbendazole and Apricot Seeds together ok?

Can anyone tell me is it ok to take fenbendazole - restarting today for 3 days, then off for 4 (ala Dr. Lee Merritt and others) together on same days as apricot seeds - looks like 12 seeds 3 times a day for my body weight

are there contraindications that I should be concerned about? thank you

(somewhere, europe)

Brenda, 12 apricot seeds 3 times a day sounds like a LOT. But even if you are convinced about the amount, perhaps it would be prudent to start with far less and slowly work your way up...


I take 16 (4x) daily during treatment along with 444 mg of Fenbendazole (1x) daily.

From my research:

Although technically not a vitamin, Vitamin B-17 was the name given to Amygdalin by bio-chemist Dr. Ernst T Krebs in 1952. Vitamin B-17 is a molecule made up of four parts: 2 parts Glucose, 1 part Benzaldehyde, and 1 part Hydrogen Cyanide. I know what you're thinking. Cyanide? Yikes! Don't worry, cyanide in this form is non-toxic, just like it is in this form of B-12 (Cyanocobalamin). Normal healthy cells contain the enzyme Rhodanese which neutralizes the Benzaldehyde and Hydrogen Cyanide in B-17. It converts them to the useful nutrient compounds Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid.. Eat as many as you like I eat a handful every other day, healthy as can be.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Gerald (OH) on 09/10/2021

Public policy should not and does not support allowing a physician to try ‘any' type of treatment on human beings, ” Oster decreed, falsely suggesting that ivermectin is only for “livestock” and not humans.

It is like banging one's head against the wall trying to set the record straight that ivermectin is fully FDA-approved for humans. The prevailing narrative right now is that it is a dangerous “horse paste” that is not for human intake, which is patently false.

I am 76 years old, I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma 2 1/2 years ago. I had a tumor removed on my neck, I was told by a doctor that I should get 45 treatments of radiation or I guarantee it will spread to another place in my body, They wanted me to get a CT scan with contrast to see if it had spread. I refused all treatment because I was positive my cancer started with a CT scan of my leg prior to having a stent put in, from that moment on a tumor started growing on my neck and within 30 days it was the size of a golf ball. I told many doctors that the CT scan started my cancer, their reply was dead silence.

So I started takeing Fenbendasol like Joe Tippens did

Recently I had to get another CT scan for the stent in my leg had completely blocked off. they took it from my chest down, No sign of cancer, I started taking Fenbendasol as of now no signs of cancer.

Let me tell you Cancer treatment in America is a 500 Billion dollar per year industry they are not going to come up with a cure and kill that cash cow.

I feel if I had taken their radiation treatment I would not be here now, after all, it was radiation that started it.

These dewormer meds are safe and do work.

All of these statments or my own personal opinion.

Also, I had started getting skin outbreaks in my left ear, started applying Black Seed oil on them, the sore inside my ear went away, the behind my ear started clearing up, I would also put fenbendazole on it, It all seems to be working.

And if you are concerned about Covid, please follow the links in my previous post on the Squamous Cell Carcinoma page here under Ivermectin:

My daughter and my wife are servers and I did know it was just a matter of time before they would bring it home to me. Sure enough, my daughter had signs, I immediately went to Tractor supply and bought ivermectin for horses and started taking it, also gave it to my daughter and wife, they stopped after a few doses and should have kept taking it but they did not have serious covid effects and was over it in about 6 days, Thank God I did not get it.

I still take it twice a week to prevent covid and cancer.

I hope this information will help someone out there suffering from these problems.


Replied by coolings

hello, and thanks for sharing. what was the dosage for the ivermectin? and how often do you take it and for how long should you do so? thank you.

Replied by Candy
(St Louis)

What dose did you use for humans and what dose would be used for a dog with cancer?

Molly M
(Central Texas)
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Candy, read this whole story and the comments about Joe Tippens overcoming cancer that had metastasized throughout his body. He is a wonderfully lighthearted and enjoyable writer, so you can easily read his story and relate to his very positive attitude. This is the link:

You'll have to copy and paste, or scroll up to the hot link Gerald posted and go right to the blog. Fenbendazole comes in two brand names, Panacur-C and Safe-Guard. You have to take a dosage every day according to your weight, and be advised that the largest dosage for dogs at 80 pounds or more actually takes TWO packets per 80 pounds. I found the Safe-Guard for large dogs on, and it arrived within 3 days. IT IS COMPLETELY SAFE FOR HUMANS - DO NOT BE AFRAID OF TAKING IT WHEN THE BOX STATES, "For dogs only..."! There is actually a "human" pharmaceutical, Menbenzadole, that is the same medicine only higher can be expected by its makers, Big Pharma. Read ALL of Joe's blog post, as he states toward the end that it is perfectly safe to take the fenbendazole 7 days a week, instead of his first system of dosing, 3 days on and 4 days off.

For your dog, just give him 1 packet a day according to his weight, or according to the listing of dosages if he's 61 to 80 pounds or more.

For all of us, human or animal, we'll be free of all kinds of worms FOR SURE! The cancer will also be gone after a while, and like Joe, we should continue taking the maintenance dosages for the rest of our lives....just to avoid reoccurrences.

Good luck, and tell us all about your and your dog's cures!

Molly in Texas

Replied by Valerie
(Wirral, UK)

I thank you for taking the trouble to post your experience. It's extremely helpful. I just wish posters would mention dosages

Replied by Jen

I sincerely hope you were successful.. Jen also Australia

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Teresa W (Olympia, WA) on 04/25/2021

I read yesterday that fenbendazole has cured cancer in several people! It's dewormer and used on animals! It's called Panacure C. A man has been cured of stage 4 lung cancer.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Terri (Indiana) on 01/12/2021

Many people and pets are putting their cancer in remission with Fenbendazole (Pancur). This is a cheap dog dewormer that is safe for people and other animals (by weight). has Joe Tippens story of recovery and how he learned about it. There are facebook groups on using it for cancer. I found it when I was searching for anything that could help my kitty with cancer. I didn't see it listed on this site, but maybe it can help someone else.

Replied by SamB

Did it save your cat? How much did you give?

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Prov31J (Somewhere Over the Rainbow....(KS)) on 11/06/2019

I just found out about the fenbendazole protocol (was already doing vitamin E and curcumin and other things per naturopathic oncologist protocol) the other day, reading one of the survivor stories - Joe Tippens -- on James Templeton's TempletonWellness dot com website.

Told a friend about it as he has adenocarcinoma which I don't know what it is, exactly, but it's hitting him in various areas, colon, his back. I've got stage 3 inflam breast cancer est neg prog neg her2 pos. I just laughed at your comment about "It could not happen to a nicer bunch of people." and later on about doctors living in small houses... I'm sure you know that in most of the countries like in Russia, doctors are more like glorified technicians, none of the "I'm God, Jr. and I know what is BEST for you..." while proceeding to poison me with chemo (after the "first, do no harm" thing that they supposedly have to take an oath for, when they are in medical school.). My former sister-in-law's mom was anesthesiologist in Russia and they are not paid in Russia (not now, in any case, after their government issues 10+ years ago), and back when they were paid, it was not anywhere on the same scale as American anesthesiologists. sooo anyway I ordered the 2 gram packages of the de-wormer because a) I can weigh it on my scale and cut the amount in half to the 1 gram dose, to make sure I don't have ill effects, and then 2), I'm quite a bit heavier than a 20 pound dog. Anyway my friend says his vet is gonna fix him up with 40 doses for $30 - might be worth it to visit your local vet and see what their cost is . I will check into it with my dog's vet, see if I can get some from him too. (hey, my dog gets worms too! totally legit!).

Replied by ORH

HI U PROV 31,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, over the years I have accumulated many health books and two were by the Russian author, Mikhill Tomback, Ph D. His mother was an MD and wanted him to study medicine, but he said he did not want to treat symptoms, he wanted to cure people. The two biggies I got out of his books were to flush and cleanse your liver twice a year and to keep your skeleton and spine aligned so your nerves could continue to properly communicate with your brain. One observation of mine is that after many intelligent MD's are living comfortable, they are not happy and go into functional medicine, where they can use their brain and not the FDA's nor the AMA. People are not just a number to them. We go to a chiropractor periodically just to stay aligned. After I fell and crushed my T 12 5 years ago, that has been interesting. That is when my AFIB started. My prayers are not for God to heal me, but to give me knowledge. He does that on his own time table, but I eventually get the message. My latest purchase of Panacur C was for the 4 gram packets and that shipped the next day, so the shortage is of the easy 1 gram packets. I gram = 1/4 level teaspoon, thus I will stick with that and measure each time. Prov 31, I assume you are of Russian decent or married into a Russian family and figure you could match stories with me. Wish you well.


Replied by Art
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ORH, UC Irvine did do a followup nicotinamide study based on the very successful mice study, however the human study not only failed to replicate the mice study, it failed to show any benefit for humans with mild to moderate Alzheimr's disease as outlined in the following study : On a related note, a small and obscure human study that used 4 very common probiotics mixed in a small amount of milk at high dose once daily did show positive results with an improvement on the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) of about 2 points on average in just 12 weeks. Drawbacks to this study are the very short length of just 3 months which begs the question, what would have happened over a one year period? Would the test scores have continued to improve? Another shortcoming was that the patients were all at very advanced disease progression falling into the category of “severely cognitively impaired”. It is possible that at this stage of disease progression, this particular patient group may have been beyond the “point of no return”, which also brings forward the question, would patients at a mild to moderate range of disease progression have gotten better results? Lastly, it is pretty much agreed that probiotics in conjunction with prebiotics tend to offer more benefit than probiotics alone and that is why many, if not most probiotic manufacturers include at least minimal amounts of prebiotics in their products. In this case, you have to consider if the addition of prebiotics to the 200 ml milk/probiotic drink would have obtained better results than the probiotic alone? On a positive note about this study, to the researchers credit they used four very commonly available probiotics as opposed to using patented probiotics which are generally much more expensive than the four bused in the study and should be obtainable at reasonable cost with a little bit of research! Lastly, but importantly, probiotics in general have a very good safety with a few exceptions in certain diseases and they also have the ability to improve other health parameters. Here is a link to a short and easy to read article about this study : Sadly, even though the current medications for AD/dementia are minimally effective and any positive effects seem to be short lived while the medications themselves come with known side effects, there was no followup study to this study which was done back in 2016! Very sad! Art in California

Replied by ORH
(Ten MILE, TN.)

ART,,,,,,,,,,, appreciate your EC contributions over the years , however, this is not a study, this is a cover up. I am having some medical friends look at this. 12 people in a study for 6 months. Whoopee. More than that on EC has said it worked for a relative. I guess I should get my 94 year old Wisconsin boss into this exchange. If IRVINE had drawn a differ conclusion, how much medical research money would that get in the future. Yep , ZERO. I once thought the Legal profession was the most corrupt profession. Was wrong, they are #2. The medical profession is the most corrupt. No one taught me this I got this way by life's experience.


Replied by ORH
(Ten MILE, TN.)

ART,,,,,,,,,,,, got my old boss, Art B, involved and here is his response. "Robert: I have been aware from the get-go that the study was stopped. All we have to go on is the mouse studies. There was no way that the university was going to get money to continue the study so they decided to instead work on something that a drug company wanted to get FDA approval for and would finance their doing a study on it. The little work they did do on niacinamide could not be said to have proved anything about its effectiveness, one way or the other. I can't help thinking that it has helped me stay sharp at 94+ because doing the Lumosity tests my scores put me better than 91% of the folks aged 75 and over doing the tests. Take care, Art B." EC, I have used the term, "BEATING A DEAD HORSE” before, so I will close out on this conversation.


Replied by Art
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Regarding the human Alzheimer's disease (AD) randomized, placebo controlled, double blind study using nicotinamide as an adjunctive treatment for AD in patients with mild to moderate symptomatology , it was completed in 2016 and though the study group was small, as you stated, the results were that there was no significant improvement in the treatment group or the placebo group. The link that I included in that post showed a fully completed study from UC Irvine School of Medicine in conjunction with the Veterans Administration Long Beach Healthcare System . I understand that you feel this study was a cover up of some sort, but based on this study, I would certainly not rely on nicotinamide / niacinamide as a stand alone AD/dementia treatment for someone that I care about or even if I just knew or was aware of such a person who was using nicotinamide for the purpose of treating AD/dementia, I would want them to at least be aware of this study and the fact that there are other safe options such as the probiotic study that I linked to in my previous reply to you. It is my belief that with a combination of three or four supplements, it is possible to significantly slow, halt or reverse disease progression in dementia patients, but there will not be any studies to prove or disprove my theory because that is all it is, a theory, but I could not in good conscience recommend nicotinamide/niacinamide as a stand alone treatment for AD/dementia to anyone!


Replied by Prov31

I have been thinking for awhile I needed to get back to a regular chiropractic schedule, even if sometimes it seemed as though "nothing was happening." I ordered the 4 gram Panacur C from Amazon on November 1, 2019 because it was allegedly in stock and the 1 gram packs were out of stock. It got "delayed" twice and I only received it yesterday 11-19-2019 (well two days ago because it just passed midnight so now it's the 21st.). And how you got me involved with the Russians will be a fun story to pick up later, as my husband is texting me to get off the computer and go get some sleep! Allegedly I'm more of Irish, English (according to a DNA thing a few years ago, which likely will pick up even more hits now that the software is better), and maybe some American Indian (according to family members who want to brag that they are on tribal rolls but not share info with our immediate family. Oh well.). Married into an English family. But not to say we aren't distantly Russian. Oh... I just forgot, my youngest brother was married to a young Russian gal here in USA on High School exchange program. Then they got divorced and I haven't seen her or her baby in 18-19 years. Oh well. So there's that. Talk later!

Replied by ORH

PROV 31 FROM KANSAS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hi u girl? Sounds like you have been half way around the watermelon too. Now don't get me into any family dispute as I cause enough problems and don't need help. If you have read any of Hulda Calrk's books , she says that all disease is caused by parasites. I think she hung the moon. So if the dog dewormer just gets rid of my parasites then that is OK with me. But I got a gut feeling that Joe Tippens is a straight arrow and is not feeding us a line. I'll take that any day over a medical double blind test. I only buy from Amazon when I have too. We had a Nuclear Engineer in our little church and his job played out, but he loved this area and wanted to stay here. He took a job with an Amazon warehouse. He said they treat you like a slave with no bath room break. He quit after one day and moved to the Savannah Nuclear Plant and comes back when he can. I started in industry in '54 when management treated you like the good book says. That's the way I treat the kids that work at our little farm. All are flabbergasted. I fuss at them as they drive me around in our utility vehicle. They love driving a rig and getting paid at the same time. I require them to know the trees and plants, and why we do things the way we do. Their brain is expanding all this time. I want our present little guy to be an engineer.


Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN.) on 11/01/2019

HI U OLD PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let me tell you a story. Read a site a few months ago in which cancer was cured by an old compound named Fenbendazole, which is so old that the patent has run out and they now used is to cure dogs of worms. It is now back with a vengeance. The article I read was about a guy who was treated by MD Anderson and after they burnt him up, they then told him that he had 3 months to live. He was an Ok State graduate and a veterinarian friend of his contacted him and told him to start taking this compound. He did and his lung cancer was cured in a few months. That was in 2016 and now this is all over the world. I told this to a doctor friend of mine today and he said he started this treatment 2 months ago and now has 7 patients on the dog dewormer. One guy had prostate cancer and close to death with a PSA of 300. His PSA is now below 15. The product works because it does not allow the cancer cells to get sugar and thus they die. Buy gold and silver because this will bankrupt the US. Cancer is only second to energy to our economy. A cure for cancer will shut down almost every hospital in the country. It could not happen to a nicer bunch of people.

My PSA has gone up in the last 3 years and I'm positive that I have early stages of prostate cancer. I bought the dog medicine for $8/wk and will begin the protocol next week. I also have heart parasites and that maybe my AFIB problem. I have diabetes and thus, may cure 3 health problems with this measure. We know that you will not have heart pluggage if you do Vit K 2 and now this. Doctors will soon move back into the same small houses we all lived in .... in the 50's.

Replied by RSW


So happy to hear you are trying this. I will be praying for a recovery on all three fronts. I didn't know it worked by limiting the uptake of sugar. All the better. Are you also adding the Vitamin E, turmeric and CBD? I bought the wormer and CBD, (skipped the turmeric. Don't want my blood to get too thin, and didn't get the Vitamin E, at least not yet) took a one week dose (M, T, W), skipped a week when my daughter was visiting, and took a second round this week. I am hoping it may help with the autoimmune diseases I believe I got after taking statin drugs. All autoimmunity begins in the gut? Don't see a downside to this. Keep us posted! Hoping you are right and this corrects everything that you have been facing over the years. I have been spreading the word, meeting mostly skepticism and looks of lunacy, but a few receptive souls, too. Take care.


RSW,,,,,,,,,,,,, love you like a sister, but don't mess with something that works. I think the Ok State veterinarian came up with this protocol. I will follow it to a T. All this is evolving because the Lord has had about all he can stand. The biggies are cancer and the heart. This dewormer will take care of our cancer and may take care of diabetes. The Vit K 2 protocol will take care of our heart and osteoporosis. Just don't get vaccines and we all should be home free, if we avoid GMO's and Round Up. By the way, my name is Robert Henry .Mc.................. My mother called me Robert until she got the ass at me and then it went to "ROBERT HENRY". Henry is my middle name. I figure all have the ass at me so that is the name I use full time.====ORH====


RSW,,,,,,,,, Tractor driver suggested today that I hoard the dog dewormer in case she or our kids need it. My supplier was out of stock? Expecting that, but I found a supplier that said they could ship in November, so I ordered a bunch. This is a movement that is about to get out of hand. Can live with worms , but not cancer. Things are about to get interesting. Could be folly, but I don't thing so. ====ORH====


Hi ORH, I tried to buy some more in the past couple of days and have found almost every vet site is out of stock or back ordered. Amazon raised the price quite a bit. Free market rules, I guess. I found one site that said it was in stock, but after I ordered some, it has now sent me a response that it is back-ordered. I hope everyone is ordering, and that it is not being pulled or manipulated by Big Pharma. Yes, I think this may be a very big deal, and I hope it helps a lot of people who may have had little hope. I thought the same thing as your wife and want to keep some on hand going forward, too. Joe Tippens is a hero as far as I am concerned, for getting the word out there for everyone, as is the OK State vet for offering what he knows to anyone who might benefit. I am very hopeful, also, and hope this pans out beyond our best expectations. Take care.

Replied by ORH
(Ten MILE, TN.)

RSW,,,,,,,,,,,,, beating a dead horse , I know, but got a notice this morning that my dog dewormer order will ship in the order it was made. They will ship in late Nov. Can live with that, but decided to up the ante' so ordered more in the 4 ounce size which is about 1/2 the cost of one ounce. That means I will have to measure. Girl, we are living in interesting times when our medical folks are essentially treating cancer as they did 50 years ago and progress is only made by free thinkers on the fringe. I am requesting that EC change the title of this thread because my only contribution is to tell stories of what other folks have done. I have a feeling,however, that conversations as we are having it getting the word out. Another story I want to tell is to confirm that my old (94) boss in Wisconsin gives credit to his top 1% scores on Luminosity to niacinamide that he started taking after the U of Calif, Irvine did their study on mice with dementia, but failed to follow up this success with human tests. It's a $ thing as usual. ====ORH====

Replied by ORH

JOE TIPPEN'S CANCER STORY,,,,,,, learned today from pet vet supply company that they are aware of the reason for the increase in demand for the one gram size dog dewormer and thus ,the back orders. They filled my 4 gram packet order the next day. One gram is a level 1/4 tsp , so I have to measure daily. Not a deal and it is half the price of the one gram packets. I now have about four months supply. I am unaware of any side effects. My fasting glucose has gone from 150 to 90, but I expected that due to the mechanism of cutting off sugar to your cells. I do have diarrhea ,but attribute that to my AFIB Rx. Hope this helps some who are on back



Thanks for the update on your cancer journey and the dog dewormer. Please keep them coming! Dr. David Williams wrote about fenbendazole this past summer (July 2019): Not surprisingly, the newsletter mentions that the price of this deworming drug has increased. Best of luck.


NONNIE,,,,,,,,, now that's a beautiful and unusual name. I thank your for your post and have sent out my response to my blind friends of the world. Because I have a good line of Bull , most think I know something. I don't, I just read a lot and pass interesting stuff along. This dog dewormer thing could be earth shaking. I got a feeling that the Lord has a hand in this. All know that we close to a civil war and we all looking for the reason. Seems ....some folks want to work and some want to live off those that want to work. Our little farm boy is 15 and loves to work. He is a second generation Mexican American that can't speak Spanish, but he loves God and prays at bed time. He would not get paid until he knew his multiplication tables. That's done. He is now working on the 10 Commandments. Then we will start woking on the states and their capitals. His dad abandon the family and he has no male mentor. I got appointed.



NONNIE,,,,,,,,,,, SJS, as I just learned why Gamma E was included in Joe Tippens cancer protocol. Here is the best explanation I have found. It is logical. ====ORH====


Hi ORH - Thank you for the Life Extension article about full-spectrum Vitamin E - very informative. I had been taking 400 IU (268 mg) of Vitamin E with mixed tocopherols for years but I didn't know it should have contained tocotrienols as well. I'll have to source a high-dose mixed tocotrienols brand. Learning something new every day!

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by j. park (United States) on 09/18/2019

To those "Doomed" patients of cancer. I mention this since I don't seem to see this approach in EC. If you consider your self as "doomed" or your loving ones, and haven't run into this, please read on.

I'm a full-time alternative medical researcher of 20 years, think I've gone thru just about all aspect of cancers. So you'll know I'm no novice in this field. That said, I present you this new developments. Matter of fact, it's old knowledge, but not known to public. The highlights of this approach are: * cost virtually nothing. * easily available medication. * curing rate very fast in few months. * very safe. * works for terminal cancers who hasn't gone over the bridge of no return. * known to main stream medical community, but not adapted due to .... you know what... So if I were you, I'd try this right away since it is so easy to start. Even if this fails, you virtually got nothing to lose. This method is using "Dog Dewormer", Fenbendazole. Read the following website.

This will tell you the straight story. There is an honest gentleman who got over terminal cancer that metastasized to all parts of his body, with 1% chance of living, got cured completely and then try to spread the story. We need to help him by curing ourselves first.

My sincere prayer is with you. j. park

Replied by Nonnie

Hi J. Park from the U.S. -

Thank you so much for your posting about Fenbendazole.

Unfortunately, I lost my husband to colon cancer in December 2018. He definitely would have tried this and there would have been a good chance I'd still have my best friend and soul mate today. You have done a great service by spreading the word. I can't thank you enough. Take care and best of health to you and yours!

Replied by J. Park
(United States)

My greatest sympathy for you losing your life-time partner. Wish we had this kind of info earlier, but we all suffer sometimes. I know how you would have felt watching your loving one suffer and die. I lost my mom in diabetes/Alzheimer, she suffered 10 long years before my eyes. I didn't know what to do and decided to start studying in medicine, that was 20 years ago. I'm sure he would have wanted you to be healthy & strong to survive the tragedy w/o him. Hang on learn as much as you can about physical & spiritual health. I'll remember you in my prayers, Nonnie.

Replied by Nonnie

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, J. Park. It is very much appreciated. Take care, Nonnie

Replied by Maryland

Hello Joe, do you think fenbendazole could be used to help a dog that has melanoma?

(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

I would dissolve the fenbendazole in the dmso, in fact I did this for my husband's kidney tumour, results on biopsy are still pending, we are a work in progress. Before surgery I was supplying budwig meal x4 a day with the fenben mixed in, emulsified into the mix. I also infiltrated the skin directly to the kidney because of a stomach ulcer. He'd lost 20 kg in three weeks and since he has been home he has regained muscle function (he was having spasms bordering on seizures) and has put on about 3/4 the weight he has lost. Another thing you could try because it's melanoma (accessible) is dissolving the baking soda in dmso and delivering that to the cancer directly. Since surgery I have reduced the budwig meal mixed with fenbendazole to one a day, Joe tippens beat his 50 inoperable tumours with 222mg daily (4 days on 3 days off) studies were done with 1500mg and daily with no break. We're not breaking but I still have so much to throw at this if it comes to pass that the tippens dose *delivered inside the cancer cell* by the budwig is not enough. I am confident in this two punch approach. I am seeing marked improvement with my eyes.

Best to you