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Baking Soda
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile ,tn) on 12/17/2013

HI U WILD AND STRANGE FOLKS, , , , , , , , , That's what the Allopathic's call us. I know that the Italian MD. , Dr Simoncini injects baking soda into tumors to kill them. Why can't we do the same? I give my wife B 12 shots and vice versa. Dope heads are better with a syringe than most doctors. If you can't do it , then get an addict to do it for you, because no doctor will.

You can buy whatever syringe you want at the local farmers Co-op along with DMSO, MSM, and parasite insecticides that only your MD can prescribe for you. We just had a church friend pass after Vanderbilt threw everything they had in their arsenal at him. It was jus the same stuff that they have been doing for the last 50 years, only more powerful. The cancer on his neck was as big as your fist. Why not fill that thing with a high pH solution like Baking Soda? No, they allowed the tumor to grow until he could not breath. His funeral is this Sat.

He was a Viet veteran and agent orange is the suspect origin. We are all undergoing the same treatment only it is called Round-up. All the farmers in East Tenn are using it twice in a crop cycle. First, to kill all the grass prior to planting and then when they want to reap the crop, they spray the soy beans or the corn. All cooking oils are from GMO plants except a few and now Big Agri is bastardizing those. The remove the oil from the peanuts and sell that expensive oil separately. They then substitute cheap GMO oils in the peanut butter. Doubt me? Read the label.

Excuse my rant, but if you watched the movie " The Last Angry Man", then you know me. Our world has tuned from love your neighbor, to total greed. The Lord is coming soon and he will just leave a greasy spot.

Tell us if you decide to address a tumor by injecting baking soda. That will be eye opening and stir the world.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY===========

Dandelion Root Tea
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 12/15/2013

Hi Robbie, there are indeed some good web sites on dandelion herb. I pick mine from the garden and make tea. My cats actually slurp it, so do the dogs. This is a wonderful herb, a safe diuretic loaded with vitamins and minerals. The entire herb is to be utilized. I use it about twice a year to the max and we all feel so much better. In Chinese medicine it is the no. six most important herb. Worth researching. Om

Dandelion Root Tea
Posted by Robbie111 (Calgary, Alberta) on 12/14/2013

Just wanted to let people here know about Dandelion Root Tea curing cancers of all types including Leukemia. Canadian research doctors are trying to isolate compounds from it right now. If you google Canadian researchers cure cancer with dandelion root tea you will find lots of articles on how and why it works.

Testicular Cancer Remedies
Posted by Cody (Texas) on 12/13/2013

It's been a busy year no doubt my wife and I had our first child, my grandfather died (of prostate cancer) I've changed jobs and bought a house. But I haven't had anything too traumatic happen. Other than my Grandfather all changes have been for the better. I've maintained The makers Diet for close to 3 years. I feel closer to God and my wife than I ever have before. My job is a lot of hours but I'm excellent at it and fiscally well off. Maybe this year has been to good lol and I needed to be dropped down a peg.

Testicular Cancer Remedies
Posted by Happy (Up The Creek In Wv, Usa) on 12/13/2013

Cody; read up on Doctor Hamer from Germany. He also developed testicualr cancer. From the experience, he developed a entirely new form of cancer therapy. He calls it the NEW MEDICINE, and the NEW GERMAN MEDICINE. He discovered that all cancers are psycho-somatic in origin. They all begin in the mind, after a emotional shock of some kind causes physical brain damage. Did you by any chance suffer a emotional shock about 2 to 6 months ago ? Like the loss of a child ?, or similar? The cure rate for the NEW MEDICINE IS said to be about 95%. Do a web search on: GERMAN NEW MEDICINE.

Testicular Cancer Remedies
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 12/12/2013

There is a man on the LDN site who has been free from prostate cancer for 8 years now, confirmed by biopsies, by using low dose naltrexone (, modified citrus pectin from ecoN......, (he says this is the only brand that works) and Vitamin D3. If you decide to go another route, the addition of these three items will certainly be helpful, since LDN appears to protect healthy cells and make chemo more effective. By the way, if you look at the LDN site listed above, you will see that they are on Stage 3 trials for using it for Crohn's, and it is nontoxic, inexpensive, taken by mouth and very effective (67% find remission or improvement). Best wishes for a full recovery.

Testicular Cancer Remedies
Posted by Cody (Texas) on 12/11/2013

Thank you so much for your prayers and information. I went ahead with the surgery last week and the Doctor is now suggesting chemo. I am naturally hesitant to do anything a doctor tells me, because they almost killed me 4 years ago when I got Crohns. I've started juicing and gave up meat. I had already gave up processed foods and sugars 4 years ago because of the Crohns. What worries me about fighting this naturally is that through all my research nobody specifically mentions beating testicular cancer naturally. yet the internet is filled with success stories about beating just about all other types.

Testicular Cancer Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 12/03/2013

Dear Cody,

There is a lot of information on this webstie on the cancer pages that will hopefully be helpful to you.

The website discusses many different protocols and has a lot of great information.

Helpyourself posted some good places to start with improving your diet.

I am intrigued by the stories I have read about carrot juice curing cancer. It seems like a very healthy and gentle approach. If you were my son, it is one of the things I would have you do - 5 cups of fresh organic carrot juice a day. Adding some turmeric, cayenne and sea salt to it would be great. I love my carrot juice with cayenne and sea salt, though I haven't tried adding turmeric. I just know that turmeric is an anti-tumor herb and works so well for things I have used it for.

Please keep us posted. I am praying for your healing.

~Mama to Many~

Testicular Cancer Remedies
Posted by Helpyourself (Texas, Usa) on 12/03/2013

Change diet - no meat, no sodas, no processed food . Veggies and fruit. Lots of garlic and onion and Tabasco. I would spray h2o2 in month while inhaling (if you can't get food grade which, has to be diluted!, use store brand Hydrogen peroxide). Do this about 5x per day. Spray this on your body, too, several times per day at site. Good luck! Also drink 20 drops Tabasco in 4 oz water, daily. Then tapper off.

Testicular Cancer Remedies
Posted by Cody Scholz (Texas) on 12/02/2013

I am 26 years old and have been diagnosed with testicular cancer. They have also discovered a node in my right lung. Please help. I don't know where to start. Thank you.

Bone Cancer
Posted by Maria (Maryland) on 11/04/2013


You may want to try the Ketogenic Diet. It cuts sugar out of your diet and your body uses Ketones instead. Apparently cancer cells can't convert themselves to use Ketones but the rest of your body can. On the Christian Broadcasting Network site, a man who was given only 3 months to live, after being diagnosed with bone cancer, went on this diet and a year later his scans showed he was cancer free. Definitely pray to God and keep a positive attitude. Remember, HE has the final say not your doctor.

Posted by Steve (Nevada) on 09/30/2013

Here are some folks who have had success with the Beck protocol:

Posted by Andrea.c (Wales) on 09/30/2013

I am reposting the link for the Robert Beck video as it never showed up on my previous post. Love Andrea C xxx Robert Beck on Electrotherapy and Colloidal Silver

Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 09/29/2013

Here is the link to Robert Beck 'Blood Electricfication And Colloidal Silver, it is hard to find as it keeps getting removed off different web sites. This man has grown limbs In Vitro ( It means 'In Glass', tubes petri dishes e. T. C, ) and in Animals and Humans year's ago!! The F. D. A tried to Murder him for years!! And he died of 'A blow to the head'??? He also states that 'Garlic Family 'All Garlic, Onions, Leeks, etc, are a 'deadly poison to the Human Body, no one has EVER said he was wrong, or DISPROVED it!!! Watch the whole video, its long, but it is CRUCIALLY important to the World. Love Andrea C xxxxxxxx

Pediatric Low Grade Glioma
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 09/19/2013

Duke University is currently conducting trials using LDN (low dose naltrexone) with adults with gliomas.

They may be able to advise you if you contact Duke.

LDN has been used in clinical trials for children with Crohn's disease and also with autistic children, so his age should not be a problem. Dr. Jill Smith of Penn State University in Hershey, PA conducted the studies and may be able to give you guidance on dosage for your son. The LDN website is LDN seems to be helpful as an addition to any cancer treatment (it is not a stand alone treatment) and is thought to help protect cells from chemo exposure.

I believe Ted has posted on gioblastoma here, also, and you can see his advice here:

Ted's remedies can be found here:

I believe his amounts listed are for adults, so you would need to use less. Bill, a man with much knowledge of natural treatments on Earth Clinic, who is familiar with Ted's protocols, may be able to advise. Best wishes.

Pediatric Low Grade Glioma
Posted by Mike (Denver, Colorado) on 09/19/2013

Penne: google raw food meetup groups in Melbourne. Watch raw food for cancer videos on you tube. Make home made water kefir and take hawaiin spirulina.

Pediatric Low Grade Glioma
Posted by Penne (Melbourne, Austrlai) on 09/19/2013

My five year old (5yo) son has recently been diagnosed with, in neuro terms; "Well circumscribed non-enhancing left centrum semiovale/basal ganglia lesion, suspicious for low grade glioma. Measuring 25x28.5 x 36mm (previosly 1.9x2.5x2.6cm). He has multiple cafe aulet mark, but does not at this stage test positive for NF1, being that he has no other features.

We would appreciate any form of guidance and direction. We are located in Melbourne, Australia. Can Ted from Bangkok offer any advice/insight? In Gratitude.

Neuroendocrine Tumor Remedies
Posted by Phoebe (Australia ) on 09/12/2013

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumor with the primary tumor in the small bowel. I am looking for natural remedies to either cure or just to help me stay well. I have very few symptoms and I am still living a reasonably active life. I would like to be able to continue living life as I do any ideas?

Endometrial Cancer
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 08/10/2013 2083 posts

@Malenkia: Sugar or glucose is cancer fuel AND an immune poison. Over time, the cells of the body grow worse at burning sugar for energy, and this sets the stage for chronic infections, particularly fungal but also viral and bacterial. Vit-C has a direct restorative effect on the immune system that's been damaged by sugar. To help burn sugar take the mineral chromium and the herb cinnamon.

Cancer also needs an acidic environment in which to survive. One of the main cancer treatments in the alternative school is the use of baking soda or sodium bicarbinate to bring the body ph toward alkaline. This method proved very helpful in many cases but further methods needed exploring to meet a higher kill rate. The problem of efficiency with sodium bicarbinate seemed to be in the deliver and transport into the cancer cells themselves; they seemed to resist this buffering. So, the ingenious method of combining sodium bicarbinate with a dense sugar would deliver the sugar hungry cancer the molasses while simultaneously feeding the sodium bicarb This modified delivery system has become a new standard in alt cancer treat.

As for calcium, simply avoid diet high in calcium w/ the exception of certain c protocol.

Speaking of buffering and minerals and cancer, the diet needs to be low in sodium (with the exception of the bicarb/molas remedy) and high in potassium. Potassium iodide or Lugols supplement will be a very important nutrient in your regimen.

Lastly, every c patient responds differently to different treatment protocols so some work for some and others not. In this case, pic like 5 different c protocols and begin with the one that seems suited for yourself, do it for 4-8 weeks and if the response isn't positive, then switch to treatment proto #2 and so forth.

Along side whichever treatment your doing, I would suggest hot mineral baths rotated by cold showers periodically. This rotation combination "shocks" the body and especially the immune system out of a bad or diseased pattern and into a healthy one, a reset button, if you will.

Endometrial Cancer
Posted by Mike Giller (Denver, Colorado) on 08/09/2013

Malenkia, I took so many supplements the inside of my room looked like a section from the natural grocery store. Everybody is confused. I am confused. You are right. Contradictory info is confusing. There is a simple explanation for the confusion. Our hunter gatherer ancestors observed animals eating food. They evaluated the way food made them feel. The knowledge was passed through the generations from mother to daughter. We are all bogged down in civilizations hype. We have forgotten the way to properly prepare food. We poison the worms and microbes in the soil with synthetic fertilizer. We poison the plant with pesticides and herbacides. Before we eat that toxic cocktail that is low in bioactive nutrients we cook the "food". This is the cause of all illnesses. There is not an animal in nature who cooks food. Try this. Hike in nature. Find a raccoon. Give him a choice between a raw egg from a pastured hen and a cooked egg from a grain fed hen. I rest my case. There are 2 solutions. One is to follow the raw organic 80/10/10 vegan strategy. You can watch their videos on youtube. I was not able to do that. The cost is 1 cent per calorie. I am not able to afford that. I learned to take a combination of raw superfoods. The cost is 1 cent per 2 1/2 calories. I can afford that. The raw superfood program is a lot less time consuming. The products are shipped. Once a month I mix them up in a bag in the right doseages and ratios. Then twice a day I scoop the right dosage into 1 gallon of water. I take 1 pint of this every hour. You can reply for the specifics.

Endometrial Cancer
Posted by Malenkia (Seattle, Wa) on 08/09/2013

I have recently been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and I am determined to kill it and avoid surgery. I have searched this wonderful site for remedies, but have found significant confusion.

Ted recommends avoiding all sugars but the baking soda and molasses cure seems to contradict that since molasses is sugary.

Ted also recommends avoiding calcium, but Dr. Budwig's cure involves cottage cheese, a source of calcium.

Please help me resolve these apparent conflicts! I don't want to make my situation worse! Thanks for any help.

Spinal Cord Cancer Remedies
Posted by Marilyn (Milpitas, Ca) on 08/07/2013

Check out

Baking soda and Molasses recipe (Use 2-3X day)

2 teaspoons baking soda, (I use Arm & Hammer)
1 teaspoon molasses ( I like Blackstrap molasses)
1 cup purified spring water
Warm up on stove, stirring till dissolved. Cool. Drink

Spinal Cord Cancer Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/06/2013 383 posts

Well actually its not the problem of treatment, it is always the problems of supplies. Most western nations tries to limit chemicals access to the people that helps cancer. As a result, I am forced to get less then best chemicals to make them easy to find. The two things that is essential is DMSO and a strong reducing agent added, when this is done most cancer cells is reduced within three days to get visible red uction in cancer. There are elements which further helps, such as aloe vera oil, lugol's and zinc chloride when mixed together. Basically the DMSO, but you need Lugol's iodine and slowly added hydrazine, until the solution is clear. Keep stirring to even out the reaction. Then you prepare 20 cc of DMSO, and 10 cc of the mixture together. Once they are mixed together, add about 20 drops of aloe vera oil and one drop of saturated zinc chloride mixture. The solution is then applied to the spinal area for say three times or four times a day, or if needed, visible reduction should be experience. If you are on morphine try not to use if for the next 24 hours at least, as it tends to cause hallucinations,, and morphine alone kill the immune system. So there are safer pain killers that works better and this is one of them. As usual, try to keep sugar below 90 mg/dL, or at least below 100 mg after meals 2 hours. I don't use the same blood sugar measurements as most people. This is based on my personal research, treating back cancer and spinal column cancer. The cancer is a living organism, and will fight for survival and will run towards the leg. If applied in the back and chest area, as a result you need to ultimately apply to the leg also. Since cancer is anaerobic hyperbaric chamber and hydrogen peroxide will help. Follow my previous general cancer, and lysine is most important followed closely by zinc, of chloride or acetate forms.


Spinal Cord Cancer Remedies
Posted by Jessie (Riverdale, Md) on 08/06/2013

Jo ann, so sorry about your daughter's fiance's grave diagnosis. I have not personally dealt with cancer, but have studied it a lot (to be prepared for the future.) I would recommend you do some reading at:

Also, the book, "Cancer, Step Outside the Box" by Ty Bollinger.

Both resources should be very encouraging and helpful to you to find some treatments that would be more encouraging than the traditional routes. Jessie

Spinal Cord Cancer Remedies
Posted by Jo-ann (Uk) on 08/06/2013

Hello, please can you offer any advice? My daughter's fiance has just been diagnosed with cancer of the spinal cord. He has been told that with treatment he has 12-14 months to live. He's 21 years old. Is there anything at all we can do for him? Anything! Thank you.

Avoid Citrus and Citric Acid
Posted by John (Roscommon, Ireland) on 04/17/2013

Chantelle, I think it was more the sugar in the OJ, Lemon and Pepsi that did it. Sugar is pure poison to our bodies.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Loretta (Red Deer, Ab Canada) on 03/23/2013

Can you please tell me if you have any information on Hydrogen Iodide, one of Ted's remedies for cancer?

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Marilyn (Sydney, Nsw Australia) on 03/22/2013

I also don't understand you say 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of hot water with cold water added to make 2/3rds of a cup to make a cup with the Crude Blackstrap Molasses. I am suffering with cancer but I was wanting it for arthritis as my grandmother took this years ago and it cured her but it had to be the Crude Blackstrap Molasses.

Alkaline Water
Posted by Chuck (Cape Coral, Florida, United States) on 03/02/2013

Cancer doesn't live in an alkaline environment. It's great to hear success stories like yours :-)

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky) on 03/01/2013 2083 posts

This reminds me of the late Jamaican musician Bob Marley who neglected to take serious a melanoma on his foot as it "appeared" to be treated successfully and resolved; only to several yrs latter be diagnosed with a stage 4 "untreatable" cancer (carcinoma I beleive). He flew to Germany for the I.V. treatments and did see some improvements, but alas, it was too late.

Early detection is critical for the big C.

P.S. please don't think this game is won and over, stay with the nutritionals and healthy lifestyle so this thing doesn't come roaring back. One can cut off the head of a Rattlesnake and, at least for a few minutes, that viper can still put a venemous bite on.

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn, Usa) on 02/28/2013

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , ,

Let me tell you a story. This now a cure for cancer that takes 4 days using natural ingrientients via I.V. It must be continuous. It's now all hush, hush because with this and EDTA Chelation, there would be no expensive heart or cancer treatments. The medical folks are coming after this with both feet. Our new problem is that the natural folks are now getting just as greedy as the Allopathics. Myself, I'll just keep reading what the good folks all over the world are saying. Do you realize that if the world got along as well as the folks on Earth Clinic, what a wonderful planet we would have? Kinda sad if you think about it. Earth Clinic is just plain folks trying to help their fellow man. Well, I'm on the shady side of the mountain so I'll let others paddle around the next curve. ===ROBERT HENRY========

Posted by Teresa (Bethpage, Tn) on 02/23/2013

I have been reading that hedgeapples or osage orange heals cancer and helps with AIDS, arthritis, cholesterol, & anti-aging. Here is a helpful site to begin reading on this:

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 02/22/2013

Hi Robert Henry,

So happy to hear that you are doing well! Great job developing your successful protocol and sharing it with everyone so we can all benefit by your reasoning. Best wishes!

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Anon (Everywhere) on 02/22/2013

Thank you for sharing Robert Henry, stay well x

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 02/22/2013

Excellent news, Robert Henry! All that dedication really paid off. It gives hope to those in similar situations. Thanks again to Earth Clinic and all those who tell their story! Best of luck and good health, Robert. Cheers, Bess

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 02/22/2013
5 out of 5 stars

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Have hinted for several months that I had a serious project that I was working on. Well, last night I got a call from my Doctor to inform me that my DNA now showed no sign of cancer. This was after 7 months of doing Alternative procedures most of which I learned here on Earth Clinic. My doctor is a Thorasic Surgeon but shifted his thinking some 20 years ago and counsels his patients to go the alternative route on cancer and heart problems.

Using his counsel, I approached my problem by detoxing, alkalizing and Ozonating. I used baking soda to keep my pH up, and drank ionized as well as ozonated water. Took vitiman C as well as the Vit C I.V. 's on a weekly basis. Bought a Medical Ozone Generator which I used for ear and anal insufflation as well as Ozone transdermal where you wear a suit filled with Ozone in a FIR sauna. I did FIR saunas to sweat out toxins. But probably the most important thing I did was to take a supplement developed by researchers at Purdue University that contained green tea and capsain (green pepper). This was taken every 4 hours 24/7 for 7 months. This supplement cost about $ 130/ mo. Also took 3 different mushroom supplements to build up my own immune system.

At no time did I ever see an Oncologist nor take chemo or radiation. I did start using a quality probotic and enzymes. My immune system is what did the trick. All these other procedures just allowed that to take place.

I thank you folks on Earth Clinic for getting me to think about taking care of my own health problems. I do think a shortcoming on this site is that of detoxing by cleansing. Take care of your liver with coffee enemas, and flushes along with colon cleansings and a lot of your ails will go away.

As all know, I love to tell ATS' ( Another True Story) and hope you were not bored with this one. And lastly, I want to give credit where it is due.. My Lord and Savior. ===ROBERT HENRY====

Remedies for Rectal Cancer
Posted by Mt (Ottawa, Ontario/ Canada) on 02/07/2013

Try to read Maria Treben's book -Health through God's Pharmacy -you will find info on how to treat a fistula or some cancers. For the hemorrhoids apply Manuka honey after each bowel movement. With the Breuss cancer cure, you need to do enemas to avoid constipation.

Remedies for Rectal Cancer
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 02/07/2013

hi Nino, Take Noni Juice 15 - 30 ml 2 times a day. Noni juice is excellent for colo rectal diseases. It increases the digestion, promotes proper peristalisis, softens stools. Strengthens the vascular system around rectum. You can see nice improvement in 1 week.

For fissures and Fistula, there is no other way you have to clean with water after every bowel movement. This is the Ideal Hygenic Method than using tissue or wipes. After cleaning with water, apply coconut oil to inhibit infection and wear a loose pyjama for sometime so as to dry the rectal area.

If you can really spend a huge money, build a Japanese Toilet or Indian Squat Toilet. In these toilets when you sit for a bowel movement your body and posture naturally aligns for easy excretion of stools without much pressure in the rectum. If you can't, buy two 6 inch stools from dollar store and place your feet on it when you sit on the regular toilet. This will raise your legs and reduce the pressure. Hope you are getting the picture.

Good Health

Remedies for Rectal Cancer
Posted by Nino (Cambridge, Ontario Canada) on 02/07/2013

Hi All, I have rectal cancer, fistulas, hemorrhoids, colitis and diabetes. Been doing this fight for almost 6 years doing a lot of natural and unconventual stuff. Unfortunally I just had surgery removing an abscess caused by anal fistulas. My giant wound healed up amazing for some one who is as ill as me, but I still need to close up one or two remaining fistulas that are constantly draining, because stool is getting in everyday.

Do I fast like what's on something like the Bruess cancer treatment to minimize the stool passing the area.... So maybe it has a chance to heal.... Or do I try to shrink the tumor first cause the modern medicine onkyologist (spelled this way on purpose) want to radiate and chemo me first then slice and dice me for a 5% cure potential.... Not that I will let them.... just looking for better options. Help??? Thanks, Nino

Bile Duct Tumor Remedies
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 02/05/2013

Hi, I would try the budwig protocol.

Bile Duct Tumor Remedies
Posted by Garima (Pune, Maharashtra, India) on 02/05/2013

My mother (72) was diagnosed of a tumor in her bile duct (2 cm) which is cancerous. Her eyes and skin are very yellow. Allopathic doctors have no treatment for her as they say the cancer has entered into blood vessels. Please suggest what can be alternative treatment.

Endometrial Cancer
Posted by Izasona (Fresno, California) on 02/01/2013

For alkalising your body, read about THE ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, USA) on 01/30/2013 21 posts

Just a comment: I shared some data on H2O2 on another site unrelated to the earthclinic about H2O2 and I guess they did not want to hear it. They called it snake oil to say the least. My intent was not to say H2O2 was the gospel for curing cancer, but just to hear someone elses viewpoints. It did not go well.. but Im open to hear about success rates with it.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Louwrence (Rustenburg, North West, South Africa) on 12/24/2012

Hi Austen, Avoid all fruits, sugars & starches because they feed the cancer. Seeing that you live in California you must get which is the best proven cure for cancer which is THC oil made from marijuana which is legal in California, also study it on the net & youtube.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Austen (San Diego, California) on 12/24/2012

TED, Two years ago I was diagnosed with HPV base of tongue cancer that had spread to my lymph. No chemo or radiation. Instead, I've been trying alternative treatments like the Budwig Diet. Currently I have been applying a Baking Soda/saliva paste with my finger deep onto the base of tongue tumour, about the size of a small mushroom. The lymph tumor has grown to the size of half an egg. I'll try the Baking Soda/Lime mix soon. What about applying Hydrogen Peroxide directly onto the tongue tumor? And, do you reject oranges. We have ten citrus trees. Also, I'm mostly on raw vegies, a bowl of cooked vegies, some fruits and a little whole grain bread. No meat or dairy now. Any nutritional suggestions?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Livercursexlm (St John's, Newfoundland, Canada) on 11/13/2012

Hi Ted/Bill, I have a question on the use of saba snake grass.....Whilst taking this remedy for cancer, can one take other liver supportive remedies like milk thistle, Alpha Lipoeic acid, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, SAM-e or any other supplements to enhnace its efective. In short what is the protocol for its use?

Budwig Diet
Posted by Nickie (London, Middlesex England) on 10/24/2012

There is a YouTube video in which Charlotte Gerson explains how her father discovered that, whenever a patient followed the diet and got rid of their tumor and then included fats back into their diet, the tumor would return. The only fat that didn't cause this reaction was flax oil.

There's a very informative site (non-commercial) called 'Stop the Thyroid Madness'. Check the part about Adrenals because they can be part of the problem. I have had a poorly diagnosed thyroid problem myself and found this very useful. Good luck and stay well. Nickie

Budwig Diet
Posted by Sandman (Oakland, Tennessee) on 10/24/2012

I had a biopsy done for cancer on my thyroid about five or six years ago that came back as suspicious. I was told it is hard to diagnose your thyroid unless it is removed and tested. It was enlarged and the doctor said it was either cancer or a goiter, I had been reading up on alternative method for treating cancer and decided to not have surgery or radiation, I tried following the cancer diet on this site has various alternative methods for cancer including the Budwig diet which I now eat every morning for breakfast but I mainly follow the raw vegetable and fruit diet concentrating of those fruit and vegetables that have cancer killing properties in them. I also once a week now eat salmon for the fish oil. I am supposed to stay completely away from bad oils, sugar and things high on the glycemic index. I was supposed to eat the raw vegetables and fruit for two weeks then drink nothing but either fresh carrot or grape juice the next two weeks nothing cooked and no meats. Carrots and black grapes are considered the best foods for killing cancer. I chose the carrot juice because the grapes juice was just too sweet to drink all day long for two weeks. But it was hard to stick to this diet trying to prepare meals one way for myself and completely different for the rest of the family so I was constantly going off and on it. I stuck to it the best I could but when it came time to retest my thyroid I got on the stick and did nothing but drink carrot juice for two weeks and the test came back that the tumor had shrunk 1/3 its size so that was proof to me these alternative methods work and would complete get rid of whatever problem it was goiter or cacer if I could just stick to it.

Recently the main thing I have come to terms with is that sugar and starches that turn to sugar, (anything high on the glycemic index) causes you to crave things and makes it hard to control the diet. I realized this a while back and once again I am trying to stick with it. Sugar can hide in the most unlikely places so you have to be really cautious about what you eat and read all labels. I have gotten to the point I can tell when the tumor is growing, I can feel it plus it start hurting slightly, when it does that I eat a whole raw carrot and the next morning the pain goes away and stays away for several weeks, then I try to motivate myself to get back on the diet and manage to for a while. I hadn't felt the tumor for a while so I had another test done about a year ago which showed the tumor was still there but since it was by a different clinic they didn't have the original test to compare.

There are more expensive alternative methods on this site that are supposed to work much better but I choose to try to tackle the cause of the cancer which is my diet. Hopefully this time I can stick to it. I plan to have it tested again if I can manage to stick to the diet for a full six months which is the time span they say it takes to get rid of it. But one thing I have learn is that I will always have to pretty much stick to this diet even when the tumor is gone because when you get off of it you open yourself up for the cancer to come back because a bad diet is the main thing that causes cancer, so in that respect there really isn't a true cure.

But as it is I am still here and just trying to eat right must have help even if I couldn't stick to it completely.