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Natural Treatments for Cancer

Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginseng
Posted by JANET (RIALTO, California) on 04/12/2008
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re: Health/Energy: Ginseng for energy after coping with cancer and chemo. I now drink ACV 2 times a day diluted in water. I enjoy the taste, so it is no big deal. It gives me energy and I just feel better all over.I use 2 TBS. to every 6 ounces of water or juice. I love the taste.

Hemangiosarcoma Remedies
Posted by mtcountrykid (NW, Montana) on 12/08/2022
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my Labrador was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma over two years ago and given 4 months to live.

We give her 1 eye dropper full of full spectrum CBD oil, 1 tbs fermented mushroom complete powder includes chaga, maitake, reishi, turkey tail, lion's mane mushrooms, and as much organ meat as we can.

Posted by Science (Cyprus) on 03/22/2022 21 posts
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Since I am a researcher I always look for curements for serious illnesses.

I found this article, how wheatgrass can cure cancer.

I hope it can be helpful to anyone that is suffering. This is the article link.

Also make sure you stop sugar. Sugar is destructive for the body.

All the best.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Art (California) on 10/27/2022 1577 posts


In case you don't get the reply and information you are seeking, melatonin in at least one study has shown to be beneficial for esophageal cancer by inhibiting metastasis and this may be additive to your other treatment :

Here is a relevant study quote :

' In summary, our study demonstrated that 1mM pharmacological concentrations of melatonin inhibited the migration and invasion of TE-1 esophageal cancer cells through suppressing the NF-κB pathway and down-regulating the expression of MMP9, which provided a theoretical and experimental basis for the clinical treatment of melatonin in esophageal cancer. '

On a somewhat related note, the type of melatonin that dissolves in the mouth may be a useful form as the dissolving melatonin will bathe the esophagus lining on the way down before the melatonin goes systemic. Capsules or pills won't do that. Taking right before bed may allow the dissolved melatonin to stay in the esophagus longer because you won't be eating or drinking to wash the melatonin out of the esophagus.


Posted by Dennis (Missouri) on 01/28/2021
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It seems that most conditions mentioned in today's newsletter can be helped.

A friend mentioned visited his doctor, for his prostrate, checking to see if the tumor had grown? I had mentioned MMS in the past.

He stopped by to ask questions. Then he ordered a set of bottles. I loaned a book to him, then he started using it. I think he used it 5-8 times a day.

When he went back for his checkup, he was clean as a whistle, cancer gone!

Someone I see at the gas station walked up to me and said he had cancer and it had started spreading, doctor said there was nothing they could do. This was 6-7 months ago.

So I put a set of bottles in my saddlebag, the next time I seen him, I gave them to him. Then told him how to use it. Then about 2 months ago he walked up to me and let me know that there was NO cancer to be found!

I have no idea if I can post where to buy it or not, so please remove the links if I'm not supposed to do it.

This one is the original. Works like a champ.

Then they found out that this one will continue actively working in the body for a longer time.

Both are fantastic.


Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN.) on 11/16/2019
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JOE TIPPEN'S CANCER STORY,,,,,,, learned today from pet vet supply company that they are aware of the reason for the increase in demand for the one gram size dog dewormer and thus ,the back orders. They filled my 4 gram packet order the next day. One gram is a level 1/4 tsp , so I have to measure daily. Not a deal and it is half the price of the one gram packets. I now have about four months supply. I am unaware of any side effects. My fasting glucose has gone from 150 to 90, but I expected that due to the mechanism of cutting off sugar to your cells. I do have diarrhea ,but attribute that to my AFIB Rx. Hope this helps some who are on back

Rife Machine
Posted by Art (California ) on 07/04/2018 1577 posts

A view of Dr. Weil from a different perspective:


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mike (P C Beach, Fl) on 09/24/2018

Morning Gayle, I do not know of any places here in the states that Big Pharma has allowed to do the heat treatments. But, after my treatments, I was shown, that due to my lungs being full of Asbestos, I would need to do the Hydrogen Peroxide treatments. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have done the Hydrogen Peroxide treatments. If you go to "The One Minute Cure" website. The website for the treatments in Germany is "German Cancer Breakthrough". I went to the clinic in Frankfort, Germany. I hope this helps. Mike

Early Cancer Detection - AMAS Test
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 03/02/2016

HI U BEN, , , , , , , , , , , glad you brought this subject up, however, you did not go far enough. The Nagalase test is not available in the US. We had to send our blood samples to Holland recently and learned that my wife has no cancer and confirmed that I do. The cost was $100 ea. There is also the Oncoblot test which I had done 5 years ago that showed that I had a blood cancer. That test cost $800. I then went on their CAPSOL-T for 7 months night and day. A DNA test then showed no signs of cancer. I took the Oncoblot test two years ago and it's back. This time I am treating it with The Budwig diet, Essiac Tea and my Rife Machine. So far I'm showing some slow progress.

You mentioned the GcMAF protein, but did not mention that it is outlawed in the US, and the lab in Europe that made it was destroyed by their FDA. Supposedly it can be bought from a firm in Japan.

The 6 integrative doctors that were killed, ( suicide) in Fla. and Ga. were using the Nagalase test and the GcMAF to treat stage I & II cancer successfully. The patient's own immune system was destroying the cancer. The medical community could not allow that to happen.

Also, your doctor cannot do the AMAS test. It has to be sent to a firm in Boston. I doubt seriously that a typical MD would send the test off. You have to use a Lab that they tell you to use. I am very familiar with this test.

Ben, as I mentioned before, you are very well read, but there appears to be a few holes.


Early Cancer Detection - AMAS Test
Posted by Ben (Bremerton) on 03/03/2016

Thanks brother, you are right about all that. big pharma wants this squashed out of existence. It is very difficult to find doctors who will risk their neck and medical license but there are a few out there who love people more than money. I talked to one of them about 3 weeks ago who had gcmaf available at his naturopathic clinic here in the us. Naturopaths are forced to kinda keep quiet about this unless they really trust you. The FDA is a monster who wants to destroy us if we let it (in my opinion). Gcmaf and nagalase testing is readily available at Mexican cancer hospitals along with more than 200 other cancer treatments we do not have here due to a lack of medical freedom. Glad to hear gcmaf etc has been working for you. Tot to spread the word about good things like that. We can't let the bad guys win.

Early Cancer Detection - AMAS Test
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 03/06/2016

HI U BEN, , , , , , , , , , , , don't get me wrong, I'm on your side, but you need someone to challenge you so that your posts can be used by us common folks. I really like this post because it gives me a trail if I need it.

Also, I'm glad you backed up my contention that these doctors were killed because they were curing patients of cancer simply by revving up their immune system. Their program only worked for cancer in Stage I or II. Our medical system only finds cancer when it is in Stage 3 or 4. That is the reason the Nagalase test is not run in the US. Our doctors would have no clue how to address early cancer.

Our economy is run by energy, but the next item is cancer. Cure cancer and you will close half the hospitals in this nation. We will go into a depression worse than the '30's.

I just learned of the goleic item that you mentioned. The one I'm looking at is from Switzerland and you mix with milk. It's not cheap, but is supposed to allow us old folks to produce our own GcMAF as we did in our youth.

Ben, I appreciate your attitude when I challenge your posts. If I don't understand, then I figure most others don't either. So keep posting as you are teaching us lots of stuff.


Early Cancer Detection - AMAS Test
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Washington ) on 03/08/2016

We live in a society ruled by the elite. They look at every situation and manipulate it to their liking. We are losing the battle in health freedom. Not enough of us stand and say we are not going to tolerate this! Sadly, most find it more comfortable to sit and watch tv while the world passes closer and closer to a situation there is no turning back from where we have no health freedom at all. Everything mandated for us even if it is against our will. Take forced vaccinations for example. There are many who understand the dangers of vaccinations yet we are powerless to say no to forced school vaccinations. Are the schools going to care for our autistic kids? Are the schools going to care for those who develop autoimmune disease after vaccination?

And yes, the drug companies strongly wish to eliminate the competition to their drug empire.oUr freedom threatens their empire.

This is why it is so very important to spread truth while we still have a free internet. This is why its so important to learn about medicinal herbs you can pick in the forest or grow at home in your garden or flower pot. We can not expect the world to remain in freedom forever

Turmeric, Sesame Oil, Yogurt
Posted by Jah (Riyadh) on 12/05/2015
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Jamal Alim (Riyadh) Saudi Arabia

I am a Sudanese living in Riyadh.

This is a cancer cure, a present for all Earth Clinic Family and contributors, especially good peaple, Dierdi, Ted, Bill, Mama to Many, Dave., TimH, and Robert H.

It is so simple and effective. The protocol consists of turmeric, sesame oil, and yoghurt.

  1. One tablespoon of powdered turmeric.
  2. Two tablespoon of sesame oil (or evoo, or evco).
  3. Mixed together and stir for seven to ten minutes.
  4. Then add yoghart, the quantity you prefere.
  5. To be taken three times, first on an empty stomach, the other two thirty minutes before meals.

This protocol is effective and enough. Check after one week. See the results. Then you can continue for another week, but lessen the dose to two times only.

Aditional thinges, but optional. The upper protocol is quite enough .

  1. Add quarter teaspoon of hottest cayyene pepper as a carrier.
  2. Use ted's protocol to raise the ph level, or
  3. Earth clinic's baking soda and apple cider vinegar protocol

The borax or baking soda and apple cider vinegar, must be used during the day apart from the turmeric protocol.

Wishing you good health and happy life, regards, jamal alim

Viral Cancer Remedies
Posted by Rebel (Somewhere Usa) on 11/10/2015

So, people I reported here some time ago that my cousin had Head and Neck cancer and that it was a viral cancer and that was a fast moving cancer. Well he is dead as of 4.00PM today. I am glad he suffers no more.

But he was a guy who never trusted government but yet he put his faith in modern medicine. I just have to ask why, and I did ask him. He never really had an answer he just did as the doctors said do. I tried to introduce him to all kind of natural meds and he shun them all.

I am not saying that Essiac Tea would have saved him, but one thing I know for sure is that chemo did not.

Baking Soda
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile ,tn) on 12/17/2013

HI U WILD AND STRANGE FOLKS, , , , , , , , , That's what the Allopathic's call us. I know that the Italian MD. , Dr Simoncini injects baking soda into tumors to kill them. Why can't we do the same? I give my wife B 12 shots and vice versa. Dope heads are better with a syringe than most doctors. If you can't do it , then get an addict to do it for you, because no doctor will.

You can buy whatever syringe you want at the local farmers Co-op along with DMSO, MSM, and parasite insecticides that only your MD can prescribe for you. We just had a church friend pass after Vanderbilt threw everything they had in their arsenal at him. It was jus the same stuff that they have been doing for the last 50 years, only more powerful. The cancer on his neck was as big as your fist. Why not fill that thing with a high pH solution like Baking Soda? No, they allowed the tumor to grow until he could not breath. His funeral is this Sat.

He was a Viet veteran and agent orange is the suspect origin. We are all undergoing the same treatment only it is called Round-up. All the farmers in East Tenn are using it twice in a crop cycle. First, to kill all the grass prior to planting and then when they want to reap the crop, they spray the soy beans or the corn. All cooking oils are from GMO plants except a few and now Big Agri is bastardizing those. The remove the oil from the peanuts and sell that expensive oil separately. They then substitute cheap GMO oils in the peanut butter. Doubt me? Read the label.

Excuse my rant, but if you watched the movie " The Last Angry Man", then you know me. Our world has tuned from love your neighbor, to total greed. The Lord is coming soon and he will just leave a greasy spot.

Tell us if you decide to address a tumor by injecting baking soda. That will be eye opening and stir the world.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY===========

Posted by Isabelle (Garden Grove, Ca) on 07/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hello! I just read a post about arginine, nitric oxide, and bicarbonate that was clear and very informative. It does reinforce a lot of Ted posts and reminding us of the genius aspect of Jimmy Keller with his protocol. If any of you is confronted with cancer directly or through somebody close, it will inform you. here is the link peace and luck to all!

Alkaline Water
Posted by Chuck (Cape Coral, Florida, United States) on 03/02/2013

Cancer doesn't live in an alkaline environment. It's great to hear success stories like yours :-)

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup
Posted by William Davis (Houston, Tx) on 02/17/2011

Reportedly, 1 parts baking soda and 3 parts raw organic maple syrup cooked @ 120 degrees f for five minutes creates a reliable treatment for cancer 85% of the time. Go figure...

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup
Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra) on 02/20/2017 189 posts

Hi Nina,

Turmeric is very good for general health and surely will have good effect on cancer. I will suggest you should get your own turmeric powder made rather buying ready made powder from the market because of the adulteration. You can make Turmeric tea by putting one tea spoon of turmeric powder in one mug of hot water and squeeze one lemon for the juice, stir it nicely and let your mother have it, at least twice a day. First mug she can have in the morning on empty stomach and second she can have in the evening five o clock or so. If she does not like the taste you can put half a tea spoon of honey in it. There is no time limit for this, it is a sort of tonic which one can take life long giving break here and there.

Good luck, Baldev

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup
Posted by Ben (Bremerton Wa) on 04/30/2016

In 1984 my mom was diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer. 9 months later she died of a cancer easily treatable by naturopathic medicine.

In my opinion, the baking soda /molasses or maple syrup route is a weak cancer cure. The thing that makes it even weaker is eating a poor diet while trying to recover your health. Cancer demands a learning process with hard lessons learned to those who fail to study.

Extreme careful attention needs to be focused on diet. Let Charlotte Gerson advise you on proper diet in her excellent videos such as "The Gerson Miracle" or a favorite of mine "Dying to have Known".

In all situations where healing is required the body must be supplied with an over supply of essential nutrients because of poor intestinal function and absorbtion of nutrients. Much of what goes through you does not get absorbed with 100 percent efficiency. This means juicing is essential for cancer recovery.

On the other hand toxins built up from many years of exposure need to be removed placing an additional burden the system. This is why such careful attention needs given to diet. Your body can not heal until chemical toxins are chelated out and super nutrition supplied.

If you watch Charlotte Gerson's videos it will all make perfect sense. Nothing artificial should be eaten. No cooked foods should be eaten. Cooked foods become a lifeless useless dead substance which burdens the body. The living enzymes are destroyed which give life to both the plant and the body. You can not thrive on dead devitalized non living foods and expect to survive. Juicing puts mega nutrition into a tired sick body. God designed fruits and vegetables to heal our bodies. Most foods in their natural fresh raw uncooked living state have anticancer properties to them. It is when we corrupt them that they fail to work for us.

Be a raw food junkie and regain your health! never eat pesticide laden produce, its best to grow your own or shop at farmers markets where you can trust the grower.

This is your first lesson, for your second lesson learn about a mineral which attacks certain cancers and iron dependant bacteria, its called gallium nitrate. This mineral solution has extreme anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties to it. It has been proven to work on severe late stage bladder cancer even after all other drugs have failed


Budwig Diet
Posted by G. Michael (Reading, Pennsylvania) on 11/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Cancer is an anaerobic disease and cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg discovered in the 1930's. Johanna Budwig a famous German Biochemist used Warburg's discovery to create a cancer cure and it is as follows: 4 Tablespoons of Organic Flaxseed Oil mixed with 8 Ounces of Organic Cottage Cheese. The oil is loaded with electrons and electrons attract lots of oxygen. The protein in the cheese acts as a vehicle carrying the oil and oxygen to every cell in your body, flooding the cells with oxygen. Since cancer CANNOT thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, it falls apart. The side effect: You feel wonderful! When you mix the flaxseed oil and the cottage cheese together it is important that the oil "vanish"; then it is ready to eat. If you put the oil and cheese in a regular blender and add a couple of ounces of SKIM milk, it makes it easier to mix. Keep all ingedients refrigerated until eating. Johanna Budwig was used by the Lord to cure thousands of people with cancer, including many of whom had Stage 4 Cancer, some of whom were at death's door. I found out about this cure while doing research on a book about natural cures that the Lord is having me write. About 21 months ago the Lord had me pray and fast about the book and also about cures for different disease, including cancer. The day after praying and fasting I went to a local college where I was doing my research, got on the computer and within a couple of minutes the above cure was on the computer screen. Praise The Lord! I have told many people who have cancer or who family members or friends have cancer about this cure and the feedback I am getting back is wonderful. Two stage four cancer patients are doing wonderfully and a friend of mine who had an aggressive form of breast cancer, in her latest tests cannot find any cancer.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Cdb (New York) on 08/27/2018


I too was diagnosed in Aprill 2017 with NH B cell Lymphoma. I knew that no matter what I was not going the conventional route, I.e., R-CHOP + radiation. I knew I would not survive the standard treatment. I have a problem taking an aspirin. I did a ton of research and in April 2018 I began IPT low dose chemo and after 5 treatments ALL of the tumors were gone. I've had 13 altogether that's because the cancer has to be dealt with at a cellular level.

If you are over 65 Medicare pays for the drugs but not the administration of the drugs. Also, no matter which route you decide on get a chemosensitivity test. This will tell you which chemo drugs, there are over 250, will work best for you & your biology.

You must be proactive and just because they're wearing white doesn't mean they know what they're doing. Don't let the fear cloud your thinking.

All the best...

Pancreatic Enzymes
Posted by daniel (TN) on 06/29/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Hey the best cure for cancer is pancreatic enzymes, along with other programs. I recommend anyone with cancer do research on william donald kelley, nicholas j gonzales, curtis kuhn, by the way if you have acidic cancer like in the organs then Molasses and baking soda protocol really works.

Do youf research - nutrycology pancreatic enzymes are great.

God bless

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 11/07/2019

HI U PROV 31,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, over the years I have accumulated many health books and two were by the Russian author, Mikhill Tomback, Ph D. His mother was an MD and wanted him to study medicine, but he said he did not want to treat symptoms, he wanted to cure people. The two biggies I got out of his books were to flush and cleanse your liver twice a year and to keep your skeleton and spine aligned so your nerves could continue to properly communicate with your brain. One observation of mine is that after many intelligent MD's are living comfortable, they are not happy and go into functional medicine, where they can use their brain and not the FDA's nor the AMA. People are not just a number to them. We go to a chiropractor periodically just to stay aligned. After I fell and crushed my T 12 5 years ago, that has been interesting. That is when my AFIB started. My prayers are not for God to heal me, but to give me knowledge. He does that on his own time table, but I eventually get the message. My latest purchase of Panacur C was for the 4 gram packets and that shipped the next day, so the shortage is of the easy 1 gram packets. I gram = 1/4 level teaspoon, thus I will stick with that and measure each time. Prov 31, I assume you are of Russian decent or married into a Russian family and figure you could match stories with me. Wish you well.


Isopropyl Alcohol and Cancer
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 11/10/2016

HI U BIRDS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,, lots of posts recently using isopropyl alcohol. Not going to get on the soap box about this topic, but Hulda Clark always said that every time she found cancer, she found Isopropyl alcohol. She recommended using vodka as a disinfectant instead.

I quit shaking hands about 6 years ago. Messes up some folks head because they think you can use a hand sanitizer lotion and everything will be OK. I think not. Doctors are the worst of the lot. Now our Gov has banned anti-bacteria soap. What is the difference.

Also the custom of shaking hands was to show that you do not have a weapon.

Is life interesting or what? ========ORH============

Bowel Cleansing Protocol
Posted by Sybille (Upstate New York) on 05/19/2016

Hi: Re Bowel cleansing protocol

What I forgot to mention was this: Dr. Bernard Jensen (and anyone versed in Iridology) can see the bowel and its condition directly in the colored part of the eye AND that every single area in the bowel is directly connected to the rest of the body, and its specific parts..

So..... if there is a disturbance seen in a specific part of the iris, this will show up in a certain part of the bowel picture and then show up in the part of the body that has the problem, for example a leg, the breast, the stomach, brain or what have you.

Furthermore, once the "problem" is fixed, again the improvement will show up in the iris.

Bowel Cleansing Protocol
Posted by Sybille (Upstate New York) on 05/20/2016

Hi Nama,

Of course you can do this bowel program without taking off work for 3 weeks.. You just have to adhere to the "routine" mentioned in the book.

I guess I was not thinking straight when I said one had to take 3 weeks off from work, as for me I needed to do this as my work required a lot of speaking and I had no voice.

Sorry folks, my mouth runs away at times without my brain being in gear.

Early Cancer Detection - AMAS Test
Posted by Ben (Bremerton Washington ) on 03/04/2016

A wise man once said seek and ye shall find. Now if you need a little help finding a source or a doctor to administer gcmaf you might call Reno Integrative Medical Center at 775-829-1009 or call Dayspring Cancer Clinic at 480-699-7400 and talk with them. Maybe they have some advice where to go. Several Mexican cancer hospitals in Tijuana offer it too. Gcmaf is manufactured in several locations throughout the world. You can buy products off the internet and have your family doctor administer them if he is willing. One manufacturer is immuno biotech ltd. Here is their website , you will also find lots of info there including a sign up link to their email if you wish to be informed of new developments in the product .

There is now a second generation product that can be taken orally. It is called goleic. The first generation gcmaf had to be delivered by weekly shots. The new stuff you take under your tongue in a dropper bottle twice a week .

Several doctors have been murderd who were involved with gcmaf. The fda raided their labs confiscated all their documents and then they all had unfortunate accidents within a few days .

This information about nagalase, gcmaf and a few other things is going viral around the world . The drug companies will lose control of their empire if this hits every news stand, every health food store, every corner market. With delivery methods so simple a child could take it this will become the drug companies worst nightmare. Whoo hoo!

Spinal Cord Cancer Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/06/2013 384 posts

Well actually its not the problem of treatment, it is always the problems of supplies. Most western nations tries to limit chemicals access to the people that helps cancer. As a result, I am forced to get less then best chemicals to make them easy to find. The two things that is essential is DMSO and a strong reducing agent added, when this is done most cancer cells is reduced within three days to get visible red uction in cancer. There are elements which further helps, such as aloe vera oil, lugol's and zinc chloride when mixed together. Basically the DMSO, but you need Lugol's iodine and slowly added hydrazine, until the solution is clear. Keep stirring to even out the reaction. Then you prepare 20 cc of DMSO, and 10 cc of the mixture together. Once they are mixed together, add about 20 drops of aloe vera oil and one drop of saturated zinc chloride mixture. The solution is then applied to the spinal area for say three times or four times a day, or if needed, visible reduction should be experience. If you are on morphine try not to use if for the next 24 hours at least, as it tends to cause hallucinations,, and morphine alone kill the immune system. So there are safer pain killers that works better and this is one of them. As usual, try to keep sugar below 90 mg/dL, or at least below 100 mg after meals 2 hours. I don't use the same blood sugar measurements as most people. This is based on my personal research, treating back cancer and spinal column cancer. The cancer is a living organism, and will fight for survival and will run towards the leg. If applied in the back and chest area, as a result you need to ultimately apply to the leg also. Since cancer is anaerobic hyperbaric chamber and hydrogen peroxide will help. Follow my previous general cancer, and lysine is most important followed closely by zinc, of chloride or acetate forms.


General Feedback
Posted by Homeboy (Portland) on 05/21/2016

The cancer cure discovered by the 12 doctors this molecule GcMAF universal cure for cancer and was treating autism and whole long list of other illnesses. The doctor made some other very shocking discoveries regarding vaccines. Sadly, all the doctors that were doing this research were all killed. GcMAF is being offered in advanced nations, However, you can guarantee that it will not be offered here to us homeboys!

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 02/27/2012

With regards to cancer, the latest havard study which no doubt will be buried. Has proven a big link between industrialised milk production with regards to prostate and breast cancer. Apparently the estrogen that feeds these cancers is 300 times the amount found in cows that are just milked after having the calf. In the industrialised setting the cows are milked 300 days of the year. no wonder when you push nature for profit.

Baking Soda
Posted by Kat (Comox, Bc) on 12/16/2011

Is there any Dr in Canada BC that does this :< treatment. I have breast cancer- had the lump removed and had a new lump in my armpiut I did not do chemo or radiation. I need natural remedies and advice. thanks

Posted by Cindy (Cochrane, Wi) on 06/19/2011

I would like to bring this post back so it won't be missed. Please watch this short video.

I haven't heard any feedback from anyone who may have viewed it. Thanks

Posted by Vicki (Tucson, Usa) on 01/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been treating my skin cancer with iodine and it is working.

Garlic, Cayenne, Chili, Iodine, Baking Soda, Tomato Juice
Posted by Balticseaviking (La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico) on 10/19/2010

I have been on HBP medicine for years and I was diagnosed with what the Drs. said was prostate cancer. I of course did lots of research and came up with a, what I call, my everything formula. I make my own cayenne tincture and a kind of garlic tincture. I use habenero peppers as they are the hottest I can find here in Mexico, if I could find hotter I would use them. Anyhow I take 5ml of the tincture, a tablespoon of the garlic, which is kinda like a tincture and is made the same way a tincture is made, two tablespoons of ACV, four drops of Lugol's Iodine, 8 ounces of tomato juice and 8 ounces of purified water, also a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Mix it all until the foaming stops, drink it down. I find it tastes nice, hot, but nice. Of course I didn't start out with 5mls of tincture, I started with 2 and worked my way up. I had a cat scan and a bone scan last month, both came out clear with no indication of disease and the blood pressure is now normal. Bet you can guess what the Drs. wanted to do- right, put me on chemo and radiation. When I asked why they had no explanation, guess it is because of the ungodly amount of money they make with these procedures. Try it you will get used to the taste and will look forward to you daily Whamo!

Raw Foods, Enema
Posted by Rob (Manhattan, Ny) on 08/22/2011

Cancer victim, I can understand your anger. Cancer is a strong biological process and for the most part trying a few herbs or supplements will most likely be like shooting godzilla with a pea shooter.. But a conscious integrative approach is not to be dismissed as even with chemo and or surgery don't cure the disease but eradicate it enough to give the body a fighting chance. Many of these remedies are about supporting the body which ultimately has to do the job...

Chemo/surgery is kinda of like calling in an air strike... Excuse my military analogies. And I am certain that in a 100 years or so we will look upon chemo as barbaric, ... Though how do we get there from here?... Well forums like this.. People experimenting.. Fleming discovered penicillin with just a simple serendipitous observation of mold.. It was shelved until others developed it... So it may be one individuals experiment with something known or unkown that may eventually make toxic chemo a therapy of the past...

In some cases right now, chemo and or surgery is the best option but not in all cases... Personally, I would definitely try some alternative strategies first to see if I got a positive response.. if not then I would go for the more toxic & invasive solutions.

Avoid Citrus and Citric Acid
Posted by Chantelle (Mancelona, Mi) on 09/17/2009
1 out of 5 stars


I believe the greatest cause of cancer is citrus and citric acid. My aunt died of bone cancer, she drank excessive amounts of orange juice. I am dying from an overconsumption of lemon juice. My father suffered from 13 kidney stones and psorasis from the constant drink of pepsi and citric acid. I am dying and I know citric acid is the cause. Lemon juice kills plants and frogs and people too.

Avoid Citrus and Citric Acid
Posted by Dr. Flora Mason Van Orden (Homestead, Fl) on 05/05/2011

Citrus is not alkaline in the body. Ten minutes after the juice is made, it becomes very acid. If it will eat the enamel off one's teeth, why would you put it in your stomach. The acid dissolves the lining of your stomach and gut and also the blood vessels, as do oils, dairy, & other cholesterol containing foods.

I worked for Dr. Ann Wigmore for over 22 years, helping her to write her books & counsel her students. If you will send me an email, I will send you free the Ann Wigmore Living Food 21 day detox, which is basically what she used the last 2 years of her life when she changed from trayed baby greens to wild crafted herbs to help her students at the Hippocrates Institute in Boston and at the Ann Wigmore Institutes in Boston and in Puerto Rico. This will show you how to make the non-acid fermented foods like sauerkraut (complete in the b-complex vitamins to regenerate your nerves), soothing seed & nut cheeses, with the right kind of fats to heal the myelin sheath of your nerves and brain. You will learn simple recipes (her green smoothie, rich in the chlorophyll that will kill the cancer cells, and seed & nut pates & loaves that are concentrated pre-digested amino acids, & green drinks that are made of only 4 ingredients. The best way is to write directly to me at drflora3rd(at) Peace be with you, Flora

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