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Posted by lucille (DENNISPORT, MA) on 10/10/2007

i am a cancer survivor of 8 yrs now. i heard that putting or rubbing bananas on your breasts will help somehow treating or delaying breast cancer. do you have any comments? thanks, lu o


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/18/2014

A number of people have posted requests for information regarding cancer. I dug up this WHO [ World Health Organization ] toxicology report that discusses studies done on mice and rats that shows a very significant " Protective effect " regarding cancer with the use of BHT in sensible dosages.

Extract from report:

Special studies on the protective effect in vivo Groups each of 60 FAF, male mice were maintained on semi- synthetic diets containing 0,0.25 or 0.5% BHT. The mean life-span of the test animals was significantly greater than controls, being 17.0?5.0 and 20.9?4.7 months respectively for the 0.25% or 0.5% BHT, as compared to 14.5?4.6 months for controls (Harman, 1968). Groups each of 20 male and 20 female Charles River rats were maintained on test diets (males 24 weeks, females 36 weeks) containing BHT and/or carcinogen. (N-2-fluorenylacetamide or N-hydroxy-N-2- fluorenylacetamide) in the molar ratio of 30:1, equivalent to 6600 ppm (0.66%) BHT, then continued on control diets for another 12 weeks. The N-2-fluorenylacetamide alone resulted in hepatomas in 70% of the male rats, mammary adenocarcinoma in 20% of the females. With N-hydroxy-N-2-fluorenylacetamide 60% of the males had hepatomas and 70% of the females had mammary adenocarcinoma. BHT reduced the incidence of hepatomas in males to 20% when the carcinogen was N-2-fluorenylacetamide, and to 15% (hepatomas in males), when N-hydroxyl-N-2-fluorenylacetamide was the test compound. Similar results were obtained with Fischer strain rats. Liver and oesophageal- tumour production with diethylnitrosamines (55 ppm (0.0055%)) in drinking water for 24 weeks was not affected by BHT (Ulland et al., 1973).

Link to entire WHO report here:

Bile Duct Tumor Remedies

Posted by Garima (Pune, Maharashtra, India) on 02/05/2013

My mother (72) was diagnosed of a tumor in her bile duct (2 cm) which is cancerous. Her eyes and skin are very yellow. Allopathic doctors have no treatment for her as they say the cancer has entered into blood vessels. Please suggest what can be alternative treatment.

Replied by Anon

Hi, I would try the budwig protocol.

Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)

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Posted by Marjolein (Egypt) on 08/06/2017

Black seed oil 400mg

3 years ago I've been suffering with my health, was tired all the time and could do nearly nothing and lots of headache. Went to do several tests and also a blood test which said I had neutropenia and then they advice me to do an bone marrow punction as they thought I had leukemia. I was 25y and didn't want to do this and didn't want to admit to it and totally went into the net to see what I could do and then I started with black seed oil capsules 3 times a day (400mg each) combined with vitamines b and magnesium and CBD oil twice a week. Also I quit with the hormones ( birth control) now 3 years later I feel as a different person! I play squash again and feel active and I do have energy. Last month I have done again a blood check and all is back to normal! Till now I still take 3 times a week the black seed oil caps and vitamins and also I started last week with baking soda just to to stay hopefully in good shape for always.

Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)
Posted by Kitbar (Phila, Pa) on 03/17/2011

Unfortunately cancer is such a terrible disease no one wishes for even his enemy. Fortunately their is hope for a cure. I will briefly explain a case I personally heard about. It's happened that a family was desperate for their about 12 year old son's cure from brain cancer. They unintentially came across my husband in trying to find someone who might have any clue as to what might help, since they tried everything but to no avail. He advised them to try Black Seed oil(Nigella Sativa). They didn't have anything to lose since they were giving up hope in saving their son. So they tried it, by taking 3 capsules ever meal, so that's 9 total a day. I forgot to mention that he had a lazy eye due to his condition. His eye started opening up the first week of trying this remedy. Anticipating, the adolescent continued his routine appointment and astonishingly Dr. tested him and amazingly found him to be cancer free. The total time it took for this remedy was a month and a half.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Geraldine (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on 03/11/2009

Yes, the exact measurments are MOST important, and I think this is why some people reporting to you of their problem with blackstrap molasses is that they use too much molasses and too little water. Blackstrap Molasses has CURED many cases of cancer, some of the "incurable" terminal cases.

In the book by Cyril Scott, "Crude Black Molasses" many cases of curing cancer are reported. All followed the exact manner of taking the molasses which is not recommended for anyone with diabetes. The method for curing cancer is one teaspoonful in a cup of hot water: then cold water should be added "so as to make two-thirds of a cupful." This to be taken at one's convenience at any time; persons with deicate stomachs should take a smaller dose of molasses more often throughout the day."

For severe cases such as for cancerous growth, molasses should be taken last thing at night and on rising as well as during the day."

Do not drink it too hot, and drink it lesisurely not in big gulps. It is more easily assimilated in hot water; (bladder troubles have occurred simply after drinking drafts of cold water when one is overheated.) As reported, even terminal cases after surgery for cancer have been cured by this method of
taking blackstrap molasses ( one teaspoon bsm, mixed with 1 cup hot water, then adding cold water making 2/3 a cup, drinking leisurely many times a day.)

Replied by Marco
(Toronto, Ontario)

geraldine sorry but I dont inderstand what you mean 1 cup of hot water and than adding cold water measuring 2/3 of a cup. do you mean mixing the hot and cold abd drinking 2/3??cheers

Replied by Marilyn
(Sydney, Nsw Australia)

I also don't understand you say 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of hot water with cold water added to make 2/3rds of a cup to make a cup with the Crude Blackstrap Molasses. I am suffering with cancer but I was wanting it for arthritis as my grandmother took this years ago and it cured her but it had to be the Crude Blackstrap Molasses.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City)

I believe Geraldine meant to "add one teaspoonful in a cup [with some] hot water: then cold water should be added so as to make two-thirds of a cupful."

Hope that helps :)

Replied by Hope

Hi. Maybe a stupid question but isn't it true that you shouldn't eat sugar when you have cancer? So wouldn't molasses make the cancer grow just trying to understand. Thanks.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Tammy (St. Louis, MO) on 09/21/2007

Hi. I have been diagnosed with Stage IV metatstatic breast cancer (spread to the bones). I have become anemic. Dr. said to take in more iron. I bought blackstrap molasses unsulphured. Took a tablespoon Tuesday evening, a tablespoon Wednesday morning. Noticed Wednesday afternoon I "had energy" & then realized that after a 4 block walk at a fast pace did not leave me winded and fatigue my legs (the Saturday before I became winded and fatigued after only 1 block). Went home from work, took another tablespoon, did heavy gardening until 10:00 that night. Was still feeling energized! Took the same amount of blackstrap Thurday and Friday (today). Here is the amazing part: when I am anemic, I get tinnitus - sound in my ears. It is a pulsating sound like I can hear my blood pulsating through my veins. The more anemic I am, the louder the tinnitus. I've been through this before. Took blood transfusions and the tinnitus went away. My last treatment regimen for the cancer worked (for awhile) and as I got better from the medication, my blood got better, and the tinnitus gradually went away. Now, since taking the blackstrap (starting three days ago), each night I notice the tinnitus is lessened. Last night it was BARELY audible and was not constant. I expect tonight it will not be there at all. (Night time is when I notice it when all is very quiet). I would bet were I to have my blood tested today, my red blood cell and platelet counts would be either normal or just about normal. OK, I am truly amazed. Is it the blackstrap? Ok, next thing to try: hydrogen peroxide. Then apple cider vinegar! God bless you all for sharing!

Replied by Bret
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Black strap molasses has been in my pantry for last 15 years. I use it to sweeten almond milk along with some brown sugar and cinnamin. It has iron in it and is loaded with tons of potassium. Potassium helps with nerve transmission and is cytoplasmic buffer for most cells.

Cells with higher ph have higher oxygen. (Warburg/Brewer)

So by taking the molasses you will be increasing iron to help make hemoglobin and red blood cells. By taking potassium you will increase oxygen perfusion accross the cell membrane and into the cell.

If you do have cancer I would surely augment your molasses with several other oxygen donors. Remember though that CoQ10 is important part of oxygen metabolism and peroxide, mms, chlorophyll, dmso, increase oxygen but not its rate of consumption. That is controlled by CoQ10.

Don't forget that vitamn c is so very important. It's oxidation bi-products neutralize two cancer enzymes, it increases interferon production, it donates electrons to drive oxygen metabolism, it cause peroxidase reaction in cancer cells. 5,000 mg per day is minimum!!! Take with food.

Replied by Jlc
(Winfield, Kansas, Usa)

I have just been diagnosed with stage 2 non-hodgkins lymphoma and they are pushing me to begin R-Chop chemo immediately. Would this molasses thing work since I am resisting the chemo route at this time?

Replied by Jae
(Baltimore, Md)

I am sorry to hear you have cancer. I love blackstrap molasses but i don't know that it is good for cancer. Perhaps you should look into red clover it can be found in natural health food stores it starves tumors of oxygen causing them to die. I hope this helps you. God bless.

Replied by Jcy
(Ab Canada)

Hi Jlc from Winfield, Kansas, Usa : 0 )

This is a protocol from VERNON'S DANCE WITH CANCER...

Replied by Jly
(Ab Canada)

Hi Jlc from Winfield, Kansas, Usa : 0 )

For Cancer, Maybe try researching...

* Cayenne pepper * Real Fresh Lemon juice * Garlic * Apple cider vinegar * Sun shine * Water

* Baking soda (For a nice bath, at least 1 pound or try it mixed with Magnesium Chloride)
Appreciations to Dr. Mark Sircus for this Wonderful tip :)

* Air & breathing * Black Strap Molasses * Clay treatments * Milk Thistle (Seeds) * Alpha lipoic acid

* DEEP BREATHING * Love * Funny things * Selenium * Folic acid

* Iodine * Vitamin C * Probiotics * Potassium * Sleep * Pure water * Plenty of good sun exposure

* Common spice curcumin (Turmeric) Combined with common ground black pepper.

* Magnesium chloride (Variant application(s)...Put oil on the skin, Transdermally &/or
have a nice bath with it) Appreciations to Dr. Mark Sircus for this Wonderful tip :)

* Fasting

* The websites below are also AMAZING! Type typing, "James Duke" into your search engine & the following should appear:

Dr. Duke''s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database:

* Nutritional food profiles listing how much nutrients are in a food...(Ex: Cayenne pepper, lemons, garlic, etc).

This website can be particularly helpful when on a budget : 0 )

Try typing for example: "Turmeric Nutritional food profiles"

A link that takes you to the In-Depth Nutritional Profile for Turmeric, featuring information over 80 nutrients, can be found under the Food Rating System ...

* IMVA has some Very Interesting Articles by Dr. Mark Sircus (Magnesium Chloride, Baking soda, iodine, etc)

*Clay Detox Baths, Magnesium Oil, Nascent Iodine, etc.

Have a happy day!

Replied by Cdb
(New York)


I too was diagnosed in Aprill 2017 with NH B cell Lymphoma. I knew that no matter what I was not going the conventional route, I.e., R-CHOP + radiation. I knew I would not survive the standard treatment. I have a problem taking an aspirin. I did a ton of research and in April 2018 I began IPT low dose chemo and after 5 treatments ALL of the tumors were gone. I've had 13 altogether that's because the cancer has to be dealt with at a cellular level.

If you are over 65 Medicare pays for the drugs but not the administration of the drugs. Also, no matter which route you decide on get a chemosensitivity test. This will tell you which chemo drugs, there are over 250, will work best for you & your biology.

You must be proactive and just because they're wearing white doesn't mean they know what they're doing. Don't let the fear cloud your thinking.

All the best...

Blackstrap Molasses, Baking Soda

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Posted by Millie (South Africa) on 11/20/2015

My Brother was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He had given up on a cure and was in constant excruciating pain. I take molasses everyday as it is an excellent immune builder. I decide to google natural remedies for cancer and when I saw molasses my eyes lit up. I printed it studied it and gave it to my brother. He took the Black Strap Molasses with the Bicarb. Within 5 hours he saw a change and till now 4 months later he is still in the best of health. God Bless

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U MILLIE, , , , , , , , , , , , glad things are working out for you and your kin. I would like to use this opportunity to explain to all that there are many kinds of molasses depending on the number of times it has been boiled off. Black strap molasses in not very sweet and is loaded with iron that can cause diabetics glucose to go bonkers, not from the sugar, but from the iron.

I know a little bit about molasses because my share cropper Mississippi grand dad made it from his sugar cane and on halfs with his neighbors. This site explains it far better than I. But the term molasses and Black Strap Molasses are two different things even though both are made from sugar cane juice.

Wish you well =======ORH=========

Blackstrap Molasses, Baking Soda
Posted by Vernon (Salem, Oregon) on 06/18/2008

For the lady with Metastatic Breast cancer which has spread to the bones. Contact me! I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer which had spread to the bones. The second opinion concurred. After taking Molasses with another substance for 10 days I had another bone scan. I was afraid to open the envelope that was sent me containing the results. I burst out bawling like a baby when it said: No convincing evidence of an osseous metastatic process. I am very very happy.....

Replied by Blanca
(El Paso, Texas)

What is the other substance taken with blackstrap molasses that helped with the cancer? Also what is the exact amount to be taken? and where can i find the blackstrap molasses and the other substance? Thanks a lot.

Replied by Sylvia
(Chattanooga, TN)

It would be nice to know what you used with the blackstrap molasses. Another posts gives us ideas, but we don't know what cured you.

Replied by Chad
(Anchorage, Ak)

the "secret ingredient" that Vern combined with Molasses is Baking Soda. this is evidently the same Vern that has the testimonial (floating around the Internet) of curing metastisized prostate cancer using Molasses and Baking Soda.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City)

I am 99% sure that Vern is the guy from the following website. His name is Vernon and he too had metastatic prostate cancer that spread to the bones. He too used baking soda and molasses (thanks Chad). Here is his protocol, guys:

He started with "1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of Brer' Rabbit Black Strap molasses and one cup of water" and after 5 days started doing that twice a day.


In response to Gloria Montebello, California 02/17/2016

Please help, need advice on breast cancer, advanced stage 4.

I just want to share with you what I do when the battle gets fierce:

I have had breast lumps. Twice lumps were removed by the surgeon's knife, both in the 1970's. By the time the others lumps came I had learned how to pray. The lumps showed up, but were gone when I got back to the doctor.

This is what I do when I get the report: 1. Pray for healing. 2. Asap anoint breast with Olive oil , 3. Pray and I ask for forgiveness and forgive others while I am praying, 4. I Change the way I eat, I go on a vegetable diet for at least seven days, I stay away from sweets, meats, milk and the like at this time.

I am not a cook. I just throw stuff together. Get a giant pot and put water in it, add my favorite vegetables like cabbage, okra, green beans, whatever and add two or three chopped big onions and green peppers, and plenty of chopped garlic, add salsa or Vegetable V8 and water make soup. Blessed and eat it. Pray.

Second week onward, I just eat tight ( no pleasure eating), stay away from sweets, milk and what you think is unhealthy for you at least three weeks, or until I get my test and see how my body is healing. There were times in my younger life that I felt fasting was easier than leaving out certain foods. A three day fast with water is a great start for better eating habits.

The Molasses and baking soda remedy should taken two hours before or after breakfast or dinner, as not to interfere with digestive acids a meal time, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day in a glass of water with a Tablespoon of Molasses, (I used Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses I tried it for a stubborn UTI, it cured my UTI).

Replied by Connie
(Glasgow, Kentucky)

What was the other ingredient you took with the blackstrap molasses for Breast cancer that had gone to the bones?

EC: Probably baking soda.

Blood Purifying Herbs

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Posted by Vicky (NSW Australia) on 08/29/2021

Tumors return because they're still in the bloodstream. Dr. Christopher (master herbalist) says. He has a 'blood stream' formula that cleans the bloodstream and a formula that cleans out the bowel too- so that all the c.a.n.c.e.r cells can be eliminated out. Type in herbal legacy Dr. Christopher tumors. You'll see what he says there. Hope this helps- it's VITAL information.

Best to detox the whole system I'd say- liver and all.


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Posted by Eno F. (Wa) on 12/27/2016

Started kerosene treatment this morning after a friend subdued lung cancer and passed his knowledge on. I thought the kerosene would taste horrid, it did not.

My family used black salve for various cancers with astounding success. My two younger sisters treated malignant cancers. The youngest chest cancers that a biopsy would have indicated all clear, however three other sites reacted to the primary cancer having a topical application of this salve. It took three relative painful applications to kill these four areas of malignancy.

The second sister had a wall nut sized tumor in her breast. Being a veterinary nurse she biopsided the tumor so the topical salve could reach the tumor. Two applications and this big ugly tumor worked its way to the surface. The specialist was amazed that this wait and see strategy had seen a miracle occur. My sister would have had her breast removed as the cancer was malignant. The cost for each sister about $100 each to buy the pure natural ingredients and make their own salve.

They have enough salve to last twenty years, kept in the fridge. I treated a melanoma on my hand. My specialist was puzzled that the cancer just disappeared without trace, he scared me taking a biopsy from the no longer cancer site. All clear and he said quote "miracles" do happen. Yea they do, was my only reply. You have to be very careful to comply with all aspects of the law the powers to be will take you to court if you advise supply apply any salve to another person. Anyhow just another natural substance working miracles and bitterly opposed by the establishment.

Just a footnote, the opposition to black salve is due to a dangerous substance named " zinc chloride" that is until I found out that almost every diabetic pumps this so called dangerous substance into their body several times per day. The medical profession and big pharma then tell us that dabbing a topical salve on our skin once is dangerous!!!

Good luck and trust in simple natural god created substances.

Posted by Lightlove (Deland, Fl) on 02/02/2010

I had breast cancer and bloodroot killed the cells- then I used a salve of bloodroot to pull it out. It worked beautifully. However, be wary of the sites on the net who sell products that are not made by professionals. Also, drink sodium bicarbonate- look up Dr. Simolsini- from Italy- he shows soft tissue cancers are a fungus and respond to sodium bicarbonate. MMS and Tumeric are also important. Also, you can get food grade peroxide and put a few drops in water and drink it- slowly! It kills bacteria and viruses fast and can cause a sick feeling, but does the trick.(Start off with one drop of the strong food grade). Too bad more who suffer from cancer do not know that chemo and radiation are not the only option. Glad I was strong enough to choose what was right for me. Stay away from soda and suger (man made sweetners too).

Replied by Kat
(Comox, Bc)

How much blood root did you take and how many times per day also what salve did you use??? I too have breast cancer I had the lump removed only to find out I now have a large hard moveable lump in my lymph node 6 months later. I am really scared to do surgery as I think it just will keep moving this cancer to distant parts of my body. I am having a really hard time with Drs, here as they are limited to test short of going to the Cancer clinic, as that's when the scare tactic I am sure will set in.

I am going to see the surgeon that removed my breast mass and see if I can get an mir or some additional blood work done and another ultrasound. I go Friday. I am already preparing relax, stay calm, be brave and breathe so any help with this issue would be so much awesome. How big was your lump and what stage were you at? Also what else did you do??? thanks, Kat

Posted by A (cypress, ca) on 08/06/2007

My husband's father was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and was given two months to die. They first wanted to cut out the cancer and then do radiation. He was a devout christian and he prayed and felt he was directed to use blood root paste topically and I think pills too. He followed a specific nutrition plan to boost his natural killer cells along with it and within six months there was no sign of cancer in the pet scan or mri or cat scan at all. None.

I had a history of cervical cancer with two bouts undergoing laser surgery and I took two bottles of the stuff and noticed heavy menstual cycles with seemingly black materials. I returned to the doctors for a schedule for surgery and they told me that there was no sign of the growth. I have been fine for a year now. Later I checked the net on bloodroot and found the fda banned it's use in toothpaste and for cancer; personally it appears that USA is heavily influenced by poilitian money and pharmeceutical money for the products it releases to the public, not off their medicinal merit.

Replied by Bret

Blood root can be toxic in larger doses. It has two different alkaloids and one of them belongs in the quinone family. Quinones were used to treat cancer by Dr. William Koch in the 20's, 30's, early 40's. Dr. Koch documented his individual cases carefully. It is no coincidence that blood root contains an oxygen donor. use cautiously! you're on the right track.

Replied by Kat
(Comox, Bc)

How much should a person ingest and did you use it daily? I have a large hard moveable lump in my armpit, getting my ultrasound restults tomorrow. I already had a cancer breast lump removed in MAY although I am chosing to do natural remedies. I have some bloodroot but have not started taking it. I have also ordered the salve. I ordered some poke root as well. Any help or info is so much appreciated. thanks, Kat

Bone Cancer

Posted by Lynne Smith (San Diego, Ca) on 08/03/2009

Hello and thank you for accepting my e-mail. I have a dear male friend who has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer, then prostate cancer, now spinal (bone cancer) for the past ten years. Chemo and radiation does not help at this point and he is now just waiting for the cancer to attack a vital organ. I was told that the combination of humic and fulvic acid has helped people in the last stages of cancer and I'd like to know if there are any research results in this regard.

Thank you.
Lynne Smith

Replied by Jacinto
(S. C., Dominican Republic)
Replied by Sara
(Nyc, Ny)

Hi Lynne, Please also have your friend take a look at this website, i hope it helps and good luck

EC: For more Bone Cancer remedies, see our dedicated bone cancer page.

Bone Cancer
Posted by zeeka3 (Cairns, Queensland Australia) on 07/31/2009

Hi, Today, I was told I have bone cancer and breast cancer, Tonight I am in pain, at home alone. I do'nt know what to do, Yes I am afraid, but have been religiously taking baking powder with citrus powder. It may be too late, as the Doctor tells me they cannot even do anything. Is anyone out there going through this pain and please what do they do to handle it. And does anything cure it at this stage.

Replied by Zeeka3
(Cairns, Qld, Australia)

I would just like to let you know how treacherous Cancer is. I had two jobs was highly energetic and envied for my energy and hobby interest of painting and sewing. Nothing was too much for me. Suddenly I developed what was diagnosed as sciatica, and ostioporosis, So being a health freak, no drugs of any sort no smoking,or alchohol, fit not overweight. I put up with the constant pain down my legs in my back, muscle cramps at night and a growing weakness to hold my body up in it's own weight.a constant tight feeling around my chest between the Boobs like a tight belt. The pain got worse and worse until I was almost scared to walk across my rooms.Then i found a lump in my breast, I was resigned to having it cut out. Scared of the thought of the treatments, only to find out I had Cancer throughout my bones and body and was incurable. They were the only symptoms, but now It seems pain is getting worse I don't expect to be able to stand up or walk soon, as it is in my spine and pelvis. What a shock Thanks for reading Zeeka3

Replied by Liv
(Boston, Ma)

Hello, I am replying to Zeeka3 from Cairns, Qld, Australia's post. I am sorry that you are going through this, have considered trying the Budwig Diet? It's basically flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. There is a great amount of information regarding this on Earthclinic as well as elsewhere on the web. Try doing a web search, there is even a video that shows exactly how to make it. I use "no salt added" cottage cheese to make the mixture, once I have mixed the cottage cheese with the oil for the required amount of time, I add soy milk and a banana, drink it as a shake. I hope this helps.

Replied by Zeeka3
(Cairns, Qld Australia)

Thank you Ma from Boston,

Yes I printed that whole article out and tommorow, which is Monday I will start with the flax oil and yoghurt, I have read that milk products feed cancer in the form of mucus, but I will try it. Once again Zeeka3

Replied by T
(Baltimore, Md, USA)

You wouldn't use yogurt, but cottage cheese (the lumpy bumpy stuff :)). If EC will allow the link, this is a video clearly describing how to properly prepare the mixture, along with things you can add that will provide flavor as well as additional anti-cancer elements.


Just make sure the cottage cheese is organic, because they are now putting the solvent propylene glycol in cottage cheese, which causes cancer. Thankfully, it does not seem to be in the organic cottage cheese.

Replied by Lida
(Geneva, Switzerland)

Hello Zeeka3, In addition to all what Ted has already mentionned in the file concerning the cancer issue and to Dr. Kousmine's Budwig cream, but she also recommended as a first thing to do to alkalize the body, take all vitamines esp. B and C, and a lot of other things like enema syringes for intestines to get rid of all toxins, etc. Try to google her name and see all her philosophy ...

You should perhaps also see for Bromelaine (400-500mg or 2500 GDU units - 2-3 pills per day), it is proteolytic enzyme and helps to dissolve the tumors, of course vit.C several grams.

In France there is a product which is based on very low polyamines (derivatives from ORNITHINE such as PUTRESCINE, SPERMINE and SPERMIDINE). You can search in google for Prof.Jacques Moulinoux, Nutrialys, Castase ... I hope you will find some explanations in English why to limit polyamines in food when there is a cancer, of course it will be mainly in French.

Hope this information will be useful to you and I wish you a lot of courage and success.

Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin)

Turmeric may be the remedy of choice. Check out the turmeric section of the Website :)

Turmeric Coconut Milk
heat 1/2 cup coconut milk till hot, do not boil
add 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
add a pinch of black pepper (ground black peppercorns)
let it sit 5 minutes or till cool enough to drink
drink this twice a day

Turkey Lentils
brown 1 pound ground turkey
prepare 1/2 pound lentils
combine turkey and lentils in a large kettle
add 1 can cream of mushroom soup
generous amount of olive oil
turmeric to taste
black pepper to taste (I like to add a lot)
heat thoroughly and enjoy

Replied by Tavora
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Zeeka3 - I do not know your religious or spiritual beliefs but keep praying. I will also pray for you. Do not give up hope. Hope is a lot stronger than some people realize. I agree with the last response/member regarding your post - alkalize your body. But not only w/ baking soda/citrus powder but also w/ green leafy vegetables, wheatgrass, chlorella or virtually anything GREEN as this will not only alkalize your blood but nourish your body w/ equal amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oxygen.

You might also want to consider a book called the pH miracle. It is written by a microbiologist named Robert Young. His work is intriguing and focuses on acidity of the blood being the root cause for disease. He's worked with many people but is also well known for working w/ patients suffering from advanced/stage 4 cancer. I read the book and began implementing his recommendations for my own specific problems. Though slow - I started feeling so much better! In addition to his advice...I also read a book called Green for Life. This book is wonderful! The author (Victoria Boutenko) introduces a great and convenient way of ingesting bulks of green leafy vegetables by drinking what she calls green smoothies. Only thing I would be concerned about in your case is the addition of fruit in the smoothies. Fruit contains sugar and since cancer cells can thrive off of it - you'll have to use it in moderation.

But please - don't give up HOPE - you will survive this!! The good Lord will heal you!

Replied by Maria


You may want to try the Ketogenic Diet. It cuts sugar out of your diet and your body uses Ketones instead. Apparently cancer cells can't convert themselves to use Ketones but the rest of your body can. On the Christian Broadcasting Network site, a man who was given only 3 months to live, after being diagnosed with bone cancer, went on this diet and a year later his scans showed he was cancer free. Definitely pray to God and keep a positive attitude. Remember, HE has the final say not your doctor.

Replied by Jack
(Columbia, Tn)

Banana should be used sparingly as it has sugar in it...

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