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Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)
Posted by Marjolein (Egypt) on 08/06/2017

Black seed oil 400mg

3 years ago I've been suffering with my health, was tired all the time and could do nearly nothing and lots of headache. Went to do several tests and also a blood test which said I had neutropenia and then they advice me to do an bone marrow punction as they thought I had leukemia. I was 25y and didn't want to do this and didn't want to admit to it and totally went into the net to see what I could do and then I started with black seed oil capsules 3 times a day (400mg each) combined with vitamines b and magnesium and CBD oil twice a week. Also I quit with the hormones ( birth control) now 3 years later I feel as a different person! I play squash again and feel active and I do have energy. Last month I have done again a blood check and all is back to normal! Till now I still take 3 times a week the black seed oil caps and vitamins and also I started last week with baking soda just to to stay hopefully in good shape for always.

ORH's Cancer Protocol
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/07/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,,,,,, just read how President Carter, at 91, cured his Melanoma cancer. Quite interesting, because Emory University used KEYTRUDA IV's to get his own immune system to attack the cancer. Yep, they did use some standard allopathic targeted treatments, but the world knows that rarely works. So what has happened? Well the world is now clamoring for their doctor to use the same thing for them. The Allopatics are now pushing back because we can't have your own immune system curing cancer. They have to drag this out thing out.

That brings up the subject of GcMAF, which the 6 doctors in Ga and Fl were working on when they all died. I will stop here and only suggest that you can increase your own GcMAF naturally to combat your illness. It is on the internet and if you are in deep DoDo, then you might want to research. The Lord said he has provided all you need. You just have to know what he has provided. Folks on the net will tell you.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tara (Los Angeles, California) on 05/31/2007

I just called my uncle to tell him about hydrogen peroxide (who has throat cancer, though it's in remission), and, I got all excited about it--that I had read here that it had cured some people's cancers, etc, and he just laughed, then said, "Tara--that's why my cancer is in remission."

He said he had stumbled upon this treatment accidently, when 20 years he swallowed some hydrogen peroxide (not on purpose) while brushing his teeth one day.

Then he said--"it just made me feel better, so I continued to do it".

Since then, he's been drinking one 16oz glass of water with a little hydrogen peroxide every day for the last 20 years. He said even though he still has a tumor, it hasn't changed since he started this treatment, and like he said, he's still alive. (The doctors are "baffled", because they think he should have died a long time ago.) [I wish we could hold some kind of conference to exchange these stories--you don't know me, and I don't know you, but if you knew me, you'd know, that I was only writing this because it's the truth, and I'm writing it in the hopes it might keep someone else's loved one alive after a diagnosis of cancer for 20 years too. It's so crazy to think about it (because it counters everything we've grown to believe), that I still have a hard time things like this myself, but after reading about this therapy, then talking my uncle--a lot more lives could be saved if we dropped the propaganda and started having open discussions about human health, irrelevant of money and power--]

Posted by Barry (Blountville, TN) on 03/02/2007

Garlic quickly killed my cancer and saved my life. Hi, My name is Barry Bittinger. My Friends call me Boone Doggie. I have had cancer three times, and I used garlic alone to kill the cancer all three times. The first time I used garlic it was a mistake, I misunderstood the difference between a clove and a bulb. My daughter Lynn told me to eat a clove a week to cleanse my blood. I mostly ignored her, there was nothing wrong with my blood I thought. Then, after having a growth in my right lymph nodes, hurting, and swelling and growing to a massive size, It all turned to blood poison, this was after having the cancer for several months. I would have gone to the doctor, but I was warned about letting a doctor just cut it out. I decided to wait and try other things. NOTHING WORKED, it just cost a lot. Then it all broke loose, the time had come. I tried to drive my car to where my oldest daughter worked, I COULDN'T I was totally zapped of all my energy. I went back home to wait for the grim reaper to take me away, I'm not a fool, I would go to the hospital, but only as a last resort. A acquaintance of mine had lymph node cancer, he went to a hospital and his lymph nodes were removed, He died quickly. Don't let them do that I was told. When all went south, and blood poison had taken over my arm, at first my right shoulder half way down my mussel, I lay down because I was so exhausted, for about 30 or 40 minutes. When I awoke, the blood poison had moved to a position 5 or 6 inches above my wrist. I knew if I lay down again it would be over, So I thought of a place where I could go in my condition that I could drive my car and make it, and get some garlic. This I did to clean my blood. Not knowing that in doing so I would also cure myself of cancer! I went to a near by store and purchased 4 bulbs of garlic. I thought that I had purchased 4 cloves. This is what saved my life! not knowing the difference between a bulb and a clove. If I had known the difference between a clove and a bulb I would be dead today. The garlic that I ate not only Stopped the blood poison in it's tracks, It killed the cancerous growth (The size of a baseball) in my right under arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I returned home with the garlic, I got out a plate and broke the garlic bulb, I thought was a clove all over the plate. I started eating all i could eat. about 7 or 8 pieces every time. which amounted to about a bulb a day. I ate the garlic two times a day, about half a bulb at a time. (there is more to the story I can tell later) For now the important message is (GARLIC KILLS CANCER QUICKLY) I should have started eating garlic all the time, but I didn't. I got cancer two more times. Once in my stomach and once in my eye, I killed the cancer both times by repeating the mistake I made the first time. The stomach cancer I killed by going to a dinner the first night that I realized it was there, The first treatment didn't get it. The stomach cancer had grown to the size of a goose egg in only one day. I had to do the same thing the next evening when I went to eat. I ate a measure of granulated garlic on each bite I took. The next morning it was dead. When I got the cancer in my eye, I didn't eat the garlic, I simply taped a sliver of garlic over the cancerous spot, it burned for about 4 or 5 hours. When I awoke the next morning the garlic had turned the cancer spot into a blister. I dissolved in a day or two, But left me the biggest black eye I have ever had. I now eat a small amount of garlic every day, I have had no more cancer since I started the garlic once a day.

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by j. park (United States) on 09/18/2019

To those "Doomed" patients of cancer. I mention this since I don't seem to see this approach in EC. If you consider your self as "doomed" or your loving ones, and haven't run into this, please read on.

I'm a full-time alternative medical researcher of 20 years, think I've gone thru just about all aspect of cancers. So you'll know I'm no novice in this field. That said, I present you this new developments. Matter of fact, it's old knowledge, but not known to public. The highlights of this approach are: * cost virtually nothing. * easily available medication. * curing rate very fast in few months. * very safe. * works for terminal cancers who hasn't gone over the bridge of no return. * known to main stream medical community, but not adapted due to .... you know what... So if I were you, I'd try this right away since it is so easy to start. Even if this fails, you virtually got nothing to lose. This method is using "Dog Dewormer", Fenbendazole. Read the following website.

This will tell you the straight story. There is an honest gentleman who got over terminal cancer that metastasized to all parts of his body, with 1% chance of living, got cured completely and then try to spread the story. We need to help him by curing ourselves first.

My sincere prayer is with you. j. park

Alkalize, Antioxidant, Chlorophyll Protocol
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 02/02/2018


According to an article available in the net titled "Cancer Prevention" by W.H.O., "Between 30-50 % of all cancer cases are preventable. Prevention offers the most long-term cost-effective strategy." Tobacco, physical inactivity, dietary factors, obesity, overweight, alcohol, infectious agents, environmental pollution, occupational carcinogens and radiation will increase risk of cancer. Even if one avoids all those risk factors, there is a chance one may get cancer.

Researchers proved that excess free radicals over a prolonged period of time could trigger chronic diseases such as cancer, strokes, heart diseases, etc. Unfortunately there is no way one can avoid free radicals, but there is a lot one can do to reduce the numbers produced in the body, and to ensure that the maximum of those produced are neutralized. Antioxidants are necessary to neutralize free radicals. The body makes some of the antioxidants that it uses to neutralize free radicals. These antioxidants are called endogenous antioxidants. The endogenous antioxidants include : alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. However, the body relies on external (exogenous) sources primarily the diet, to obtain the rest of the antioxidants it needs. These exogenous antioxidants are commonly called dietary antioxidants. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are rich sources of dietary antioxidants. If one takes more dietary antioxidants than necessary, extra dietary antioxidants will be released in the urine by the body. In this case, the urine will be antioxidant-rich. If the morning urine antioxidant level is at least 100 milliVolt (ORP level in the range of - 100 to - 300 mV), there is a very low probability of free radicals creating cancer cells. If the body is sufficiently alkaline, cancer cell, if any, will not multiply significantly. This basically implies that the morning urine pH level should be in the range of 6.5 to 7.0. There is a very low probability of getting cancer for a person if the following two conditions are satisfied:

1) Morning urine ORP level after one hour needs to be in the range of - 100 to - 300 mV.

2) Morning urine pH level needs to be in the range of 6.5 to 7.0.

These tests may be made at home for about 2 times in a month. You need a pocket ORP meter which will measure oxidant / antioxidant level of any liquid in milliVolt. If the ORP reading is negative for any liquid, it means the liquid is antioxidant-rich; otherwise, the liquid is oxidant-rich. You also need a pocket pH meter. Both are available online. If one or both conditions are not satisfied, the following methods can be used to improve them:

1) If the morning urine ORP level after one hour is not in the range of - 100 to - 300 mV, then the person has to consume more dietary antioxidants. The simplest way to achieve this is to drink antioxidant- rich orange / orange peel soaked drinking water which will have antioxidant level of about 400 milliVolt. This can be made as follows: Take one organic orange or its peel and cut them into small pieces. Put them in a blender with one cup of ordinary drinking water. Beat them in the blender so that particle size is very small. Then add 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt or sea salt. Then add about 9 cups of ordinary drinking water. After about 8 to 14 hours of soaking, antioxidants in the orange peels will be released into the drinking water. The antioxidant level of drinking water will to about 400 milliVolt level (ORP level of about - 400 mV). This will definitely improve the morning urine ORP level. If one does want to consume orange / orange peel soaked drinking water, then the person can consume other antioxidant-rich foods like carrot juice, wheatgrass juice, goji berries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, grapes, etc. It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of high oxidant-rich foods like cola / soda and also drinking water with high positive ORP level (more than + 200 mV).

2) If a person wants to improve pH level of morning urine, the person can consume alkaline foods like lemon juice, watermelon, spinach juice, banana, wheatgrass juice, cucumbers, etc.

I believe this orange / orange peel soaked drinking water will play an important in cancer prevention and treatment. I hope the information provided here will be useful.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan.

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile Tn) on 07/19/2020

HI U KARRI,,, ORH here, sorry about your ails. What I took was a special green tea. What I would like to suggest is that you read what the dog dewormer can do for you. The guy is Joe Tippens and his site is My cancer story rocks. I did that when I thought I had prostate cancer just last year. I think it is bettern what I did years ago. I am pretty sure I've had cancer 3 times in my life. No way was I going to do what the medical folks say. They into $, not your health. Lots of folks don't like what I say. They want me to be nice and comb their hair. I just ain't that way. Karri, get your body alkaline by taking a spoon of baking soda twice a day. Cancer loves acid and you have to get alkaline. Buy you some pH strips and pee on them. Forget spit. That is not a deal. Get your body as alkaline as you can. Go on the net and read. Stop all sugar. Eat green veggies. Drink green tea..... by the gallons. What ozone treatment are you doin?

Bill Munro cured his two cancers by inhaling hydrogen peroxide. I do mine via a nebulizer. That was not available to him at the time. Karri, appreciate your appeal because I am persona non grata on EC these days. I am shooting from the cuff. Will think this out and help you, best I can. You will cure your cancer with your own immune system. The best for that is Transfer Point, Beta Glucan. That alone has cured cancer. Buy it from Better Way Health. I could go on for hours. Little darling, you a smart lassie and you will get through this. There is no silver bullet. You got to do what you have to do. I am choking up because I try to be a good guy. Seems lots of folks on EC think otherwise


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Weslo (Panama City Beach, Fl) on 02/10/2018 9 posts

I am sorry that I just found this blog.

I had lung cancer back in 2005, stage 3. I refused the chemo and radiation.

Someone told me about cancer treatments in Germany. I researched, booked my flight and went to Germany for treatments. Germany destroyed all of the cancer cells in my body head to toe with heat. They taught me about the food grade hydrogen peroxide for preventive treatments. My lungs were full of asbestos due to working in the steel mills after Vietnam. My lungs if, X-rayed today, would be black. The asbestos cannot be removed, so it would be easy for the cancer to return. It never has, and it also knocked out the agent orange from Vietnam. I took everything that the VA offered and nothing worked, but the Hydrogen Peroxide.

Cancer cells have a hard shell around them, that our immune system cannot penetrate. The first thing that the chemo and radiation does, is knock out our immune system. The hydrogen peroxide dissolves the hard shell and our immune system destroys the cancer cells.

Hydrogen peroxide is the same as the ozone layer. A mother's first breast milk after birth, is full of hydrogen peroxide, which fires up the babies immune system. I had a friend buried today, who died from spinal cancer after just 5 short months. My wife and I met him about 4 years ago in his restaurant. I told him about the hydrogen peroxide, but like most, he fell in line with the medical process and they burnt him up with chemo and radiation. I can remember how I use to fall for the same due process. There are many good things that doctors can and do, but cancer is not one of them, based on my experience. We have had friends and family beat cancer with the hydrogen peroxide, because they knew what I did and it gave them something else to believe in. I have lost another friend to cancer, and it simply did not have to be. He has left behind a wife and a 6 year old daughter.

If this saves one life, for any one of you or your family, it will have been well worth it.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Weslo (Panama City Beach, Fl) on 02/14/2018 9 posts

Hi Sim,

I purchased the book "One Minute Cure" and it had all of the information about the H2O2. I saw on a post here, that you can do a web search for One Minute Cure pdf and it will come up.

1. Cannot do the therapy if you have had an organ transplant.

2. Purchase 35% Food Grade from health food store. (true 35% should not freeze in the freezer. Make you sure you tell the clerk that you are going to put it in the freezer. In recent years we have had some diluted versions slipped in and misled.)

3. Use 6 to 8 ounces of distilled water and a dropper for H2O2.

4. Must take dose on an empty stomach. (bacteria in food in your stomach can foam as the hydrogen peroxide attacks it.)If you have eaten, you must wait 3 hours for food to digest!

5. Start with 3 drops on day one, and go up 1 drop each day until you reach 25 drops. Stay on 25 drops for 2 weeks. Then come down 1 drop each day until you get back down to the maintenance dose of 3 drops.

You might experience a period along the way that you develop flu like symptoms, but that is the body flushing out the toxins.

Along the way you will feel an energy pickup as the oxygen is going into the different organs of your body.

I have seen this knock out cancer in my own personal family.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with a cancerous grown in her breast. Her surgery was scheduled 7 weeks away. My wife flew to Nashville and put her on hydrogen peroxide at an accelerated dosage. When she went in for her surgery, they closed her up, the growth was already gone!

Best wishes!


ORH's Cancer Protocol
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/06/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, as most know, I's 'bout half smart and have little discipline. We got rained out at the farm so I came home and made a do list of what I must do to get out of this cancer cloud. I am going to list what I have determined that I must do to keep aggravating the EC crowd for at least 25 more years. It will make you think because in my program, doctors play a minor role. They will do things that I can't and keep score. That worked for me in straightening out paper mills in the ditch. Right now I am in the ditch, but I feel better than I have in 3 years when I crushed my T 12. With my shot gun approach, I will never know what solved what. I don't give a rat's ass. My spine guy said I would never be the same. He was trained, I am educated, and a free thinker. Anyways, here is my program to rid my body of cancer. Read and see how you can address your health problem by your lonesome. If you are reading my stuff 10 years from now, I did good. If I fade out in year or so, I did not do so good. In either case you will know what to do or what not to do.

YO BUDDY ======ORH=======

==== BETA 1,3D GLUCAN 1X/D ( immune builder)


====RESVERATROL, CURCUMIN, APPLE PEELS 2X/D ( kills prostate cancer cells)....U OF TEX. STUDY








=====NAGALASE TEST ( HOLLAND) 1X/6 MO*... 2+ = CANCER ( $ 85)












ORH's Cancer Protocol
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 07/14/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,, finally found the apple peel powder to go with the Curcumin and Resveratrol to kill the prostate cancer cells and started this protocol today to round out a U of Tex protocol that kills prostate cancer cells. This completes 3 separate cancer protocols that I am doing.

In addition, I'm doing things to cleanse or detox my liver. I go Monday for an Alpha Liopic Acid IV to detox my liver and then go to Ga. for my first Hyperberic Oxygen session. Two of the biggies is to max out my immune system. Since I's an extremist, I may turn my immune system into a danger. Hope not, but that can happen. I will tell you the results in the next life ....should I go wrong. Follow me and learn what to do or what not to do to cure cancer. I promise you it will be interesting.

I's now 80+. Let's just see how long I put a burr under your saddle.


YO BUDDY =====ORH=======

Alkalize, Antioxidant, Chlorophyll Protocol
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 02/02/2017

Re: Alkalizing, Antioxidants and Chlorophyll for Cancer.

Alkalizing one's body is very critical for the treatment of any type of cancer. Ted mentioned six alkalizing formulas in EC. One can use anyone of these formulas to alkalize the body. Ted's favourite alkalizing formula uses Baking soda and Lemon. It is as follows: Squeeze one whole lemon. Add baking soda to the lemon juice slowly bit by bit until fizz stops. Then add water to one half glass. This has to be taken once in the morning and once before bedtime on an empty stomach.

There is anther formula mentioned in EC for Liver Cancer treatment. It is as follows: Take one cup of hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses. Then add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Stir and drink 3 times a day. I believe it has to be taken 30 minutes before meal or 2 hours after meal.

One can try these formulas for about 3 days per formula and select a formula that is most effective for you. The goal is to bring the pH level of morning urine in the range of 6.6 to 7.0. The people with cancer should avoid or reduce the consumption of highly acidic foods like : Artificial sweeteners, Red meat, Carbonated soft drink, Alcohol, White sugar, White flour, etc. They should also drink plenty of water since drinking water contains alkalizing minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium). There is an article available in the net titled " The Indisputable Connection : Your pH level and Cancer Risk ".

Regarding Vitamin D, there is a list of diseases associated with Vitamin D deficiency:

1) Osteoporosis

2) 17 varieties of Cancer (including breast, prostate and colon cancer).

3) Heart disease.

4) Autoimmune diseases.

5) Asthma,

6) Crohn's disease,

7) Rheumatoid arthritis,

8) Rickets,

9) Bacterial vaginosis,

10) Multiple sclerosis, etc.

If there is a deficiency of Vitamin D, the body can not absorb calcium properly. Calcium deficiency will affect alkalization process. If a person with Vitamin D deficiency consumes more calcium, excess calcium may be deposited in the arteries, kidney and other parts of the body. Vitamin D deficiency can be corrected by one of the following two or both:

1) Take Vitamin D3 supplements - 4000 IU daily.

2) Take one L. Reuteri capsule per day.

The probiotic (Friendly) bacteria ' L. Reuteri ' will increase Vitamin D level by 25.5 % in a 9-week time. Also, L. Reuteri will synthesize Vitamin B12 thereby correcting Vitamin B12 deficiency. About 85 % of the population do not have L. Reuteri in their digestive system even though it is available in the breast milk of some people.

Once L. Reuteri colonises the digestive system, Vitamin D deficiency will be corrected. It is a semi-permanent solution for Vitamin D deficiency. This is due to the fact that Vitamin D deficiency will not occur as long as L. Reuteri is in the digestive system. There is an article available in the net titled " Top 13 Scientific Health Benefits of L. Reuteri" .

According to the Mayo Clinic, enlarged red blood cells is a non-specific medical condition that has a number of different causes. Among the most common causes are Vitamin B12 deficiency, folate deficiency, alcoholism, hypothyroidism and liver disease. But according to many research papers, it is most often due to Vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies. Enlarged red blood cells can be determined by measuring its mean corpuscular volume (MCV). Enlarged blood cells will not deliver oxygen efficiently to all cells in the body. Oxygen delivery is very important for any cancer treatment. Since L. Reuteri is important for the alkalization of the body and also for oxygen delivery to cells in the body, it appears that the deficiency of L. Reuteri is one of the risk factors associated with cancer.

Best wishes,

P. Raghavan.

Alkalize, Antioxidant, Chlorophyll Protocol
Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 12/11/2017


This protocol is based on the following two principles:

1) Cancer cannot survive in oxygenated alkaline cellular environment.

2) Excess free radicals over a prolonged period of time can cause cancer and they need to be neutralized.

This protocol calls for the following three steps:

1) Alkalize the body sufficiently so that cancer cell multiplication will come to complete stop.

2) Take sufficient antioxidants so that the body can neutralize most free radicals in the body. This will stop the generation of new cancer cells by free radicals.

3) Take sufficient chlorophyll so that the oxygen supply will increase to all cells in the body and chlorophyll will try to convert cancer cells into normal cells.


Lemon, watermelon, banana, spinach and wheatgrass juice are some of the alkaline foods. Lemon and watermelon are top two alkaline foods. pH value of watermelon juice is 8.8 which is very high. Wheatgrass juice and spinach juice are rich in chlorophyll also. One banana (118 gm weight) contains: 422 mg of potassium, 32 mg of magnesium, 6 mg of calcium and 1 mg of sodium. One cup of spinach contains: 839 mg of potassium, 156 mg of magnesium, 245 mg of calcium, 126 mg of sodium and 24 mg of chlorophyll. The recommended dosage of chlorophyll per day is about 200 mg for this protocol.


Antioxidants are necessary to neutralize free radicals and they can be: Vitamins C, E and A (Betacarotene), Selenium, Alpha lipoic acid, Cq10, Polyphenols, etc. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter can measure oxidant/antioxidant level of any liquid in milliVolt (mV). If the ORP meter reading is positive for any liquid, it means the liquid is oxidant-rich. If it is negative, it means the liquid is antioxidant-rich. Suppose a liquid shows an ORP reading of - 150 mV, it means it is antioxidant-rich and its antioxidant level is 150 milliVolt.

The followings are the approximate ORP levels for various liquids:

1) Tap water : + 250 mV to + 400 mV.

2) Cola / Soda : + 400 mV to + 600 mV.

3) R.O. Water / Distilled water : - 10 mV to + 10 mV.

4) Green tea : - 120 mV to - 250 mV.

5) Mother's Milk : - 70 mV.

6) Carrot juice : - 170 mV.

7) Wheatgrass juice : - 120 mV.

8) Orange juice : - 150 mV.

9) Castor oil : - 200 mV.


Ordinary drinking water can be converted into antioxidant-rich drinking water. One of the methods is given below:

Orange peel and membranes contain antioxidants called citrus bioflavonoid. Citrus bioflavonoids belong to polyphenol group. Orange also contains vitamin C which is also an antioxidant. One organic orange is cut into small pieces and put them in a blender with one cup of water. Beat them in the blender so that particle size is reduced considerably. This will increase the contact area. Add about 9 cups of drinking water. Also, add about one-half teaspoon of himalayan salt or sea salt to the water in the evening. In the next day morning, the ORP level of drinking water is measured. It will be about - 400 mV. The goal is to bring ORP level of drinking water in the the range of - 120 mV to - 250 mV level similar to green tea by adding regular drinking water.

This antioxidant-rich drinking water is consumed during the day. This water should be stored in an air-tight non-metallic container since the antioxidants in the water may react with atmospheric oxygen and also, it can react with metals to degrade antioxidant level.

It appears that the antioxidants in the orange peel were released after about 8 to 14 hours of soaking in the the drinking water. The antioxidant level of this water is much greater than that of green tea. One can reduce the antioxidant level to a desired level by adding regular drinking water to the orange-soaked drinking water. I believe this orange-soaked drinking water will play an important role in this new protocol.

The flow of antioxidant in the body may be roughly explained as follows: Once the antioxidant-rich water reaches our digestive system, some significant portion of antioxidants will join the blood stream and they will reach all blood vessels in the body where they will try to neutralize free radicals. Finally, when the blood returns to kidney, residual antioxidants in the blood are released into the urine. If the urine is antioxidant-rich (ORP value negative), antioxidants in the urine will try to neutralize free radicals in the inner lining of urinary system (urine contact area). The residual antioxidants in the digestive system will flow through digestive track where the antioxidants will try to neutralize free radicals in the inner lining of digestive system and finally they will be excreted.

One can watch the following two videos regarding ORP level:

1) "Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Testing"

2) " How to make Antioxidant-rich drinking water'.

According to an article available in the net titled "What are Bioflavonoids? " by F.M. Painter, bioflavonoids are are semi-essential nutrients and are useful in treatment and prevention of many health conditions. It also states that they have greater antioxidant effects than vitamins C, E, selenium and zinc.


1) Consume alkaline-rich foods like lemon, watermelon, bananas, spinach juice, wheatgrass juice, etc. as much as you can. Make sure you are taking about 200 mg of chlorophyll per day. If one can bring the pH level of morning urine in the range of 6.8 to 7.2, there is no need to take baking soda-molasses solution; otherwise, mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of molasses in warm water; drink this twice a day 30 minutes before meal. Adjust the dosage of baking soda so as to bring the morning urine pH level in the range of 6.8 t0 7.2.

2) Consume orange-soaked drinking water during the day. Also, take one 500 mg vitamin C tablet thrice a day. Adjust the ORP level of this water and vitamin C dosage so as to bring the ORP level of morning urine after one hour to about - 175 mV.

I hope the information provides here will be useful. This is a 16-week protocol.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan.

Alkalize, Antioxidant, Chlorophyll Protocol
Posted by P. Raghavan. (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 12/02/2018

Grape Seed and Green Drink for Cancer

This is a 16-week protocol. This protocol is based on the following two principles:

Excess free radicals can damage normal cells and may convert them into new cancer cells. Antioxidants are needed to neutralize free radicals in the body so that no new cancer cells will be created.

2 Existing cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated alkaline cellular environment.

For this protocol, one has to buy an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) meter and a pH meter. The ORP meter measures oxidant/antioxidant level of any liquid in milliVolt(mV). If the reading is positive, the liquid is oxidant-rich. If it is negative, the liquid is antioxidant-rich. Both meters are available online. They are not expensive and simple to use. Just dip the meter in the collected urine up to the mark given in the meter and then switch on the meter.


The following are some of the antioxidants:

1 Grape seeds.

2 Turmeric with black pepper.

3 Berries.

4 Carrot juice.

5 Graviola leaves.

6 Vitamins A, C and E.

7 Selenium.

8 Alpha Lipoic Acid.

9 Melatonin, etc.

Regarding grape seeds for the treatment of the cancer, one may read the following articles available in the net:

1)”Anticancer Effects of Grape Seed Extract on Human Cancer: A Review”.

2) “Grape Seed Extract Effective in Colorectal Cancer Treatment”.

3) “Grape Seed Procyanidin Extract against Lung Cancer”.

The recommended dosage for grape seed is about 200 mg per Kg of body weight per day. Consumption of large amount of antioxidants is neither necessary nor desirable for cancer treatment. One has to adjust the dosage of antioxidants such that the antioxidant level of morning urine after one hour is in the range of –100 milliVolt to – 140 milliVolt. If the antioxidant level of morning urine is very high ( -140mV to -300mV), one has to reduce the intake of antioxidants. If the antioxidant level of morning urine is very low (-0 mV to -100 mV), one has to increase the intake of antioxidants. Our body releases excess antioxidants in the urine. Even after taking sufficient antioxidants, the morning ORP level after one hour is either positive or low negative, then it is possible for a particular food/medicine consumed may create excessive amount of free radicals inside our body. To identify this, one can stop taking suspected food/medicine for one or two days. Then measure the antioxidant level of morning urine after one hour. If there is a considerable improvement in the antioxidant level, problem food/medicine is identified. One can apply antioxidant –rich castor oil in the painful area just before going to bed or first thing in the morning.

One has to avoid oxidant-rich items like 1) carbonated drink 2) Alcohol 3) Red meat 4) Shellfish 5) Oxidant-rich drinking water with high ORP level (+ 100 mV to + 300 mV), etc.


To alkalize the body, alkalizing minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, etc are needed. Some alkalizing items are given below:

1) Green drink. It can be made from spinach, parsley, broccoli, wheatgrass, cilantro, kale, etc.

2) Baking soda and maple syrup.

3) Lemon juice and/or baking soda,

4) Sprouts,

5) Cucumber,

6 Watermelon.

One has to consume two cups of green drink per day (one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening). The aim is to bring morning urine pH level in the range of 6.8 to 7.0. If the morning urine pH level is below 6.8, one may take other alkalizing items given above. But the best choice is baking soda and maple syrup. One can watch video titled “How might baking soda boost cancer therapy? ”

Once the body is sufficiently alkaline, cancer cell multiplication will come to complete stop. If the morning urine pH level is below 5.5, the body is considered acidic. If the body is acidic, cancer cell multiplication will increase.


Green drinks are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll will increase hemoglobin level in the blood. Hemoglobin will increase oxygen supply to all cells in the body including cancer cells. If one has Vitamin D deficiency, it will affect mineral absorption in the body. Therefore, Vitamin D deficiency needs to be corrected by sun-bathing and taking vitamin D3 supplements.


Recently, I came to know three ladies about 60 years who were suffering from Stage 3 Stomach Cancer. First lady was given chemotherapy and radiation treatment. But there was no improvement and doctors gave her about 6 month time to live. She stopped chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She switched to graviola leaves and green drink treatment on the advice of some tribals from the state of Karnataka. But there was no improvement. Two of her brothers are medical doctors. They went through internet and recommended to her grape seeds and green drink. For grape seeds, she started taking dark raisins with multiple seeds in small quantities throughout the day like a snack. She took 2 cups of green drinks a day (one in the morning and one in the evening). She made good progress and is living more than two and half years.

The second lady consumed 6 graviola leaves per day and two green drinks per day. She cut 6 greviola leaves into small pieces and boiled them in 2 cups of water. Then she strained the water and consumed the water throughout the day. It worked very good for her. She is living more than 3 years and she is going great.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy was given to the third lady. There was no progress. She lived for about 8 months and she is no more.


1) Take antioxidant –rich grape seeds or dark raisins with multiple seeds throughout the day.

One may also take one half teaspoon of turmeric with small quantity of black pepper one hour before going to bed. But dosage of grape seed/dark raisins with multiple seeds and turmeric should be adjusted so that the antioxidant level of morning urine after one hour should be in the range of – 100 milliVolt to – 140 milliVolt.

2) Alkalize the body by consuming 2 cups of green drinks (one cup in the morning and another cup in the evening). If the morning urine pH level is less than 6.8, then take baking soda and maple syrup. If maple syrup is not available, one can use molasses or honey in place of maple syrup. Adjust the dosage of baking soda so that the morning urine pH level is in the range of 6.8 to 7.0. Also, correct vitamin D deficiency if it is there.

3) Recent research has suggested that probiotics may be able to stop tumour growth since 80 percent of our immunity is provided by probiotic microbes in our digestive system.


1) The same protocol can be used for cancer prevention. For prevention, one can take dark raisins with multiple seeds as a snack. Adjust the dosage of raisins so that the morning urine antioxidant level is in the range of – 100 mV and – 300 mV.

2) Take one cup of green drink per day so that the pH level of morning urine is in the range of 6.5 to 7.0. If needed. one may also take other alkalizing foods such as sprouts, cucumbers, watermelon or lemon juice to bring the morning urine pH level in the range of 6.5 to 7.0.

This kind of urine tests can be performed once a week. If the two conditions are satisfied, chances of getting cancer are extremely low.

Best Wishes.

P. Raghavan.

Alkaline Water
Posted by Ammoman (Clovis, Ca 93611) on 05/17/2012

Hello my name is ammoman and I have been using alkaline water since nov. 09 and I have noticed a difference than using tap 7.0 water. I had a brain tumor when I was 13 and given 5 years to live after 5500 rads of radiation, I am now 43 and going strong. I found about alkaline water and started it in 09. What a difference this has made in my life. Great stuff. I have also started sun gazing up to 4.15 min now.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tami (USA)

Well, let see. Actually, I had made pickled eggs, with apple cider vinegar, 2 weeks prior to going to Gainsville and my husband said that when he got back from Gainsville, he was going to eat them, if the operation went ok. After we got back, and knowing what the doctor had said, he was disappointed and said that he probably couldn't eat the eggs. A friend of his at work told him to drink some apple cider vinegar and see what happens. So my husband came home that night and took 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, every night for about the first week. Then he said he was feeling a little better and he was starting to eat more food. He then felt good enough to eat the pickled eggs. Then there was no stopping him! He ate about the whole gallon of them and dill pickles and then anything that had vinegar in it. Once a week, he would take a teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar by itself. He started to take the apple cider vinegar, about March 1, 2005. We found out about 4 months later, on June 27, 2005, that the tumor was gone and his cancer had gone into remission. We tell everyone about how the vinegar really helped my husband. I can also tell you ,that apple cider vinegar cures headaches. I know that from my own experience. I had a bad headache and it just wouldn't go away and I had taken some medicine and nothing happened. So I took 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and amazingly about 1/2 hour later my headache was totally gone. More people should try the apple cider vinegar, because it DOES cure a lot of things. We are TRUE BELIEVERS of apple cider vinegar!!!

The recipe for the pickled eggs is really simple and anyone can do it..

Tami's Pickled Eggs

1 gallon jar
4 dozen eggs
about 1/2 gallon or less of Apple Cider Vinegar
a pinch of red pepper seeds

Boil all the eggs, crack them and put in gallon jar.
Add Apple Cider Vinegar, to fill jar. Make sure all of the eggs are covered.
Add red pepper seeds. Cover.
Let set in the refrigerator for about 1 month (or a little longer, if you want a stronger tasting egg).
Take out an enjoy. Make sure any remaining eggs in jar, are refrigerated.

It's that simple! Enjoy!

Fenbendazole Dog Dewormer
Posted by Prov31J (Somewhere Over the Rainbow....(KS)) on 11/06/2019

I just found out about the fenbendazole protocol (was already doing vitamin E and curcumin and other things per naturopathic oncologist protocol) the other day, reading one of the survivor stories - Joe Tippens -- on James Templeton's TempletonWellness dot com website.

Told a friend about it as he has adenocarcinoma which I don't know what it is, exactly, but it's hitting him in various areas, colon, his back. I've got stage 3 inflam breast cancer est neg prog neg her2 pos. I just laughed at your comment about "It could not happen to a nicer bunch of people." and later on about doctors living in small houses... I'm sure you know that in most of the countries like in Russia, doctors are more like glorified technicians, none of the "I'm God, Jr. and I know what is BEST for you..." while proceeding to poison me with chemo (after the "first, do no harm" thing that they supposedly have to take an oath for, when they are in medical school.). My former sister-in-law's mom was anesthesiologist in Russia and they are not paid in Russia (not now, in any case, after their government issues 10+ years ago), and back when they were paid, it was not anywhere on the same scale as American anesthesiologists. sooo anyway I ordered the 2 gram packages of the de-wormer because a) I can weigh it on my scale and cut the amount in half to the 1 gram dose, to make sure I don't have ill effects, and then 2), I'm quite a bit heavier than a 20 pound dog. Anyway my friend says his vet is gonna fix him up with 40 doses for $30 - might be worth it to visit your local vet and see what their cost is . I will check into it with my dog's vet, see if I can get some from him too. (hey, my dog gets worms too! totally legit!).

Posted by Eno F. (Wa) on 12/27/2016

Started kerosene treatment this morning after a friend subdued lung cancer and passed his knowledge on. I thought the kerosene would taste horrid, it did not.

My family used black salve for various cancers with astounding success. My two younger sisters treated malignant cancers. The youngest chest cancers that a biopsy would have indicated all clear, however three other sites reacted to the primary cancer having a topical application of this salve. It took three relative painful applications to kill these four areas of malignancy.

The second sister had a wall nut sized tumor in her breast. Being a veterinary nurse she biopsided the tumor so the topical salve could reach the tumor. Two applications and this big ugly tumor worked its way to the surface. The specialist was amazed that this wait and see strategy had seen a miracle occur. My sister would have had her breast removed as the cancer was malignant. The cost for each sister about $100 each to buy the pure natural ingredients and make their own salve.

They have enough salve to last twenty years, kept in the fridge. I treated a melanoma on my hand. My specialist was puzzled that the cancer just disappeared without trace, he scared me taking a biopsy from the no longer cancer site. All clear and he said quote "miracles" do happen. Yea they do, was my only reply. You have to be very careful to comply with all aspects of the law the powers to be will take you to court if you advise supply apply any salve to another person. Anyhow just another natural substance working miracles and bitterly opposed by the establishment.

Just a footnote, the opposition to black salve is due to a dangerous substance named " zinc chloride" that is until I found out that almost every diabetic pumps this so called dangerous substance into their body several times per day. The medical profession and big pharma then tell us that dabbing a topical salve on our skin once is dangerous!!!

Good luck and trust in simple natural god created substances.

Robert Henry's Protocol
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 07/20/2020


I have learned a lot from you're comments on Earth Clinic over the years, and there is no doubt in my mind that you are a good guy. I don't think I will ever be able to travel and see some of the holistic doctors that you and your wife have, yet you share what you have tried and what you have learned with all of us. We all benefit from what you know. I also like your gardening stories - I have a 4'X8' garden with some beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, cilantro, thyme, basil and sage, so I am fascinated with your canning and all the variety of food you produce on your farm. Your food is always ready way before anything here in Ohio, so when I read about your blooming plants, I know Spring can't be far away, even as I see snow on our ground from my windows. Keep posting, and thank you for so generously sharing what you have learned about so many different things!

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/26/2011

From a recent medical review of aspirin and cancer over a 4 to 8 year period in the UK Lancet, it has been found that takng a little aspirin everyday helps to significantly lower the death risk from cancer. Ted from Bangkok, for some while now, has already promoted aspirin use to help against cancers, hepatitis C, certain flu and cold viruses and herpes. So here is the proof.

In the USA, a bottle of 100 aspirin pills costs about $1.00. That's pretty good value I would say.

Here is the article:

An Aspirin a Day Reduces Cancer Death Risk by 21%

And our great thanks to the Willow Tree....

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup
Posted by Ken (Singapore) on 07/30/2012

I think it is best to stick to molasses (instead of honey/maple syrup). This is because molasses is rich in iron, and cancer cells are VERY hungry for iron (not just sugar). hence, molasses should be a much better trojan horse.

ORH's Cancer Protocol
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 11/09/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,,,,,,,,, on a roll and want you to understand why cancer is a recent thing. First, I am attaching a video which explains how this works and how it the production of GcMAF was a natural thing in my grandparents day. To produce GcMAF in your body you need Vitamin D and my granddad was in the sun from daylight to dark, so he got his D. You also need Colostrum and he had Jersey cows that he milked. That compound is produced on calf birth. You also need fermented things and his family drank butter milk full time. Cows don't produce milk unless they have calves. They also drank butter milk and fermented vegetables. That's how they kept their body GcMAF up. We have outsmarted ourselves because we are lazy. A better word is sorry.

I think this is the most important thing I have come across because GcMAF can address some 50 dreaded diseases. You can cure yourself if you understand the following video. These 6 doctors that violently died were all acquaintances in Fl and Ga that were working on GcMAF. Some were working on cancer and some on Autism. They got too close and had to go.My admonishment to you is to continue to read my posts and to research on your own. I have no clue and will only point out the sites or videos that explain this conspiracy. It's not hard for EC folks to understand. Most are pretty smart.

ATS ========ORH=============

Vitamin D3
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/03/2017

HI U GOOD PEOPLE,,,,,,,,,, pharma friend loaned me a new Vit D 3 book and I can hardly put it down. Our medical folks have raised our daily dose from 400 iu to 800. My my, thats a 100 % raise. My Tractor driver takes 14,000 and I, 21,000 iu daily. Her serum is 109 and mine is 80 and the new standard is 20 to 30, which helps some with bone, but narry for cancer.

The book explains why Vit D 3 is probably the best thing you can do for your health and why our medical folks don't want you going there. It goes back to their pocket book. Most of our problems started when the sun was outlawed back about 1980 and skin cancer became more important than major illness'.

Oh by the way, my cancer doctor wants me on 50,000 iu of Vit D 3 for 15 days out of the month. She is not satisfied with 21,000 iu/d for the whole month. I forget the logic.

Yep, this low dose of D3 is a conspiracy to keep us sick as we have all learned via the internet. Don't buy my line? .........then research.


Dietary Changes
Posted by Love (Kentucky) on 05/05/2016

Infinite Love & Gratitude,

Here is some good news. I know many amazing people who were diagnosed with 3 and 4 stage cancer and they are happy and living 20 plus years later. What did they do?

1. One friend had melanoma and was given six weeks to live. She immediately became a serious organic vegan. Did meditation and daily walks with her family.

2. I met a 60 year old woman at the hospital and the doctors told her she had a few months to live. She said, bull----... I have grandkids to raise. She changed her diet and is alive 25 years later.

3. Don't get angry or scared, get busy and heal your life and body. Forget what the doctors say, cancer is big business.

4. Expect to live and if you don't make it, become excited about your next journey. Humans are conduits of energy and we never die. Stop making dealth horrible! Its just another amazing journey, expect the best and be grateful.

Love you, Love-

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by George (Utah, US) on 09/30/2014

I'm a retired RN and have been reading the many conversations about 35% Hydrogen Peroxide on why it works or doesn't. I wanted to share some thoughts on how it might work against cancer or any fast dividing cells. HP when it encounters a cell will inject O2 into the cell until the cell can't take and more, ruptures and the cell dies. If you have a fast dividing cell, like a cancer cell, it will uptake the HP O2 into the cell quicker than a normal cell and deplete HP. Then you would need another dose of HP. Depending on type of cancer and the amount (billions or trillions) of cancer cells that you're dealing with, it could take months of treatment. Again, HP works by injecting O2 into a cell until the cell bursts. I hope this helps.

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup
Posted by Ning (Springfield, Missouri) on 01/03/2011

My husband had prostate cancer in 2000 , he did the radiation and was cancer free, on OCT. 2010 he had abdominal pain on his right side, and ended up in the ER, they took CAT scan and Ultra sound and accidentally found a black mass on his thoracic spine, went to have another MRI on his thoracic spine and went to see the SURGEON for the results of the MRI and the findings is that maybe "prostate cancer"spreading on his spine, the doctor would like to do a BONE scan but husband decided not do it yet, so another MRI is coming up in FEB, 2011 and I am very anxious to start this baking soda and maple syrup for cancer remedies and I hope and pray to GOD that the black mass will be gone by then. I'll keep you posted... He's also drinking ojibwa tea 4 bags a day instead of water (he takes tea)and VIT D3 2x aday.. Goodluck and thanks a million for this site and to all the people who posted their testimonies!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jo (Eu) on 04/11/2024

Hey, I see a lot of requests for info in regards to this Baking soda and molasses...and some mention hydrogen peroxide.

First and foremost, people keep asking is it good for this cancer or that cancer. Well, yes of course it is. It is not the type of cancer that it is curing, it is the mechanism and process of cancer that it is changing. First there is no cure for cancer, as it is not a disease per say, but your body at dis-ease. Many researchers have clearly stated cancer is a parasite. That is why people have great success with antiparasitics such Fenbendazole, or Ivermectin. Cancer is with out a doubt not something you catch, or something your dad had and you inherited it.

Many people question about what to take, what to eat, vitamins, treatments etc. Of course that it a wonderful thing. People should be asking these questions of others. Instead of putting all your eggs in the medical establishment for the truth. Now, I do not discount the med system can help, I would never state that, but...doctors are not taught to 'cure' the cause of the disease, just to stop the symptoms! That therein lies the problem. They never look for the underlying cause. The REAL underlying cause.

So, regardless of what treatment you use, if you want success in beating whatever your ailments are, you need to remember a few things;

1) Cancer hates oxygen. Oxygen therapy, and H2O2 are a death sentence to cancer.

2) Vitamins and minerals are key to beating any illness. A depleted or worn down body is already at a disadvantage in a fight.

3) A healthy diet free from processed food, sugars (unless honey), low carbs...and full of healthy fats, fiber, protein and proper carbs. Proper nutrition, proper nutrition, proper nutrition!!!

4) Exercise is key. Doesnt matter your age or ability. Exercise is key to strengthening the body, increasing oxygen, fighting ageing, building bones, and above all increasing the bodies ability to deal with issues better. Whether you lift weights run marathons, ride bikes or walk around the block, everything, absolutely everything is better than nothing!

5) Mental health. It is absolute key in my opinion. If you are worried, depressed, exasperated, dismayed, you will have a hell of a battle on your hands. If you have a proper mind set-I am gonna fight-then there is a far greater chance of success that you will succeed.

So, I never hoped to come across preachy or authoritative in this post. But I know from my families history (lost 4 people to cancer), my own Military injuries that were supposed to be life altering, and 2 other Military individuals who should be long gone, that there is nothing on this earth you can not defeat. All you need to do is ask for help, look into yourself, and make a decision. Get busy living or get busy dying!

It is a wonderful thing this Earth Clinic site. Great support for everyone. Props to Art who is everywhere all the time. Props to everyone contributing and supporting one another.

Posted by Betty (CA) on 01/11/2022

I will give 2 reasons first hand experience.

1. Chemo centers are driven by incentives to keep an 80% capacity all day long of people in the chemo chair hooked up. I have seen onc's actually walk through, not to check on people, but to count empty chairs.

2. Other concern is statistics. They are taught to keep control of the patient and deter everything not listed per NCCN to the point of scaring the crap out of people saying things like "No no no, do not do this or take that. You could die." Then they spill analogies like "We are in the middle of a football game now, it's halftime. Ball is in the air and we just have to wait for the end outcome (statistic). Just let me worry about your cancer. You rest and make sure you come to all appts."

I could go on and on.

I know for a fact if I had followed along blindly obeying I would be dead already.

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