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Kidney Cancer

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/14/2009
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There was a recent case of kidney cancer that just gone into remission (a Kidney cancer is unique in that it doesn't respond well to the usual alkalizing remedy such as baking soda, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate. It won't also respond to hydrogen peroxide, blood root or black salve. There's a reason behind it that kidney is a regulator of pH and it can't achieve a uniformly high alkaline remedy. Also the cancer cells in kidney can't be digested by a sanguinaria, bloodroot tincture or black salve, although it does digest surrounding cancers, mostly cancer polyps. The one remedy that did work was based on the theory of fungus causing cancer. Fungus causing cancer is relatively straightforward, certain molds such as black mold fungus, found in most homes produces a cancer causing chemical well known in medical literature called aflatotoxin and mycotoxins. These are also found in the body infected with low concentrations of these in food, water, and sometimes is infected. Therefore the best remedy that I can come up with, including metastatic kidney cancer is the azoxystrobin in the brand product Amistar (there may be many other brands) often sold as fungicide, made from natural substance from a fungicide found in a pine cone, often used to rid of molds and fungus used in grass growing lawn. A kidney cancer usually will go into remission after about 3 - 4 days. The dose I used is fairly low, between 1-2 drops taken 3 or 4 times a day dissolved in 1/2 glass of water. Most of the cancer pain will be reduced in a day, but I think it may take a month to completely rid of them. However, I don't believe a cancer can go away completely and may come back. As a result there are two possible approach to this issue. Take one drop to two as maintenance dose a day, or just wait until I have one and then take it when I needed it. I am a bit conservative and are one of those who will wait and take it on as needed basis to prevent possible resistance of azoxystrobin. At the present, there is no resistance to this. I believe there is a fungus colony, or a mold which could explain why they keep coming back if they are not taken for about a month or two. Most other organs as in prostate cancer might be coming from the same source and the remedy can be used with this same thing. Of course when it is bought, the excuse is to buy as a fungicide for the garden. lol.


Replied by Pilar
(Superior, Colorado)


My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and so I was reading, that for this particular cancer, you suggest to used Azoxstrobin, so can you please tell me where I can get this and how do I mix it or the exact measurements? Thank You.


Pilar, I see Ted left you hanging unless he contacted you by email. How is your daddy doing now & did you find the Azoxstrobin & how to use it for your daddy's kidney cancer? I hope so.

Robert S.

Everything was in the post. You can buy it on, a bit expensive, but not when your life might depend on it.

Replied by Robert S.

Look into Hulda Clark methods, she knows what she is talking about and has an excellent track record with terminal cancers of all types.

Larch Arabinogalactan

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Posted by Ruralgirl (Heart Of Tx) on 09/03/2014
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In 2002 the surgeon gave me six months to live because he thought (and biopsy showed) that the uterine cancer had metastasized to my pecan-sized lymph nodes. Ten months later they were ping-pong ball-sized. I was feeling the "big squeeze" that the oncologist said would kill me as my organs would not be able to work. I started taking AG capsules (3-morning and 3-evening). In THREE DAYS my lymph nodes felt normal so I could wear a bra. I happened to have another scan six months after that, and my lymph nodes really were normal-size! Be sure to use the AG from the larch tree called ImmunEnhancer. I got mine online from vitamin shoppe.

(The disaccharide--two-atom molecule of "sugar" [not unhealthy like table sugar, but a cell-to-cell communicator]--called milk sugar is glucose-galactose; AG is arabinose-galactose. Like maple trees make maple syrup, larch trees make AG.)

Lemon Cleanse

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Posted by Haler (West Coast, Usa) on 05/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Late-60's age Nurse I met had 2 cancer diagnoses as a young woman, chemo, and surgery. After 5 years another cancer diagnosed, she chose holistic cure 'Lemon Cleansing' which cured her. Cleansing yearly, she is cancer free 8 years now. No more chemo, no more surgeries, no more ill health. Any patients at the hospital also cure. Be sure to eat well while cleansing. Eating less is ok if you aren't hungry. Keep to fresh foods, not processed. This cleanse gives NO stomach sickness or lip acid blisters.

DOSAGE: Fresh squeeze lemon juice amount as instructed into 12 oz water and drink it. Do this 3 times daily. Add 1-2 drops olive oil per glassful to prevent possible sting or burn of toxins during bathroom use - all will pass without runs or discomfort to body or skin. Drinking more water between doses helps wash out more toxins. Day 1 squeeze 1 lemon in 12 oz water. Do 3 times that day (total 3 lemons used). Day 2 squeeze 2 lemons each of 3 glasses (6 total), Day 3 is 9 lemons, Day 4 is 12, Day 5 is 15, Day 6 is 18, Day 7 is 21. Then decrease, Day 8 total 18, Day 9 total 15, Day 10 total 12, Day 11 total 9, Day 12 total 6, Day 13 total 3 lemons.

If this seems like a lot of water and lemon juice, here is the calculation: Total water: 3. 65USgallons (or 12oz water X 3 glasses per day X 13 days = 468 oz = 3.65USgallons). Total lemon juice: 1.72USgallons (or 3 Tbsp lemon juice X 147 lemons = 441 Tbsp or US 1.72 gallons). Total fluid consumed is 5.37USgallons, over 13 days.

Once detoxed in this way, obey when you thirst or hunger. Your body is newly cleansed. Take good care of it with good food, rest, and exercise.

Replied by Heather

Thanks for posting this. It's very interesting I'd like to hear if anyone has tried this. When I used to use a microwave I'd clean off all the grime left behind by putting 1/2 lemon in a dish of water on high for a couple of minutes then everything would wipe off easily. So this could be what happens in the intestines? Do you think hot water with lemon would work better? Thanks

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

No dont put hot water with the lemon it will cook the active ingredients. Theirs a lot of anecdotal evidence with regards to lemons stopping cancer, either way I can swear on the bible since I started using it over time the health benifits become obvious. I use fresh squeezed orange juice with the juice of one lemon added with a capfull of apple cider vinegar, once a day before meals. This is a maintainence dose. If your wanting to clear something up you might have to take more to start off. My left ear has gone from completly deaf to normal hearing since I started using it in the new year. It was deaf for at least a decade.

Leukemia Remedies

Posted by Nigel (Manchester) on 03/09/2014

My cat has leukemia and I am looking for something to help his chances really. I rescued him 2 days ago from a neglecting home.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Nigel,

Feline Leukemia is a "retro-virus"....and can be cured by feeding (drops into mouth if necessary) Colloidal Silver which will kill the virus. If you can't get that, you could try other anti virus herbs, such as Echinacea, tea tree oil etc. But CS is best, assuming you can find some with sufficient parts per million. I make my own so know it is a high PPM.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Here is a group that may be able to give you some good advice for your cat: Good luck!

Replied by Jim
(Frostburg, Maryland)

Strays with Feline leukemia respond well to feeding with raw chicken every day -- a couple of rounded tablespoons or as much as they will eat. Also give them fish oil; one or two capsules per day. Either squeeze a pricked capsule onto the back of their tongues or onto their hard or soft food. If the cat likes dairy, give it a teaspoon of Budwig made with the fish oil instead of flax. Flaxseed oil is fine but you'll likely have to force it down the cat's throat using a small clear plastic syringe with the funnel-end cut off and --very important --smoothed and rounded off with sandpaper. Cutting the syringe leaves a sharp-edge which will hurt the cat's gums and lips. You can alternatively hold the sharp cut-off end briefly over a flame, melting it into a rounded edge.

You'll need to fill the small syringe with the Budwig (or meat if it won't eat that) then insert the rubber-tipped plunger. The syringe at ready in your right hand, reach down and stroke the cat with your left hand. Straddle the cat from behind then quickly bend down on your haunches, your heels pulling close together so that the cat's rear exit is blocked. Grab the cat by cupping your left hand with fingers under the chin and the thumb at the upper-nose/eyes. While doing this worm your left-hand index finger into the left side of the cat's mouth. The mouth will open, allowing your right hand to insert the small plastic syringe centrally into it's mouth. Quickly push the plunger, expelling the Budwig or raw food. When performed properly the Budwig (or meat) is deposited onto the back of the tongue. Quickly remove the syringe while keeping your fingers and thumb clamped around the cat's jaws for a couple of seconds. This act will increase the odds that the cat will swallow. This is not as difficult as it reads.

Use of raw chicken and fish oil daily should result in noticeable improvements to the cats appearance in a few days. I have had cats diagnosed with FL live for 15 years with the use of raw meat added to their diets. I believe cereal diets produce weak immune systems.

BTW, one or two fish oil capsules administered daily has extended the lives of several of my own and my friend's' cats by years, even after being given terminal diagnoses by the vet.

Loss of Appetite Remedies

Posted by Cindy (Paradise, California) on 07/26/2010

A friend asked me to research anything that could help her increase her appetite that has disappeared due to taking Tamoxifen and other meds to hold cancer at bay. She said she is starving to death because she can't eat. I noticed Fenugreek but one feedback note said it increased estrogen so that sounds like a bad idea for my friend. Any suggestions?

Replied by Thewayistruth
(Bakersfield, Californian)

If she has lost her appetite please get her to a Medical Marijuana facility. She can either smoke it or eat it in a brownie, because this herb will stimulate her appetite! It does so many good things like lessen pain anywhere, and if your stress level is noticable it will bring it down to the level it should be at.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/29/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,, had my session with my anti-aging doctor today and committed. I committed to her counsel, but I call the shots. Did not tell her that, because I am responsible for my own health. Sometimes, I need counsel and I listen. She told me that I was to not eat any vegetable that is not green. Sheet man, she read that somers in a nerd book. I am going to eat tomatoes, squash, egg plant and such those are not green. I know a heck of a lot more about nutrition than she. She is good, but has to practice doctoring. All I have to do is research and learned many years ago that if you do that, then you ahead of them. She loves me and my Tractor Driver because we are now friends, but she does not like the pressure I put her under. She says I read too much. I did good today and mostly listened. She did the main thing that I wanted and that is to put us both on LDN. Low dose Naltrexone will peak out our immune system. That is what defeats cancer, as it has your entire life. I also told her that I was also taking Gluta 1,3D Beta Glutan to do the same thing.

So what is my point....... when we in deep dodo, we need help. I need help and she is filling in my holes. She takes no insurance, so we now have to pick up cans on the side of the road for the next few years.

I have to do a Vit C IV weekly. She was not happy that I will be doing that with my local alternative doctor. In short she is treating me as if I were in Europe. No way would I do what 'merican doctors do for cancer. Just finished the book, HONEST MEDICINE, in which a doctor that first got his PhD in microbiology, was a college professor and then got his MD. He said that medicine is not an education but training. Just do what you are told to do. I believe that with all my heart. Good people ....... you must read this book and you must get on LDN regardless of your health. It peaks out your immune system and keeps you healthy. EC will not like this because they will have half the posts.

Out of spit. =======ORH==========

Maple Syrup, Baking Soda, Magnesium, Iodine

Posted by Christal (Kyle, Texas) on 01/19/2011

I came across this "cure" and I think everyone who has cancer should try this.

A few drs out there suggest that cancer is a fungus and I have to say I agree. Candida is the culprit. How do we get massive candida overgrowth? Antibiotics and the foods we consume constanly.

The remedy is this

3 Teaspoons PURE 100% GRADE B Maple Syrup

1 Teaspoon Aluminum free baking soda(you can order this online just do a word serch for it, thats what I had to do)

take those and heat them on the stove on the lowest setting possible, do this until it bonds which is when it starts to froth a little, you don't want to burn it because it will taste awful.

Eat three teaspoons of this a day, also take magnesium and iodine becuase those defficiencies can cause cancer as well? I read that but I would do it, can't hurt to try right?

Love and God bless yall! Oh and if anyone has any questions about it or anything else just email me! Christaleddleman(at)yahoo(dot)com


Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 09/02/2008

Additional info on mimosa: Half a piece of lemon may be taken 1 hour after drinking Mimosa.This combination is very benefical for health, especially for Cancer patients because lemon is a powerful Cancer killer. The seeds of lemons and grape are effective against Cancer.

P.S. Remember the seeds of lemon and grape are powerful Cancer killer. Do not throw them away.

Replied by Mike
(New York, USA)

hi Tan, "P.S. Remember the seeds of lemon and grape are powerful Cancer killer. Do not throw them away." So can the cancer patient eat the lemon seeds? Thanks, Chong

Posted by TAN KOON PENG (SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE) on 06/20/2008

Mimosa is useful for bone spur. It is also useful for detoxing our body of toxins. It is an effective Cancer Killer as it can get rid of toxins which is one of the main cause of Cancer. Our body when clear of toxins can function well and allow our immune system to effectively kill the Cancer cells naturally.

For Medical uses, the pink flower, red stem type of mimosa is most useful. All parts of mimosa can be used to treat Cancer but the most important part is the roots. Mimosa can be soak overnight for easy washing. Mimosa should be cook in very low flame for 2 to 3 hour as this process can get rid of the mild toxins in this useful plant.

18 red dates and 12 slices of old ginger should also to added for better results.This herbs should be taken on empty stomach for best results.If you are not a vegetarian, you can also add some garlic for better results. After taking this herbs patients can expect to pass out black and smelly feces.

Mimosa is also effective for internal injury, diabetes, kidney problems, liver problem, diarrhea, skin problems, arthritis, urinary tract stone, rheumatism, anti-aging, child fever, relieve cough, clear phlegm, sprain injury, insomnia, gastric infection, clearing excessive heat in body, promote urination, bronchial infection, child indigestion, stiff neck, bone spur, piles, thyroid, blood purifier etc etc.

If fresh mimosa is not available, you can buy it from chinese medical shop.

Bone spur patients are to abstain from kang kong, carrot, banana, celery, peanut.

NOTE: Not suitable for pregnant woman.

Please share with others if you have any feedback after using this herb.


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Posted by Henry (Cambridge, Ma) on 02/17/2014

Has anyone explored the use of mistletoe injections for cancer? It appears to be widely used in Europe. Here's the NIH Cancer Institute web page: and

Replied by Chris
(Bay Area, Ca)
4 out of 5 stars


I am 3 years in remission from stage IV melanoma and had a very positive experience with Mistletoe. After my last surgery I began to suspect conventional medicine was not going to help me live a long and healthy life.

So I started on an alternative path. Early in my research I learned about Mistletoe and found a local doctor who taught me how to self-inject, sub-cutaneously, 3x/week. I did this for the first year and half of my journey while I learned everything else I needed to do (detox, change lifestyle, eat clean, exercise, etc.).

Prior to this regimen I did NOT like hypodermic needles, even fainting once in a doctors office. But after the first month or so, it became easier to do. While I don't believe Mistletoe can cure my cancer, the benefit it provided was temporarily activating my weakened immune system while I learned how to build my immune system naturally (see above).

I will be happy to go on, but this will be enough for now. If you or anyone else responds to this thread, I can answer additional questions.

Mistletoe is not available in the US; I had to contact a pharmacy in Canada who sent it to me. I think it was $1,000 for a 3 month supply. During these past 3 years I have done alot of other alternative treatments, and today I am optimistic I will be on this earth for another 20 years at least (I am 58 y.o. male now).

Knowing what I know today, it is a crime that so many people (including my dad) die from cancer. Damn Big Pharma!

Good luck and take care. Chris


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Posted by Dennis (Missouri) on 01/28/2021
5 out of 5 stars

It seems that most conditions mentioned in today's newsletter can be helped.

A friend mentioned visited his doctor, for his prostrate, checking to see if the tumor had grown? I had mentioned MMS in the past.

He stopped by to ask questions. Then he ordered a set of bottles. I loaned a book to him, then he started using it. I think he used it 5-8 times a day.

When he went back for his checkup, he was clean as a whistle, cancer gone!

Someone I see at the gas station walked up to me and said he had cancer and it had started spreading, doctor said there was nothing they could do. This was 6-7 months ago.

So I put a set of bottles in my saddlebag, the next time I seen him, I gave them to him. Then told him how to use it. Then about 2 months ago he walked up to me and let me know that there was NO cancer to be found!

I have no idea if I can post where to buy it or not, so please remove the links if I'm not supposed to do it.

This one is the original. Works like a champ.

Then they found out that this one will continue actively working in the body for a longer time.

Both are fantastic.


Replied by Denise

I just bought some from yesterday. I'm curious if instructions will be clear on how to use internally. Do you mind sharing instructions on how you use? Denise

Replied by Dennis

Hi Denise,

I guarantee that they will not show instructions! The powers that be would shut them down in a heart beat. It's been down before.

The place had bought from sent emails about it from a different email account. They caught onto him, I went to the site, it no longer functioned,

Every place online that sold was shut down last year, two men have been in jail in Florida since last February or April, their dad is in prison somewhere in the Caribbean. There were no charges, they get out whenever someone says ok,,,,

Send your email to Deirdre and she passes on to me? I don't if it's possible,,


Posted by Jack (Toledo, Ohio) on 04/17/2009


EC: Jack is referring to the inventor of MMS (Medical Miracle Supplement)...

Posted by Jack (Toledo, Ohio) on 09/22/2008

Dee, I ran across this this week pls read and maybe post it "its wonderful news"!

or if you just go to the main and scroll down you'll see a small box on the right side... GOD BLESS .... JACK

Replied by Jack
(Toledo, Ohio)



Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Austen (San Diego, California) on 12/24/2012

TED, Two years ago I was diagnosed with HPV base of tongue cancer that had spread to my lymph. No chemo or radiation. Instead, I've been trying alternative treatments like the Budwig Diet. Currently I have been applying a Baking Soda/saliva paste with my finger deep onto the base of tongue tumour, about the size of a small mushroom. The lymph tumor has grown to the size of half an egg. I'll try the Baking Soda/Lime mix soon. What about applying Hydrogen Peroxide directly onto the tongue tumor? And, do you reject oranges. We have ten citrus trees. Also, I'm mostly on raw vegies, a bowl of cooked vegies, some fruits and a little whole grain bread. No meat or dairy now. Any nutritional suggestions?

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg, North West, South Africa)

Hi Austen, Avoid all fruits, sugars & starches because they feed the cancer. Seeing that you live in California you must get which is the best proven cure for cancer which is THC oil made from marijuana which is legal in California, also study it on the net & youtube.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Livercursexlm (St John's, Newfoundland, Canada) on 11/13/2012

Hi Ted/Bill, I have a question on the use of saba snake grass.....Whilst taking this remedy for cancer, can one take other liver supportive remedies like milk thistle, Alpha Lipoeic acid, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, SAM-e or any other supplements to enhnace its efective. In short what is the protocol for its use?