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Natural Remedies for Boils

Posted by Ashanti (Charlotte, NC)
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the tumeric paste mixed with water and put it on top of the boil and covered it with gauze and the boil opened within hours. It worked quickly and my boil was so painful that I could barely walk.

Misdiagnosis Alert!
Posted by Susan (USA)

From the feedback we have been receiving at Earth Clinic, it seems that many people (including doctors) are misdiagnosing their boils/staph infections/MRSA for spider bites, so please be very careful! If you don't remember being bitten by a spider (a rare occurrence), it's probably a boil or possibly a staph infection.

Misdiagnosis Alert!
Posted by Busycagal (Los Angeles, CA, USA) on 04/25/2011

My daughter was "diagnosed" with multiple spider bites, then allergic reaction to the venom, then skin Staph infection all with many month long antibiotic treatment that cured nothing, but kept the amount of boils somewhat less. After greatly suffering for 1-1/2 years, insisted on an infectious disease doctor and got the nasal cream. Went away in two days! However, a year later she was "diagnosed" with Crohn's disease with an unidentified bacteria in the stool and results not typical for IBD. History of chronic ear itching and flaking since also. Could this all be MRSA colonizing in the intestines and ear canal? I think so.

#1 Remedy: Turmeric
Posted by Susan (USA)

Without a doubt, the spice turmeric is the very best remedy to take when you have boils, staph infections, or MRSA. Unfortunately, while turmeric will cure an outbreak of boils, it will NOT cure MRSA. A daily dose of turmeric will only prevent future MRSA outbreaks if you also follow a strict alkaline diet by monitoring your pH.

Take internally, 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in half a glass of warm water 3x a day. Continue for several days or more if you have recurring MRSA boils. Turmeric, a traditional Ayurvedic spice of India, is anti-inflammatory and a blood purifier. You will see healing begin within a matter of hours. You do NOT have to touch the boil whatsoever or apply anything topically.

You can buy an enormous bag of turmeric at any Indian grocery store for a few dollars. The spice section of every grocery store will also carry a bottle of turmeric: $4 - $6 a bottle. A good health food store will sell turmeric capsules. The capsules are far more expensive. Is it worth the extra $? Nah, we think the cheap stuff is just fine!

You can also put an antibacterial ointment like Neosporin on the boil to help heal it quickly. If you catch it early enough with turmeric and Neosporin, the boil will not break the skin.

Please, Please, PLEASE report back after you try this remedy for a few days!

Note #1: It is best to take turmeric internally at the earliest sign of a boil (i.e., before it breaks the skin). If you do, the boil will literally disappear overnight.

Note #2: The best way to decide whether an impending blemish is a pimple or a boil is to hold a hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton ball to the blemish. If it is acne, it will turn white at the top and start to heal within about 15 minutes. If it is a boil, the peroxide won't do a thing... in fact the boil will keep growing, so take turmeric quickly!

Note #3: Turmeric is one of the best remedies for diarrhea, so be careful, it can cause constipation. Try taking acidophilus (live yogurt or liquid) to keep things balanced in your intestinal tract.

Note #4: Be prepared for your sweat to smell spicy for the first day or two.

Note #5: Turmeric seems to cause intense dehydration, especially at night , so make sure to follow your Water and Turmeric mixture with several glasses of plain water.


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Posted by Susan (USA)

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