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Turmeric Recipes

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Posted by Roy (Sarasota, Florida) on 03/29/2007

Turmeric virtually tasteless in chocolate milk.

Replied by Debby
(Oak Ridge, Texas)

Turmeric has a nasty taste, and putting it in chocolate milk doesn't help, I've been taking it for about 2 years now. But the ones I take is at Walmart don't know how pure it is though. I drink soy milk for hormone imbalance too. And I still get them recently allot on face but I think these are carbuncles....nothing is working but I think I wasn't taking enough turmeric I was taking 2 and got a turmeric more powerful supposedly and the bottle said 1 a day so I did. Started get these on my face, so I went back to 2 a day still getting them. I read that raisins everyday will keep them away so I'm trying that too. Been putting up with them for 6 years now after my period stopped, I went thru menopause early then allot of women. But ever since then I've been having them big ones at first not so big ones and none for a while. But now it's allot on my face and had 2 small one on my side.......I have tried allot of stuff seems to get rid of them.....I've been drinking soy milk for 4 years now........I take multi-vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, turmeric & nothing keeps them gone.....ARG.......

Turmeric Recipes
Posted by Ellie (USA) on 11/24/2006

I have been reading how all of you are putting turmeric in water and drinking it plain. Yikes! I have been adding Turmeric to every food and Thanksgiving leftovers are perfect!! It is wonderful on turkey, stuffing and used with plain yogurt as a vegetable dip. I drink lots of water too.

Turmeric Recipes
Posted by Susan (USA)

When we made a pot of vegetable soup last winter, the flimsy packaging of turmeric slipped and about 4 tablespoons of turmeric got dumped into the soup pot. We had made blended soup with green peas, green beans, 2 sweet onions, 5 cloves of garlic and vegetable stock. We thought it would taste terrible, but after adding cayenne and pepper it turned out to be delicious!

Turmeric, Honey Paste

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Posted by Smiles808 (Jamestown, Nc) on 11/03/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a quick-growing boil, so I searched this site for how to get rid of it. I tried drinking turmeric, but it was pretty difficult (although I will say that mixing it with chocolate milk wasn't so bad). But I saw that you could make a paste with honey and turmeric (I used equal parts) and rub it directly on the boil. I did this, and it immediately started shrinking. I highly recommend this treatment!

Replied by Pats

As for drinking the mix and taste buds and all...

If you like savory foods you might try grinding some Turmeric Root, finely chopping fresh garlic, and adding it to a small cup of your favorite broth. I use Turmeric, Fresh Garlic, Black Pepper, Marmite, Vegetarian Bouillon and Hot Water and sip it for an immune boost.

I am not into sweet drinks other than soda (I know, bad for me) and the occasional sip of Eggnog at Christmas.

Turmeric, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Lilli (Wa) on 05/19/2017 12 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I tend to get small boils around my panty line when I work out. When you feel a slight bump, use warm compresses at least twice a day and especially before bedtime. Use an anti-bacterial soap to cleanse the area. If this treatment does not help and the boil progresses to a head, use a mixture of equal parts baking soda, turmeric (buy a good quality), and organic ACV. Before bedtime, make a soft paste and apply to the effected area. Cover with a sterile cotton ball and medical paper tape (do not cover the center of the boil with tape...let it breathe). In the morning remove the cotton and cleanse the area with alcohol. Apply antibiotic cream and cover with cotton and tape. Repeat, along with the warm compresses, until the sore has healed. Always keep hands and effected area clean and sterile....boils can spread.

I have used the paste after the sore had opened and it works well to draw out toxins. I developed a blood blister and it worked well in drawing out the infection. The entire process has taken about 3 weeks. I've taken one aspirin daily for the achiness. If your boil is really large and swollen, looks infected, or is solid, seek medical attention. But for "run-of-the-mill" boils, this mixture works well.

Turmeric, Black Salve, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Lon (Stanhope, NJ) on 02/18/2009
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Boils, possibly MRSA, and tumeric:

My son was hospitalized for serious, rapidly spreading cellulitis, which started with a boil. He responded well enough to antibiotics to come home, but although the culture indicated the boil was not MRSA, the boils did not respond to the various antibiotics the Drd tried. He developed multiple boils on and around his privates which wouldn't go away. By the way he's been hospitalized, had many surgeries and on intravenous and antibiotics many times for a digestive disease he was born with. The celulitis came back three times, while following the infectuous disease Dr's advice to control it, which was exhausting, frustrating for both of us and ineffective. Of course the Drs think you're not following their directions if their strategy doesn't work. Then I found this site! I gave my son one turmeric capsule three times daily for three days. A nutritionist suggested I watch the acid alkaline balance of his diet. Topically I applied black salve to any full blown boils. If I noticed any small emerging boils which have not yet formed pus at the tip, I apply straight tea tree oil to the tip only, being careful not to get it on the surrounding skin. I discovered the effectiveness of these particular topicals by observation after using so many topical remedies.The advantage of the black salve is that it stays on without a dressing. I couldn't use bandages/poultices because of the location of his boils. Nothing has worked like the turmeric, supported by the topical application of black salve and tea tree oil for healing the boils, as well as watching the diet. He now takes one turmeric a day for prevention. The origin i think is candida, but we're working on that.

My son has Down Syndrome, Hirschsprung's disease (never could spell it.), and an ileostomy, so you can imagine the difficulties with nutrition. It was an ordeal I thought would never end. I worried constantly that the celulitis would return. It's been almost a year without boils or cellulitis. Thank you for this site! If it wasn't for this site we probably would have continued with the endless cycle of antibiotics and hospitalization.

EC: So glad to hear the remedies have helped. We have just created a new cellulitis remedies page with your post -- thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!

Turmeric, Garlic

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Posted by Swimmer (Cumbria, Uk) on 02/21/2010
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Hi, I have recurring boils, they stated out solely on my inner thigh but now I get them in other areas too.

After reading through your site, I am currently taking Turmeric capsules 800mg per day and Garlic 400mg per day, and if anything it seems to be bringing out more boils, I now have two on my stomach.I have just started the Garlic capsules 3 days ago but have been taking the Turmeric for a couple of weeks.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. S

EC: Unfortunately, most of the people reporting Nays are using turmeric capsules, which contain other ingredients like magnesium stearate, a filler. The same may be true of garlic capsules. Much more successful a remedy (and far cheaper) is turmeric powder found in bulk at international grocery stores! Organic turmeric powder in bulk can also be found on the internet.

Replied by Shaun
(Old York, Uk)

Turmeric worked for me. I had an open sore (later discovered to be MRSA) on my cheek, which I thought I had gotten from either rugby (a finger nail scratch), or a scratch from something picked up in sub aqua diving in the ME. Anyway, I tried everything to clear this up (at one point I even convinced myself I had coeliac disease). What eventually did work was one teaspoon of turmeric 'mix' 3 times a day. Basically my mix was a heaped tsp turmeric powder dissolved in a tsp of virgin coconut oil. To complement this I took a tsp of black peppercorns (this catalyses everything and makes it more efficacious). After 10 days there was no sign of any sore what-so-ever. Seriously, turmeric is the business. No question.

Replied by Cured
(Niceville, Fl)

I am clueless when it comes to converting measurements doesn't sound like you are taking enough turmeric. Up to 1 teaspoon/day, I take 4-7 "0" size capsules a day. This keeps them away until I slip up (usually on a weekend) and don't take then one will come up. I start taking up to 7 capsules and within 2-3 days it is gone.

I make my own because store bought ones have too many fillers. I just use the spice out of the spice aisle though now ordering online because I use so much. Also when you make a paste just use straight turmeric and water, no need for anything else.

Turmeric, Garlic, Olive Leaf

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Posted by Jsdell (San Deigo,ca) on 06/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I had a boil on the back of my neck last year and after reading on this site and a few others, many many posts, I realized that I also had MRSA. Originally I tried a few ideas like garlic and turmeric and olive leaf, separately, but none of them worked alone. After reading a good deal more, I put together the new treatment plan about 3 weeks after the boil surfaced, as what I had been doing was not working (I'd been doing each of the treatments below, but individually, not together. After reading a lot, I realized I needed something stronger. So I took 2 Turmeric Curcumin caps a day and 3xs a day opened a capsule and put it on a bandage damped with garlic water and put that on my boil (I crushed 1 1000mg tablet of garlic in a few drops of boiled water & used this water to dampen the bandage. I changed this water 2xs a day). I used 3 bandages to be sure the boil was completely covered as the turmeric would easily stain my clothing even if I was really careful and the stain would not come out now matter what I tried (I tried for weeks, but nothing worked, so wear old cloths) I also took 1000 mg of garlic 2xs a day. Also 2xs a day I took 500 mg Olive Leave Extract.

Within 2 weeks of starting this the boil was totally gone, but if I started this treatment plan sooner, it would have been gone sooner, I leaned when the boil came back in the same spot just a month ago, mind you it has been gone well over 6 moths and I'd not had any other reoccurrence). So last month I immediately did the combination treatment plan and the boil never surfaced and was gone within a few days. I leaned on this site, you have to take the garlic internally and put garlic water on the outside of the boil it's self, because just taking garlic will not work. I did not try Charcoal, but I have used Charcoal for other things and I believe that might have worked, had I known about it, but at the time, I was only trying things I was reading that had worked. So don't be afraid to mix treatments.

So be bold and if your boil is not going away fast, try mixing some treatments. Sometimes that's the only thing that will work.

Turmeric, Grapeseed Oil, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Michelle (Cincinnati, Oh, Usa) on 12/10/2010
5 out of 5 stars

It's amazing! I went to the doctor on Wed to look at a painful place that was the size of a pea and getting bigger and more uncomfortable. It is in a delicate place and I've never had anything there like it before. Doc gave me antibiotics and told me to put warm compresses on it. Not much better in 24 hours and I remembered Earth Clinic.

Got on here yesterday and found the info about turmeric. I had some in my spice cabinet so I put a tsp in some water and drank it twice during the day. I also made a thick paste from turmeric, grapeseed oil (which I happened to have) and several drops of tea tree oil. I put the paste on around 7 pm. By the time I went to bed, the swelling was down and the pain almost gone. I just woke at 3am and it had opened and started draining blood and pus. Completely amazing. I never squeezed it at all and it was pretty deep below the surface. I just can't believe it. At this rate, I expect it to be completely gone within days. I had one other boil over 30 yrs ago and it took a couple weeks before it was back to normal. Thank you, thank you, thank you Earth Clinic and everyone that has shared their personal experiences here.

Replied by Zee
(New Orleans, Louisiana, United States)

I have had recurring boils for a several years now and I was recently prescribed a round of strong antibiotics. I finished all of the antibiotics and I felt better but the boils came back about two months later. I have noticed that after the antibiotics the boils aren't as severe. They aren't as painful and some of them don't even come to a head and just go away after a few days. Still I want to get rid of them once and for all and I really would prefer not to have to ingest antibiotics again.

Last night I felt another boil on my inner thight which is where they usually pop up. I came across this forum and the information on tumeric being a natural remedy. I bought some today and made a paste with a teaspoon of it, a teaspoon of olive oil and about 6 drops of tea tree oil.

I also mixed a half teaspoon of tumeric in about 6 oz of water and drank it. It wasn't that bad. I won't be ordering it as a beverage in a restaurant anytime soon(lol) but it wasn't as bad as one might think. I've eaten worse cooking!

It's been about three hours and I can already tell that something is happening to the boil. Normally it would be about a week and a half until the boil either went away or came to a head and drained. I put the paste directly on the boil and I put some of the paste on a piece of cotton gauze that I applied to the boil.

I will see what happens in the morning. But so far so good! I am praying this is the natural remedy that I have been looking for!

Turmeric, Magnesium, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Nicole (somewhere, New York) on 11/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I started using Turmeric for my painfull boils in my bikini line after reading the posts on this website. After a day or so, I was able to maintain my daily activities in life...SUCH AS WALKING ...HELLO! The Tumeric actually made my boils shrink, and helped me to not get HUGE boils- but they were still there, I didn't care because the pain I had before was nothing to what I had experienced before. I then started reading more on this website and decided to add magnesium with the Turmeric. In just one day my boil, my boil that would get as large as a grape, shruck down to just a small hard mass. No drainage just a hard, flat, little mass with a little swelling. Day two with adding the magnesium, it's gone! I also started using Dial anti bacterial soap and use a lofa scrub if I decide to shave in that delicate area. I had these results by taking two capsules 2 times a day of Turmeric and 2 capsules of magnesium. I have also thought about adding a little ACV into my diet.

Just want to share, and thank the creators of this website. Also since I have taken these supplements I have lost weight. This website has changed my life, any one that has suffered these type of boils anywhere on their body I am sure can relate to the pain and embarrasement it brings on to your social and private life. I am so happy to walk and feel comfortable with my body again. God is great, and I know he gave me the wisdom to find this site. I encourage anyone to talk to their PCP to ask how they may be able to implement supplements in to their life in a safe and healthy way.

Turmeric, Medicinal Mushrooms

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Posted by Jay (Ak) on 04/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have had boils since I was in my early 20's. I can honestly say that TUMRERIC has been the best defender for my condition. As years boils became more aggressive. I started to incorporate tumeric with a medicinal mushroom formula called "Fungi Perfecti Host Defense" found on Amazon. I have successfully gone through issues with boils using hot compresses, Itchammol Oinment directly on the location (find the head), along with the tumeric, and it opened within 24-28hrs and healed completely within 2-4 weeks. Combined with my doctor visits which prescribed me with an antibiotic called "Bactrim" when it gets really bad I can honestly say that my recurrent boils have ceased. I hope this continues for me and I hope this helps anyone else that has to deal with this horrible condition such as myself.

Turmeric, Sea Salt, Lemon

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Posted by Dave (Peoria, Arizona) on 03/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with boils and impetigo infections for years. The allopathic treatments have been a complete failure and have only made matters worse not to mention very costly. Started to use internal turmeric. Started cleansing wounds with sea salt and water in varying concentrations to remove exudate and puss. Applied raw honey to the wound bed several times a day, everyday. I drank: 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt and washed that down with 16oz. of water 4 times a day. I drink several cups of green tea with honey and raw lemon per day. I would take 1 gram of turmeric 3xday. This combination approach from the inside out is impressive. The honey is amazing. If you think about it honey is protected by antibacterial, anti fungal agents in order that it does not spoil in nature. There is much research done on honey and infections from many credible resources. It works better than any antibacterial chemical product. I have tried many.

Turmeric, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Mark (Nashville, TN) on 11/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I wrote in about dietary things I did to help the antibiotics work better when I had a staph infection on my face that the antibiotics alone would not kill. This is an update. I wrote in too soon, because there were a few places on my forehead and ear that the antibiotics and dietary changes would not cure. I experimented with various things I read about on this website. I found that coating the remaining infected areas on my face with tea tree oil caused some of the areas to break open, bleed out and heal. However, I still had a couple of places that just would not heal. A place on my ear flaired up with infection which spread back across my face (probably from rubbing on my pillow as I slept). I tried putting white vinegar on a cotton ball. I did it in the morning, and when I did it again in the evening the remaining places opened up and bled out. I stopped and let them heal. As they were healing, I went back to the dermatologist and had a culture done on the place on my ear. It came back with no more staph infection. Because I had been using a plastic pillow cover under my pillow case to try to keep the staph out of my pillow, I developed boils on the back of my neck. As they were healing on their own when on my final visit to the dermatologist, I did not mention them. About three of them still hadn't healed up, though, after a couple of weeks. Knowing how great tea tree oil and vinegar work, I used the "holy grail" treatment on this website for the boils (basically topical tea tree oil and internally taken tumeric). The only change I made was to put vinegar on a cotton ball and also wipe that onto the boils from time to time. It only took two days for the boils to break open and bleed out. Thanks for the great information on this website. Even though vinegar, tea tree oil and tumeric work as well (or better when it's MRSA on your skin) than antibiotics, I believe that by law doctors are only allowed to use FDA approved drugs to treat you. Thus, they can't even tell you about using non regulated household items like vinegar, and some act like you are crazy if you mention them. They would rather put you into the hospital and administer intravenous antibiotics for a mild skin infection than tell you about tea tree oil and vinegar. All this being said, I do think it is important to at least "touch base" with a treditional dermatologist (maybe one visit). That way if a skin infection progresses beyond just a minor (but hard to cure) thing on the skin no matter what you try, you'll have a doctor who is monitoring you and can get you admitted to a hospital for more invasive and intensive care - such as if the infection enters your bloodstream and spreads around inside your body.

Turmeric, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Trisha (Walled Lake, Mi, USA) on 05/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I've had a boil in the groin area for the past 3 days. I was shocked to see this bump and googled bumps and everything i read was genital warts (GW). It couldnt have been because i dont believe they'd pop out of nowhere on me. Anyway i put ACV and the next morning it had shrunk and it in the meantime i was trying to let myself come to terms with the fact that i had somehow got GW. Second day i decided to switch to garlic- put it on for 15 mins and it burned like crazy my whole leg was sore but after a while it stops burning. By the end of the day the skin on and around the 'gw' had come off and it was raw and extremely painful i had to take some tylenol with codeine. 3 day in the morning i felt a lime size lump and almost had a heart attack. I had to tell someone i had a 'gw' but didnt and just said i had a boil on my 'butt'. I was in pain the whole and waiting to see this thing shrink and fall off so the whole night til 3am i searched a bunch of staff on 'gw' including pictures and trying to compare and nothing looked like wat i had so i looked up boils and first thing in the morning bought some tumeric and tea tree oil, came home and put it on the boil- now i believed i had a boil and was kind of relieved. The tea tree oil soothed my whole body- no more pain- joy. 2 hours later i decided to take a peak after taking more tylenol. I rubbed it with a moist warm cotton ball, I started squeezing it and 'SQUIRT'! a bunch of blood mixed with pus. Hooray it was a boil. So applied more tumeric and tea tree oil- soothing and i'll let u know what happens in the next 5 days.

Replied by Lisa
(somewhere, u.s.a)

I have some sort of cycst on my face. My dermatologist told me I will have to have it cut out and it might come back. I tried acv, castro oil, warm compresses and some medications. NOTHING has worked. I'm going to try this.

Replied by Kelly
(Pekin, IL)
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the info. This is my story on Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil

12-14-08: Day 1

I had one huge boil in my armpit well I had to take antibiotics for 10 days and since it only went down half way they put me on another 10 days finally it was gone. Than about a week later I got 1 in the armpit again just in a little different spot, I finally got it down by lancing it myself and cleaning it but now I have 7 small boils in my armpit and I can not take this anymore so I went searching for some kind of cure. I came across this site and began reading a lot of the post more good post than bad so I thought I would try this Turmeric, well let me tell you folks hope you read what they say really good before trying it, I messed up I thought it read 1 to 2 TBS in warm water so I heaped up those TBS and mixed it up and oh my goosh I thought I was going to puke it was one of the most disguising taste that I think I have ever tasted. At that moment I thought I can not do this I am getting the pill form, but to find out it says 1 to 2 teaspoons and it don't say how much water use more than 4 oz like I did made it even worse and hard to swallow. I am still going to get it in pill form I do not think I could drink that mixture at all ever again.

I made a paste of Turmeric, Neosporin, Baking Soda, Lemon extract & Apple Cider Vinegar and tried to go to sleep ya right it wasn't working the pain was so unbearable.

Day 2

I woke up and washed my underarm to see and feel those things where still there and nothing had changed with them in there appearance or soreness. So this time since I am allergic to tape and I know I am but I had no way of keeping the paste on. I now have caused redness even more so around those things and some raw skin because when I tried to take the tape off it took my skin with it. I am in so much pain it has given me a headache. So now I think what am I going to do, I didn't have a clue, I decided to put some calamine lotion on all of it.

I seen that the roads where horrible out and I thought to my self oh no I am not going to be able to go to Wal-Mart to get those pills, so I decided to try 1tsp of the turmeric on orange juice it does not dissolve in orange juice, it was gross to say the least, maybe if I heated up the orange juice it would have dissolved but that is horrible hot OJ not for me.

Tonight I drank some more with warm water still disgusting as ever and this time I feel like I could absolutely puke, it has upset my stomach so much I will not do the powder thing again, it will have to wait until I can get it into pill form. Still no relief I keep taking 2 - Tylenol 650mg ever 4 to 6 hours, I have tried so many things the last couple of days I am about ready to give up and call the doctor.

Day 3

I slept with the heating pad under my arm on and off all night long it was the only thing that gave me any relief. I decided it was time no matter what the weather was like to go to the store and get some Turmeric (500mg) in pill form. I step outside and it is snowing and a blowing I was like oh my goosh, I didn't care I was going to get some of those pills. I knew I would not be able to drink another drop of that powder mixture. While I was there at Wal-Mart, I noticed they had some Tea Tree Oil and I remembered reading something about it but couldn't remember what I didn't care I bought some anyway, I was here and it was getting nastier out and I knew I would be stuck inside for a few days. I didn't see the Turmeric pills at first and I started to panic it was like dang gone it I drove out in this crap you all better have some, so I searched and searched and on the very bottom kind of slide back there they where. I dabbed me a bottle of them and by the way it was the only bottle left most becoming very popular around here. I came home took 2 right away and took the Tea Tree Oil and rubbed it on my boils and man does that stuff stink, thank god I am not out in public people would be telling me I need a bath. I had a couple of them break open but hardly anything came out of them.

Time for bed I took 2 more of the Turmeric Pills and I went and washed them again with antibiotic soap and doest the boils with the Tea Tree Oil and than put the heating pad on them.

Day 4 -9 did Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil regiment and used Heating pad at night
Day 10

They are all completely gone I am a firm believer in this now and Love the pills ;o)

Turmeric, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Brad (Atlanta, GA) on 12/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a boil break-out' regularly for the past few years, usually about once a year. They seem to be getting more frequent and progressively worse each time. This last time I started with one itchy red bump and it turned into about 12 all over my buttocks and legs within 3 weeks. I tried the turmeric (which I had never tried before) after about 2 weeks because they got so bad, and it helped SOME, but not a lot, I was still getting new ones. It was painful to sit down, to walk, to do anything really. I decided to try "the Holy Grail" from Sean and it really seemed to work.

I was taking 4 caps of the Turmeric 3 times a day. It did seem to slow the intensity of the boils but I didn't get the type of relief that others seemed to get. When I started taking the supplements Sean recommended along with the Hibeclens and the tea-tree oil it stopped dead in its tracks. Here's what I did:
Coninued with the turmeric as I was taking, took the other supplements once a day, and used antibacterial soap to clean my whole body twice a day. Then in the shower or bath I thoroughly washed anywhere boils usually came up with the Hibeclens. Then after I bathed I put some tea-tree oil in the palm of my hand and also put that anywhere I was susceptible to the boils. And I started with the q-tip of KY and tea tree oil in my nostrils twice a day. This combination immediately started healing the boils I had and since I've started the regimen I have not had any new ones.

A couple things:

I think the Hibeclens is very important to use to aid in the appearance of new boils, but it doesnt necessarily help in the healing of the old ones.It keeps the ones you have from spreading though because it puts a protective antifungal type layer on your skin that repels the bacteria and for hours and keeps you from getting new ones. Hibeclens can be bought at most pharmacies just ask the pharmacist where it is. It's kind of expensive but SO worth it.

When I started on Sean's regimen, I also cut out virtually all of the processed sugar and white flour from my diet. This was VERY hard for me, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make to get rid of the boils. This site has taught me how important this is. The sugar freezes your bodies ability to fight off the infection for up to four hours after you eat it. So in that time the boil is free to manifest itself and get worse and grow new ones with no fighting response from your body until the sugar works its way out of your system. The turmeric purifies your blood, but the sugar and white flour puts the toxins right back in. So you're fighting an uphill battle . If you want to keep boils under control you HAVE to cut down on your sugar and white flour intake.

Do not ever ever touch a boil with your bare hands and do not ever ever ever try to squeeze it. You can put hot compresses on it all you want, and if it pops under the heat thats fine, but the oils on your hands and skin will IMMEDIATELY make a boil worse if you touch it. And I've also found, especially with the boils I have had on my butt, that any pressure on them makes them fester and grow into the skin instead of outwardly. The lesson here is to keep the pressure off the boil as much as possible. If you have them on your butt use a hemmorhoid pillow or some type of cushion that keeps the pressure off the boil. Especially when you drive. I personally don't like to use band-aids or bandages on them because I feel everytime I do it just creates pressure by being covered and makes them worse and more painful. Of course several places on this site it discusses how important it is to keep them covered especially when they burst or drain - so use your own judgement here.

Also advil helps considerably with the pain.

I hope this helps some people.

Replied by Royal
(Lawton, Ok)

I used the majority of your method on my 7 year old son he has only had a few but the doctors methods would not work. I didnt use the Tumeric as pills but I got the past and never really needed it. Everything else worked. Thank you he is one very happy lil boy.