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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Infared, 125 Watt Clear Lightbulb
Posted by Bev (Elroy, WI) on 10/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I received a request for more information on an infrared light. It is a 125 watt clear front infrared light, a heat lamp, available at hardware stores for about $4. You also need to purchase an aluminum shade with a clamp for about $5 so you can clamp it onto a chair or where ever it is convenient. It is often used for thawing water pipes or hatching eggs. A 250 watt light is too hot and is generally used for a bathroom ceiling fixture. This past Saturday night I had a return of asthma symptoms with a cold. This was the first time in three years after being treated 3 months with Zithromax. I was very discouraged because I would have to get to the emergency room before bedtime or I would be in big trouble. I envisioned being back on inhalers and steroids. I had an uncontrollable cough from a tickle in the upper side of my chest, the point of lymphatic congestion. I had used the light on my son who is now 7 but at that time I was on Zithromax so never had a need to use it on myself for asthma. I used the light all Friday night [about five feet away]. It stopped my cough in about 60 seconds which is much faster than a nebulizer. Saturday I went out of town for a family reunion and brought my light but didn't use it until late afternoon when I started to get worse. By the time we left for home I was not coughing but still anticipating getting worse as soon as I went to bed. I fell asleep and never woke up! I don't know if it helps asthma caused by allergy but for asthma brought on by a virus it is miraculous. I continue to use it for my son if he has any congestion which is only when he has a cold and it must be used at least an hour. It can be used all night if needed. Just place it several feet away and wear an eye mask to block the light so you can sleep. Don't cook yourself but if you are awake you can have it closer, whatever is not too hot. A researcher, Ray Peat, told me about it. I have not seen anything specific in writing. He also told me to wear light colored clothing because infrared rays from the sun penetrate light colors. I changed my son's and my wardrobe. I now wear light colored coats and sweaters etc even in the winter.