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Effective Natural Remedies for Asthma

Apple Juice, Garlic
Posted by Gisela (Hunstville, Alabama) on 08/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

A friend told me about hearing of studies done on children with asthma and how drinking apple juice helped them to not develop symptoms. She realized that her severe asthma had vanished once her children reached toddler age and that she was drinking apple juice with them daily during snack time.

I have severe asthma and have had to use a rescue inhaler on average about 5 times a day, which makes me go through about 2 inhalers a month. For anyone on a rescue inhaler, you know they are now switched to environmentally friendly inhalers (or so they say) which cost many times over what the old generic used to cost. Not having medical insurance, this was a big problem for me but not one I connected to the apple juice cure for a while (bear with me, there's a point coming). I started to drink apple juice, I bought the frozen concentrate and mixed it myself in a reusable container (trying to be more earth friendly and energy saving so I do this with all juices now). I started by having a glass in the morning, after dinner and before bed. I would also have some at the onset of asthma symptoms. I did realize after two or so weeks that I was feeling better, I no longer had heavy chest pressure or lung tiredness. Those two things alone were a big relief for me as I'd been told by my doctor that either lung could collapse at any moment and that neither was strong enough to fully support me long enough for a procedure to be done. For the first time in the year since she'd told me that, my lungs felt strong. I could literally run up my stairs and be ok, I started to exercise again and I could breathe deep, full beautiful breathes! I still had to use my rescue inhaler but only once at night. It was in realizing that my inhaler needed to be refilled that I came upon a great discovery... my inhaler had lasted me over 9 weeks!!! For the first time in my life, I had an inhaler last more than 2-3 weeks max. So not only was I ingesting less chemicals (that after a lifetime of use had left me with many other symptoms) but I was saving a ton of money too! It has now been nearly 4 months since I have been treating my asthma with apple juice and not only am I breathing better but my lungs don't hurt anymore and I'm only on my second inhaler since the start of the apple juice treatment.

I did notice some of the symptoms start to come back as my allergies became very aggravated by a) an ongoing drought in my state that causes a lot of dust and such in the air and b) the maintenance men at my apartment complex cutting the grass every other day despite the fact that it doesn't need it. About three weeks ago I started to take a garlic supplement for a yeast infection (clears it up in just a few days) and noticed that my asthma seemed much better. I've since been taking one garlic supplement in the morning with my apple juice and found that I can go days without using my rescue inhaler I have previously tried to use just the garlic supplements for my asthma and they did help but not enough for me to continue them alone. Now using them in combination with the apple juice, I have found much better results then when I used a medicated diskus to prevent asthma symptoms.